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"For your people, by your people!"

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A Stock Phrase in Marketing, such as "For Kids, By Kids!".

See also Viewers Like You.


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     In General  

  • Variant (though more often by fans than by advertisers) in "for X, by X, and about X."



  • The employment practices of various toy, clothing and sporting equipment companies have been mocked with the phrase "Made for children by children".

     Live Action TV  

  • Mentioned in a host segment in the The Day the Earth Froze episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000. The crew is wondering exactly what a Sampo is when Joel suggests, "Sampo: a progressive new corporation with an eye towards the future! Sampo is a company for people, by people!"
  • Parodied in a MADtv sketch. It spoofed Grey's Anatomy, and at one point Dr. Gregory House from House shows up to provide a new pair of eyes on the medical case they are struggling with. He argues with Dr. Grey, and she calls him a sexist pig as she says that Grey's Anatomy is "a show written for women by women". House counters with saying that he finds her hot and points out that he has an erection, and says that House is a "a show written by men for women who like abusive men".


  • More than a few women's interest magazines advertise themselves as "For women, by women".


     Video Games  

  • Interplay - By gamers, for gamers. Redneck Rampage had the "gamers" crossed out and replaced by "REDNECKS"
  • Razer also describes itself as "For gamers, by gamers."
  • Parodied in Undertale with the Spider Bake Sale, which offers baked goods made "by spiders, for spiders, from spiders!"


     Web Comics  

     Web Original  

  • Chef 2 is a Web site "for chefs by chefs", used to exchange job information, recipes, information on suppliers, and so on.
  • Zoom: "By Kids, For Kids!"

     Western Animation  

  • Futurama has the variation "By a robot, for a robot".
  • Used in The Simpsons, where some executives try to convince Lisa that their exploitation of schoolchildren to gather statistical data for toys is justified because the products are made by children, for children, with all the profits going to children. Since we're all somebody's children.
    • In another episode, Krusty advertises Itchy and Scratchy T-shirts as being made "for kids, by kids - and we pass the slavings on to you!"


  • Kidsongs, a show with sing-alongs to kid-friendly fare like "We're Gonna Get Wet", had as its motto: "By kids, for kids, and starring kids!"
  • One American Anime convention described itself as "By fans, for fans".
    • Mighty Fine's online clothing store WeLoveFine used to have "For fans, by fans" as a tagline before they changed the phrase into their official name.
  • FUBU— "Urban" clothing company, stands for "For Us, By Us."
  • A Victoria's Secret commercial used the phrase "Designed by a woman, for women".

     Real Life  

  • Older Than Radio: Abraham Lincoln's famous Gettysburg Address contains the phrase: "a government of the people, by the people, for the people". Quite possibly the only other part of the speech most people remember other than "Fourscore and seven years ago..."

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