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I'm a mod as of November 2021, with my primary focus being wiki maintenance (particularly the Trope Repair Shop), though I also handle Ask The Tropers reports to a lesser extent. (I was already active on TRS before my promotion, with my activity dating back to the middle of 2017.) Extra help on the Trope Repair Shop is always appreciated, and you don't need to be a mod to help out — check this list to see which threads need help.

I'm also the herald of the Projects: Short Term and Yack Fest forums, though I'm more active on the latter than the former as of 2022. Yack Fest's lax nature compared to the more serious parts of the forums means I mostly just post as a user instead of doing any sort of moderation.

Other than that, I'm not the most interesting man in the world (and not just because that title's already taken). I joined the site in early 2008 (going by memory because the site didn't track registration dates at the time), and my two main hobbies are music and video games. I started playing video games growing up in The '90s, and the music I listen to tends to come from Classic Rock musicians (but I do listen to other genres), so I often joke that I have the musical taste of someone twice my age.

I'm also a sickly insomniac (something that I've gained a reputation for and ended up leaning into for the sake of Self-Deprecation), so my site activity may be sporadic and/or unpredictable in terms of when it happens.

In case you're wondering, I originally came up with this username in 2003 for a now-defunct Animal Crossing message board and stuck with it out of habit. My favorite Animal Crossing villager these days is actually Bob.

In the event that I mention technical stuff involving the site, whether that means bugs or more minor technical things (such as how a page looks on my end), the browser I use is Firefox, my primary OS is Manjaro Linux, and my secondary OS is Windows 11.