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So you've got a choreographed dance. You want to describe it as best as you can, but you need to list every last step, every last turn, every last jump, in order to do so. So what do you do? You do just that. And it is absolutely a balletomane's dream come true.

In visual works, expect a lot of closeups, particularly of the arms and feet, and perhaps even some slow-mo. Written works will most often be very descriptive about the dance being performed, perhaps even down to the last detail.


Can apply to any athletic event that involves a lot of kinesis on the performer's part.

Sub-Trope of Shoot the Money. For similar treatment of other inanimate objects, compare Gun Porn, Food Porn, Costume Porn, Scenery Porn, Car Porn, etc.

Not to be confused with a well-choreographed porn movie.


Anime And Manga

  • Princess Tutu shows its work with such bravado, its attention to detail has been used to teach dance appreciation classes.
  • Yuri!!! on Ice gives a lot of emphasis on figure skating. It even helps that the Inner Monologue of the performers and the In-Universe sport commentary gave the viewers an idea on what the performance mean to them.


  • Black Swan is an example which notoriously makes at least some use of body doubles.
  • Bring It On shows a lot of cheerleading, to the point where it more or less averts the Hollywood stereotype.
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  • The Cutting Edge does this to figure skating.
  • The Karate Kid puts on a heavy display of... you know.
  • In Staying Alive a large percentage of the screen time was of montages of dance rehearsals, as well as the finale Broadway show. All involved heavily choreographed dancing.
  • The Step Up franchise would probably be less than half the length if you took out the dancing scenes. This trope is pretty much the entire reason it exists.
  • Fred Astaire loved this trope, to the point where he took it Up to Eleven by famously dancing from floor to wall to ceiling in a single take in Royal Wedding.
  • Tap offers some phenomenal dance sequences by Gregory Hines, Sammy Davis Jr, and a very young Savion Glover.

Western Animation


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