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Amnesiac Costume Identity

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Bob suffers Easy Amnesia while wearing an unusual costume or outfit. When he wakes up and doesn't know who he is, he assumes the costume is what he normally wears and tries to fill in the blanks starting from there.

Subtrope of Identity Amnesia.


Comic Books

Film — Live Action

  • In Santa with Muscles, Hulk Hogan pretends he's Santa Claus and gets amnesia while in the suit.

Live-Action TV

  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer: In Tabula Rasa, Spike wakes up with amnesia in a stolen suit coat with a note addressed to "Randy" in the pocket. Being Spike, he immediately complains about the vulgarity of said name in British slang, but it sticks.
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Conundrum". After an alien ship scans the Enterprise, all of the crew members develop amnesia. Worf assumes that he's the captain because he's wearing his decorated Klingon sash.
  • On The Mist, an amnesiac character awakens in the woods in military fatigues, and a wallet with ID for a "Bryan Hunt". He doesn't catch on that this isn't his name until he makes it to the hospital and encounters the real Bryan Hunt, who's being treated for injuries inflicted by someone who beat him up and stole his clothes.

Web Comics

  • In the NMS story flashback arc in Sam & Fuzzy, Fuzzy wakes up with Laser-Guided Amnesia and wearing nothing but a bowtie. He assumes, based on his teddy-bear-like appearance, that this is his default state of clothing and keeps on wearing nothing but the bowtie for much of the comic. It's only after discovering an old jacket and talking to Hazel that Fuzzy learns that Eric used to walk around fully clothed. He's quite shocked by the discovery.

Web Original

  • In The Strangerhood, Sam (who, like the rest of the cast, has no idea who he is or why they're suddenly living on the eponymous street) is able to find out his name because it was written on his underwear. In the finale, it turns out that this isn't his real name (and those weren't his pants)!

Western Animation


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