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XCOM: To Boldly Go is a Crossover/Alternate Universe fic with Star Trek and XCOM: Enemy Unknown written by JohnLocke94. As the universe of Star Trek is one of decidedly peaceful types, and non-violence is a big thing there, the interactions with XCOM (sworn enemy of all alien races, everywhere) generally turn out to the expected conclusion. Humans carry a Manifest Destiny here, and the aliens are somewhat... less than prepared. Considering that the Etheral War made use of technology that was canonically way too early for the Star Trek races, humans end up being ridiculously overpowered, a fact well-noticed by the aliens.


This fanfic contains examples of:

  • AntiVillain: Colonel Adam "Ice" Peters is head of the XCOM team that's assigned to the XSS Enterprise, and while he is technically correct in believing that all alien life is out to get humanity, his delight in picking off said alien life with his sniper rifle can be worrisome at times, particularly to the other members of the team.
  • Black Dude Dies First: Except he's a Christian Scotch-American, who's got a bit of Latino mixed in there.
  • Broken Ace: Colonel Adam Peters, again, due to his being forced to watch the Heroic Sacrifice of the Volunteer at the end of XCOM: Enemy Unknown. This gave him a slightly nihilistic viewpoint on humanity and why we do things, as could be imagined. However, he remains the best warrior in the squad, and a charming, handsome fellow upon first acquaintance.
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  • Broken Bird: Colonel Ellen "Ghost" Reach, who (after attempting to save the Volunteer and failing miserably) turned on her Invisibility Cloak and left it on permanently, communicating only in song since then. This would ordinarily make her somewhat harmless, if a little crazy, but considering that her Invisibility Cloak is technically Invisibility Armor, and that she carried a shotgun that launches super-charged slivers of unbreakable alloys at incredibly high speeds...
  • Government in Exile: The Klingons were forced into this position after they made the mistake of a quick attack on Earth. This attack, of course, was immediately proven to be a terrible plan, probably at the same time that the Klingon homeworld was overrun with genetically engineered monstrosities that raise the dead.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: The Volunteer at the end of XCOM: Enemy Unknown was forced to fill this trope - sadly, no one took into account the effect this would have on her squadmates, who found the whole experience to be quite unnerving, and took it right in the sanity.
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  • Humans Are the Real Monsters: ... Maybe. According to the author, it's slightly intentional - at least, on the part of Adam.
  • Humans Are Warriors: This applies, and in spades. Such warriors, in fact, that even the combined alien races of the alternate universe Federation don't feel quite ready to take them on at first, and opt to take a five year prepatory hiatus instead.
  • Manifest Destiny: This becomes more and more evident as the story progresses. Humans believe this applies to them, and as time moves on the audience wonders whether they might be right. After all, you can't very well get a build up to a good Patrick Stewart Speech (appropriate for a Star Trek crossover fic) without belief in a group of people like that.
  • Mythology Gag: In the second chapter, the vulcan captain mocks the thought of enemies hiding behind the moon... when in the original timeline, this is precisely how the Enterprise stayed hidden from Khan's augments.
  • Shotguns Are Just Better: Colonel Ellen Reach's overpowered shotgun applies to this all the time. Really, when your shotgun is so badass that it's practically required to do a One-Handed Shotgun Pump after every shot, when a pair of Smoldering Shoes being left behind might actually be an example of Truth in Television ... Then everyone can agree of the general coolness of shotguns.

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