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Ameritrash Games

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Ameritrash Games are board games which are of the American style, though the "Trash" in the title was put there because in the 2000s there was from the Euro Game community a sense of disdain for more luck based games with plastic components rather than strategy, skill, and wooden components common in Euro Games. The Ameritrash game category essentially fits in a number of Hobby Board Games that neither fit into the Classic Board Games or Euro Game varieties. Often such games will have cover art that is cartoony and plastic, toy like miniatures will be included. Some of these plastic minis are more detailed than others, and there are many internet arguments over the quality of Ameritrash game components.

Normally an Ameritrash game will have a theme rather than being an Abstract Game, making such board games reminiscent of NES cartridge art, with Covers Always Lie included. Covers Always Lie is more common on older Ameritrash board game box art, because more recent board games in this category, sometimes reprints of older games that have been around for a long time but went out of print - will be more in tune with modern aesthetics than you would find on the pre-Photoshop, Trapper Keeper style board game box art.

Ameritrash Games include: