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A group of five Older Than the NES home consoles released by Nintendo in Japan only. While comparitively simplistic in design, these Plug 'n' Play Games were among the first Nintendo created.


  • Color TV Game 6 (1977): A simple console with six variations of Pong. It and one of the games, Light Tennis, were revisited as a microgame in WarioWare: Smooth Moves.
  • Color TV Game 15 (1978): Same idea, now with fifteen variations of Pong and detachable controllers.
  • Color TV Racing 115 (1978): A simplistic bird's-eye racing game with a steering-wheel controller and gearshift. Revisited as a microgame in the first WarioWare title.
  • Color TV Game Block Kuzushi/Breaker (1979): A port of Nintendo's arcade Block Breaker, which was itself a Breakout clone. The console was one of Shigeru Miyamoto's first projects after joining Nintendo.
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  • Computer TV Game (1980): Played many simple games, including a port of Nintendo's arcade Othello.

Other than the WarioWare appearances, Block Breaker got remade in 1989 for the Game Boy as Alleyway, starring Mario. Racing 112's idea of a steering-wheel controller was utilized much later in Mario Kart Wii. Color TV Game 15 became an Assist Trophy in the fourth Super Smash Bros. iteration.


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