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Miami Bass

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"We like to wiggle wiggle cause we like to shake/We like to bounce to the TR-808."
Quad City DJ's Work Baby Work (The Prep)

Miami bass (also known as booty music or booty bass, a term that may also include other genres, such as dirty rap), is a type of hip hop music, that became popular in the 1980s and 1990s. Its roots are directly linked to the Electro-funk sound of the early 1980s, pioneered by Afrika Bambataa & The Soulsonic Force and later on by UK-based musician Paul Hardcastle. The use of the Roland TR-808 sustained kick drum, raised dance tempos, and occasional sexually explicit lyrical content differentiate it from other hip hop subgenres. Music author Richie Unterberger has characterized Miami Bass as using rhythms with a "stop start flavor" and "hissy" cymbals with lyrics that "reflected the language of the streets, particularly Miami's black ghettos such as Liberty City and Overtown". Miami bass has never found consistent mainstream acceptance, though it has had a profound impact on the development of Baltimore Club, Southern rap, Funk carioca, and other genres.


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Notable Artists

  • 2 Live Crew
  • 69 Boyz
  • 95 South
  • A Town Players
  • Luther "Luke Skyywalker" Campbell
  • DJ Jimi, Who pioneered the New Orleans version called New Orleans Bounce
  • James McCauley (has gone by Maggotron, Maggozulu Too, DXJ, Planet Detroit, and Bass Master Kahn)
  • DJ Magic Mike
  • DJ Smurf
  • DJ Taz
  • Freak Nasty
  • Gucci Crew II
  • Inoj
  • Kilo Ali
  • L'trimm, The girls who like the guys in the jeep that goes Boom!
  • Quad City DJ's
  • Tag Team


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