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Administrivia / Pages Needing Wicks

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Wicks — links to one wiki page from another — are what fuel a wiki. The pages listed here need a fill-up.

You can find out how many wicks a page has by clicking on the button that says "related" up at the top of the page. If a trope fits the Starved standard on Wick and it isn't on this page, please add it. If one has enough for Standing (not counting this page), please remove it.

When launching a trope from TLP, it's good form to Index, Entry Pimp and crosswick it enough so that it doesn't go straight onto this list. If you can't figure out how to do that, it just might be a sign that you should have waited a little longer to launch your trope.

It is worth noting that quite a few of these tropes could get off this list if the examples all had a link back to the article on their work pages. So, if you happen to have time... (A page lacking wicks probably also needs other forms of Wiki Magic Love)

A few ground rules:

  1. This page exists chiefly so lesser-known Tropes can get needed publicity; please do not add administrative pages, contributor pages, or works.
  2. Note that indexes have an effective wick from every page they index that isn't counted by the button, so they should almost never qualify for this page.
  3. Definition-Only Pages are specifically sought after on indexes and aren't meant to be on tropes. They don't qualify here.
  4. When a page links to itself, it doesn't count.
  5. Not a rule, but if you add a page, please take a moment and try to add a few wicks to another one here so it can be removed.

See also Pages Needing an Entry Pimp, which is for when the number of wicks doesn't match the number of examples.

Under 12 wicks (Starving if 1-3 years old):

Under 24 wicks (Starving if 4+ years old):