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Greetings. I have joined this wiki in April 2015 after browsing the site for a while. I mainly edit to patch up some things or purge natter, but I have also added to some tropes/trope lists. I am active in Image Pickin' and the Trope Repair Shop. I will sometimes be found checking out tropes in TLP and contribute to them, though not as much as I used to.

I am also a moderator of this wiki, having been instated in the closing hours of 2015. Don't worry; it hasn't changed me too much.

(Note: Due to not finding time to update the page—as well as some tropes being outdated—I felt it was best to remove the lists. Also, some bits are personal, so...)

Troper Types:

  • Troper Policeman: Comes with the moderator territory.
  • Trope Editor: I will ensure that problem entries get cleaned up if possible. ZCE's will get markup unless if some TRS stuff is going on.
  • Trope Repairman: I'm a regular in TRS. I will also be on the lookout for tropes that have underlying issues.
  • Wiki Curator: When I'm not doing TRS cleanup, I tend to focus on some works of interest.
  • Other: You can also find me on Trope Report, though it wasn't until Nov. '22 that I really started doing entries there.