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Hollywood is arguably the most glamorous place on Earth, and yet it has a dark side: it is the place where many people's dreams of stardom were shattered, and several tragedies happened. Therefore it is not that uncommon in fiction to imply that this dark side is of mystical nature. Perhaps you need to strike a literal Deal with the Devil to become a star, perhaps the luxurious avenues are haunted by the ghosts of dead actors, or perhaps Hollywood itself is an Eldritch Location where the line between real and unreal is blurred.



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  • The 1920s arc from American Vampire shows that a coven of the Carpathian vampires controls Hollywood, using it to strengthen both their financial clout and influence over mortals. It also turns old Hollywood from "merely" being cruelly exploitative to horrifyingly dangerous, as the conscienceless vampires are more than happy to feed on naive wannabe actors and actresses and have all the power necessary to cover up their sadistic and murderous deeds.

  • In Mulholland Dr., Hollywood is controlled by shady masterminds like a wheelchair-bound kingpin Mr. Roque and the mysterious Cowboy who are implied to be supernatural entities. According to the most popular interpretation, the first part of the movie is the dream of a failed actress Diane Selwyn who invented a supernatural conspiracy in her mind as a reason for her failure.
  • Likewise, Inland Empire is centered around the production of a Hollywood movie which is said to be cursed, and the surreal events surrounding it.
  • In Starry Eyes, the Hollywood company Astraeus Pictures is revealed to be a sect worshipping a demon of the same name; in order to become a beautiful and successful actress, the main character makes a deal with the said demon.
  • Men in Black, its continuations and Men in Black: The Series demonstrates that many big-name Hollywood celebrities (including such people as Steven Spielberg, Sylvester Stallone and Dennis Rodman) are all aliens, and one episode of the series had J and K visiting the MIB's Hollywood office on a missing aliens case, which was more of a talent agency with additional weirdness and less of a super-secret police station (the agents had even stopped carrying weapons a long time ago), and showcased that In-Universe stand-ins for the Alien, Predator and Teletubbies franchises all starred aliens. As well, it's mentioned that Hollywood of all places is where people almost catch on to the fact aliens exist more often, forcing the Men In Black to wipe memories and allow films that cover things up to be produced on a regular basis.

  • In Moving Pictures, Eldritch Abominations arrive from Dungeon Dimensions as a result of alchemists creating movies at Holy Wood.
  • Unsong shows that Hollywood is the way it is due to the Angel of Creativity having elected the area as her temple.
  • This is the core of Clive Barker's Coldheart Canyon; the titular location is where a silent movie star's grand mansion stands... still inhabited by said movie star in The '90s. A cursed tiled room within the house's depths has rendered her unaging and immortal, and on top of that, her perverse, hard-partying ways in her prime have resulted in the grounds being haunted by many celebrities from The Silent Age of Hollywood and The Golden Age of Hollywood, while Half-Human Hybrid creatures prowl the overgrown gardens.
  • In the book Vampyres of Hollywood and its sequel, Love Bites, many Old Hollywood film stars and producers such as Mary Pickford, Theda Bara, Orson Welles, Charlie Chaplin, Douglas Fairbanks, etc. are actually vampires who used their abilities to mesmerize audiences on film. Many of them are actually responsible for popularizing false myths about vampires being vulnerable to garlic and holy symbols by depicting vampires that way in films so humans would underestimate them. Many of these old film stars faked their deaths and are trying to get back into the film business without being recognized as their old selves. Since the books were written by Adrienne Barbeau, they give a very detailed portrayal of Hollywood and the film industry from an insider's perspective, as well as a very detailed "what-if" scenario that shows Hollywood as being created and run by vampires from the beginning. There are a lot of humorous throwaway lines about various celebrities, such as a brief description of Joan Crawford as an out-of-control werewolf.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Angel thrived on this. Its Los Angeles had an underworld of vampires, demons and an evil mystical law firm called Woldram and Hart.

    Tabletop Games 
  • The Vampire: The Masquerade supplement LA By Night has it that the founding and flourishing of Los Angeles was guided by an extremely powerful Toreador, who was Embraced at 13 and came to California after his artistic debut saw him laughed out of Boston's Kindred society. It's mentioned that this child vampire's ancient mindset and relative lack of talent may explain why nothing original seems to come out of Hollywood.

    Video Games 
  • Holy Wood also makes an appearance in Discworld II, and at the very end, the Elf Queen uses the magic of the place to come from the screen.
  • The game Hollywood Monsters by Pendulo Studios and its follow-up The Next Big Thing take place in an alternate 1950s Los Angeles where the monsters from Hollywood horrors are real and live side by side with humans.
  • In Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines, Hollywood is all but run by the vampires, particularly of the Toreador clan, and is host to all manner of supernatural creepiness.

    Web Original 

  • Various productions throughout Hollywood's history have been said to have been "cursed" due to various mishaps befalling the cast and crew. For more information, see The Production Curse.
  • A conspiracy theory prevalent among American evangelical Christians claims that Hollywood is one of the agencies that Satan and The Antichrist will use in the Last Days to corrupt the hearts and souls of men by denying God, perverting morals, promulgating socialism, feminism, and false gods, making it okay to persecute Christians, and of course bringing down America. In this analysis, the Devil is alive and well and living in Beverly Hills and Hollywood is a godless miasma full of Satanism and Black Masses. Jack Chick probably wrote a tract about it.


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