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Yo! I'm Best Of. I Got Known after a year or so of lurking. What finally got me to join was the fora. After posting actively for some time in IJBM (which no longer exists) and OTC, I became a mod (primarily) for the OTC sub-forum!

I've done a few small edits to the Wiki, and that's probably pretty much all that I ever will do outside the fora. I'm especially fond of TearJerkers and Crowning Moments of Awesome.


I'm an atheist and an Actual Pacifist. I'm also many other things, but I guess I'll put them in later - unless:

Vandalism goes here

  • You deserve more recognition, Commander Vimes. -Milos Stefanovic
  • Does that make you a secular humanist? (Not necessarily, since I'm agnostic and pacifist, but not humanist... whathever) - Amused Troper Guy
    • Yes, I'm a Secular Humanist. -Best Of
  • The Smart Guy of the TV Tropes forum. ~USAF713
    • I don't count myself among the brighter minds or best communicators of the Fora, but I do try to be interesting, informative, clear and possibly even inspiring in my output, so I'm glad I come across as such for someone. Thank you. -Best Of
  • The Cincinnatus of the forum! ~Johnnyfog
    • ...Never thought of it that way, but sure. -Best Of
  • Walk with honour as your only guide. T'hehehehe- -desdendelle
    • This seems to be a Shout-Out I don't get. In any case, I'll make sure to follow only that guide. -Best Of
  • If I start in the middle, will you think I've been here all along? -Telcontar
    • It seems that I've forgotten to reply to you. Sorry about that. -Best Of
  • Who put the bop in the bopshuwopshuwop? It was you, wasn't it? WASN'T IT?! -RichReeders
    • There's not an answer to this. (Yes, it was me!) -Best Of
  • I just wanted to say that I appreciate your stoic attitude, both in foruming and in moderating. Well, at least that's how you appear to me. :P ~DRoy
    • Thanks for the compliments. Here's a hint: tea helps keep you calm. -Best Of
  • Thanks for being so understanding earlier. YOU KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT. They Call Me Tomu
    • Thank you for your feedback back then. It was very helpful. You can always talk to me about any topic. Just send me a PM and I'll respond when I'm online. (PS: We didn't care about your protest. :P) -Best Of
  • GMT+2 Squadmate, reporting in!— Lu
    • Great! Now that we've got our team together, it's time to fight crime! -Best Of
  • Is it okay that I think you'd make a better admin then Fast Eddie? No offense to him, he's keeping the site alive and functioning. T 448 Eight
    • You'd be dead wrong. I can't do any coding so even if I were otherwise a better admin that Eddie (which I'm not, IMO,) I wouldn't be able to actually do most of the work that Eddie does for the site. -Best Of

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