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Useful Notes / Ba Gua

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Bagua (八卦) or Pa Kua, meaning eight symbols, in Chinese mythology is a system to analyze natural and social events for the sake of knowledge. Key points of Bagua relate to anatomy, cosmology, geography, personality, and family. The bagua as a symbol consists of an octagon, divided into eight slices connecting to a center octagon. The slices are refered to as trigrams. In the slices there are a combination little broken and solid lines. Each slice has a different attribute associated with it. The Baguazhang (八卦掌) or eight trigram palm. Pretty heavy stuff, this page will try to help you make sense of it.

Also related is the I Ching book, meaning "the Book of Changes" which takes the Bagua concept to a whole new level. Tropes involving Baguazhang and I Ching will be covered below.