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Waltz on Water

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In video games, there exists a shocking tendency to play waltz music whenever things get really wet. Maybe it's because the most famous waltz happens to be called "On the Beautiful Blue Danube", or maybe there's a slight phonetic similarity between the words "waltz" and "water". It could even be that waltzes and similar compositions are often described as "flowing", much like water. Or it may be because the distinctive tempo of a waltz is evocative of how people tend to bob up and down when submerged in water. Whatever the reason, 3/4 time is a favorite signature for video game music programmers to use for water levels.

Another common piece of music to use for water levels, especially with beaches, is a tropical-sounding tune, but that's another trope for another time.

Compare Snowy Sleigh Bells, Steel Drums and Sunshine, and Jungle Jazz for other types of music associated with a certain video game setting. See also Regional Riff. Not to be confused with Walk on Water (although those people could probably waltz on top of water if they felt like it...)


Non-Video Game Examples