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A programming block block dedicated to children's programming, mostly Saturdays (In the United States) or Sundays (In Japan). This kind of programming may contain animated shows, live-action Kid Com shows or Toku, or both.

A hostless sibling of Saturday Morning Kids Show. Sometimes contains Saturday Morning Cartoons.

Examples of kids' blocks:

  • One Saturday Morning (ABC, United States)
    • ABC Kids
    • ABC stopped airing cartoons in 2011 for live action programming.
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    • The Disney Afternoon (syndicated, United States)
  • Nichi-Asa Kids Time (TV Asahi, Japan) : Includes a Shōnen anime (currently Tribe Cool Crew), Super Hero Time, and a Magical Girl anime (currently Go! Princess Pretty Cure).
  • Cartoon Express (USA Network, United States)
  • CBBC (The BBC, United Kingdom)
    • CBeebies
  • CITV (ITV, United Kingdom)
  • Milkshake (Channel Five, United Kingdom)
  • ABC 4 Kids (The ABC, Australia)
  • CBS (United States) had Toontastic TV, which later became the CBS Kidshow, then Nick Jr./Nick On CBS, then Secret Slumber Party, then Kewlopolis, and ending with Cookie Jar TV. CBS stopped airing cartoons in 2013 for live action programming.
  • NBC (United States) had a Discovery Kids block in 2003, then Qubo three years later, which turned into NBC Kids.
    • Qubo currently airs on ION.
  • PBS Kids. (PBS, United States)
  • Fox Kids (Fox, United States)
    • The preschool block Fox Cubhouse, notable for being where Magic Adventures of Mumfie debuted in the United States.
    • In its' later years, it became the Fox Box, which then became 4KidsTV.
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  • UPN Kids (UPN, United States), which later became Disneys One Too.
  • Kids' WB! (The WB/The CW, United States), which then became The CW 4Kids, then Toonzai, and then Vortexx before Litton's takeover of the block as One Magnificent Morning.
  • Kideo TV (syndicated, United States)
  • Bohbot Kids Network (syndicated, United States)
  • HapiKura Time (Kids Station, Japan)


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