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Sidney is a Swiss game developer, who specialises in making .io games. He foregoes publishers and such, typically involving only his brother in the development process note .

He is known for regularly switching the genres of the games he releases (if the first was a top-down shooter, the second was an arcade racing game, and the third a naval combat one, etc.), and for pushing the limitations of Web Games. After all, he was one of the first .io creators to work with 3D graphics, and then to outright release a 3D multiplayer FPS.


On the dark side, he often tends to move on from his older games as soon as he comes up with the idea for a newer one, which often leaves the players of the older games frustrated by the lack of updates, as he himself acknowledged several times online.

Games by this developer:

Tropes frequently present in his games:

  • No Plot? No Problem!: Not a single one of his games has even a hint of a larger story. Then again, that is true of practically all .io games.
  • Tuckerization: Several examples.
    • has many sprays devoted to the game's clans or top players and content creators
    • has several of its boss ships named after the YouTubers who played the game a lot.
    • has sprays devoted to MMOK (Map Makers of Krunker) and YODO (one of the earliest and most prominent clans, which was also present in, and eventually added sprays for notable LPers like Crayon, Myth, Wolfmaan and Vraxooo.


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