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A programming block block dedicated to children's programming, mostly Saturdays (In the United States) or Sundays (In Japan). This kind of programming may contain animated shows, live-action Kid Com shows or Toku, or both.

A hostless sibling of Saturday Morning Kids’ Show. Sometimes contains Saturday Morning Cartoons.

Examples of kids' blocks:

  • One Saturday Morning (ABC, United States)
    • ABC Kids
    • ABC stopped airing cartoons in 2011 for live action programming.
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    • The Disney Afternoon (syndicated, United States)
    • Disney Adventures (in select countries, named after the magazine of the same name but includes programming from both The Disney Afternoon and One Saturday Morning and even Disney cartoons that didn't air on either block like The Little Mermaid (1992) as well as select Disney shorts in color, even its opening borrows heavily from The Disney Afternoon!)
  • Nichi-Asa Kids Time (TV Asahi, Japan): Includes a Shōnen anime, Super Hero Time, and a Magical Girl anime (currently the Pretty Cure franchise). As of 2020, only the Super Hero Time sub-block remains as it was moved to the 9 am to 10 am slot, while the recent Pretty Cure series stays in its 8:30 am timeslot.
  • UPN Kids (UPN, United States), which later became Disney's One Too.
  • TV Tokyo in Japan has the following:
    • Disney Sunday (consists of a Disney show paired with a short originally created for Disney Junior. Before it was named Disney Sunday, it was called Disney Time and aired on Tuesday mornings.)
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    • KiraKawa Sunday (first consisted of the Girls x Heroine! series, Kiratto Pri☆Chan and Mewkledreamy in November 2020 before shifting to 7AM in February 2021 and being comprised of Aikatsu Planet! and the aformentioned Disney Sunday)
    • Noristar (a kids' block often showing short anime or cartoons about vehicles like Bob the Builder and Thomas & Friends, alongside anime not about that topic like Hamtaro. Was revamped into a girls' anime block in its' last few seasons).
    • Preschool Time (Consisted of Go! Go! Atom and Egg Car)
    • Warner Anime Land (Consisted of various Warner Brothers programs like Tiny Toon Adventures and Animaniacs bundled with classic Looney Tunes shorts. In some months, the block was entirely comprised of shorts.)
    • Anime Lobby (comprised of Onegai My Melody Sukkiri and Robby and Kerobby).
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    • Henshin Time, made in partnership with Takara Tomy (currently airs Bittomo × Warrior Kirameki Powers! and Tomica Kizuna Gattai Earth Granner).
    • Eeeny Meenie Miny Moe (preschool block consisting of PJ Masks and Peppa Pig)
  • Cartoon Express (USA Network, United States)
  • CBBC (The BBC, United Kingdom)
  • CITV (ITV, United Kingdom)
  • Milkshake (Channel 5, United Kingdom)
  • ABC Kids (The ABC, Australia)
  • CBS (United States) had Toontastic TV, which later became the CBS Kidshow, then Nick Jr./Nick On CBS, then Secret Slumber Party, then Kewlopolis, and ending with Cookie Jar TV. CBS stopped airing cartoons in 2013 for live action programming.
  • NBC (United States) had a Discovery Kids block in 2003, then Qubo three years later, which turned into NBC Kids.
    • Qubo also aired on ION.
  • PBS Kids (PBS, United States)
  • Fox Kids (Fox, United States)
    • In its' later years, it became the Fox Box, which then became 4KidsTV. The former is also notable for airing a short lived English dub of Ultraman Tiga.
    • The preschool block Fox Cubhouse, notable for being where Magic Adventures of Mumfie and Johnson and Friends debuted in the United States.
  • Kids' WB! (The WB/The CW, United States), which then became The CW 4Kids, then Toonzai, and then Vortexx before Litton's takeover of the block as One Magnificent Morning.
  • Kideo TV (syndicated, United States)
  • Bohbot Kids Network (syndicated, United States)
  • HapiKura Time (Kids Station, Japan)
  • TVOKids (TVOntario, Canada)
  • Knowledge Kids (Knowledge Network, Canada)
  • Back when Universal Kids was called Sprout, it aired a variety of hosted programming blocks throughout the day. These included:
  • Get Set For Life (CBC, Canada)
  • Nick Jr. (Nickelodeon, United States). Note that Nickelodeon is already geared for kids, so Nick Jr. is geared for preschoolers. In a twist, it airs on weekday mornings, rather than weekend mornings. Even after a separate network bearing the same name was launched in 2009, Nickelodeon continues to feature a Nick Jr. block, with all preschool programming debuting on the main channel before airing reruns on the Nick Jr. channel.