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Administrivia / Rolling Updates

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The troper sponsoring this Trope Launch Pad entry is updating the Original Post (OP) as appropriate ideas come into the comment section.

You are not going crazy. Please do not be alarmed or snarky if you see repeats of the comment information in the OP, because there is a very good reason for this: the conversation is evolving the trope in real-time. Think of the collaborative effort as simply pre-natal Wiki Magic.


This practice is used by some tropers for both aesthetic and convenience purposes; it lets new readers know the current state of the trope before combing through the comments and gives the tropers an idea of how it's going to look as a finished product. It also makes it one heck of a lot easier to launch, as everything is in place and it can just be copied and pasted into the new article in one go.

Please note: While this covers changing content in a Trope Launch Pad entry, it's still considered somewhat bad form to change the title of a Trope Launch Pad entry before it's launched, as tropers often scan for a title of a potential trope they've been following the progress of. If you must, please put the old title on the Trope Launch Pad somewhere.

Additional note: To keep from irritating other tropers, when using Rolling Updates, please put a tag linking to this page at the bottom of your OP, so that other tropers see it right after reading the examples.


Note on markup: To avoid losing potholes and other code when copying examples, open up "permanent link," then click on "show all markup," which will reveal all code in the replies so it can just be copy-and-pasted in.


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