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We all own tools and implements and even parts of our own bodies to which we have special attachment. But sometimes we get a little too attached and start giving them specific titles, usually when we're about to use them or more often when they've just been damaged. If they do, it's My Verbin' Noun!.

Here is a list of all those crazy people. Compare Ow, My Body Part!, where they just announce what part has been injured without naming a purpose.



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  • In 5ive Girls, one of the slightly magical girls complains that someone "broke my healing hand".
  • Phone Booth has this, but it uses two nouns to the same effect. "You done broke my dick hand!"

  • The Piers Anthony novel Hard Sell has the hero accidentally stick his hand into a matter transporter (which kills living cells). His adoptive daughter says, "Aw, and that was your spanking hand, too!"

    Live Action TV 
  • The Doctor, in the Doctor Who episode "The Christmas Invasion" after his hand grows back from the remaining post-regeneration energy.
    The Doctor: 'This hand's a fightin' hand!'
  • MST3K used this when featuring The Day the Earth Froze when Lemminkaimen and Ilmarinen chop down a tree, there's an unnecessary shot of a bear. Tom, imitating the bear, quips "That's my scratchin' tree, you jerks!"
    • And when Zap Rowsdower looks at his newly tattoo-free arm and cheers "ARR-RIGHT!!" Crow is quick to add "My drinkin' arm's healed!"
  • Norm McDonald, former anchor on Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update, made this comment on the O.J. Simpson trial when attorney Johnnie Cochran put on the ski mask Simpson allegedly wore:
    Norm: "And then Simpson jumped up and said, 'Hey! That's my lucky stabbin' hat!'"
  • Scrubs: "Aaah! My Me Time hand!"

    Newspaper Comics 
  • Darby Conley's Get Fuzzy features a visit from the main character Rob's French friend Pierre who has broken his arm. Satchel laments "Aw, that's your surrenderin' arm!"


    Western Animation 
  • Invader Zim: "That was my squeezing arm! They took my squeezing arm!"
  • Grandpa Simpson once broke his waggling finger in The Simpsons.
    • Krusty once got bitten in his check-writing hand.
    • And Milhouse got hit in his non-lazy eye.
  • After Danger Mouse and Penfold get into naming semantics about the Mark III's automatic pilot and how they're named after members of DM's family:
    DM: George. Hmph. My sainted aunt.
    Penfold: A grandmother Fred and an aunt named George? Ooh, you have got problems, DM.


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