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In-Character Let's Play

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When most people do a Let's Play, they usually do it as themselves. No acting, no work of fiction. They are just playing a game and providing commentary on it. However, there are some people who decide to pretend to be somebody else for their let's play.

Not the characters in the game they are playing, but characters completely unrelated to the game. While a regular Let's Play is made as an entertaining walkthrough to the game, these kinds of Let's Plays are almost purely made for entertainment.

As such, these people will often goof around and pretending not to know how to play. Sometimes though, they will take gameplay seriously while keeping in character of whoever they are pretending to be. These kinds of Let's Plays don't finish the games they are playing very often with each game being played as a one shot. Some games do get played to completion like a normal Let's Play, but the focus is mostly to entertain by showing what it would be like if certain fictional characters played video games.

That being said, some of these still have the gameplay and voices recorded simultaneously, so there is often a big chance of the actors unintentionally but noticeably breaking character.

See also Virtual YouTubers, dedicated streamers/content creators who depict themselves with an animated Digital Avatar with varying degrees of Kayfabe, which also features some overlap with this trope.