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Part of the Big Finish Doctor Who Audio Play series, Sarah Jane Smith is, naturally, a spin-off focusing on the Doctor's most popular companion. Years after her adventures with the Doctor, with her reporting career in shambles following a botched investigation into a major corporation, Sarah Jane finds herself once again saving the world, this time with the aid of her friend Natalie Redfern and her new acquaintance Josh Townsend.

While considerably darker in tone than its parent series, the nine-episode audio drama, which ran from 2002-2006, draws regularly on previously-established continuity. The second series ends on a cliffhanger which would never be resolved, as Sarah Jane's return in the revived series of Who and her subsequent spin-off series meant Big Finish were no longer permitted to use her. Presumably, she got out of it somehow.

Recaps are listed under Big Finish Doctor Who.

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