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Theme Park Landscape

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You wouldn't believe the natural processes responsible for that thing's shape.

A type of landscape featuring natural formations that are the functional equivalents of theme park rides: Waterfalls, mountain torrents, glaciers or icebergs double as water slides, plot-sensitive erosion has created rock or snow formations that act as rollercoaster tracks or bobsled runs, complete with Ramp Jumps, giant water lilies serve as trampolines or at least provide a fun and bouncy way to cross a stretch of water, hanging vines can be used as ropeways, swings, for bungee-jumping or Tarzan-style transportation and so on...

Alternatively, the setting can be industrial or urban, as long as the environment invites misuse as a carnival ride. This can be both Benevolent Architecture or Malevolent Architecture, depending on your viewpoint and if you liked the "ride" or intended to take it in the first place.


Related to Skate Heaven Is a Place on Earth. Rollercoaster Mine, Ramprovisation and Lily-Pad Platform are subtropes. No relation of Theme Park Version.


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  • In Disney's Tarzan the winding, moss-covered branches become a sort of jungle skate park for the Ape Man to do some sick moves. (The filmmakers called it "tree-surfing")

    Video Games 
  • Almost any level from the Genesis era Sonic the Hedgehog titles would count; particularly the Green Hill Zone with its rolling hills, spirals, and loops.
    • On any console, really. Sonic Adventure 2 even has a highway with loops and jumps.
      • Speed Highway from Sonic Adventure, which does the same. It makes one wonder how normal, everyday people in the Sonic Universe go about their day-to-day lives, especially when they're trying to get to work...
    • Sonic Colors takes this to literal extremes with giant amusement park levels, such as Planet Wisp, which is one in progress.

    Western Animation 
  • Several Wile E. Coyote cartoons feature this type of landscape, most notably when the gag involves a falling boulder or rocket skates.
  • The chute system in the Avatar: The Last Airbender city of Omashu counts, since it's sorta like a giant slide and rollercoaster all in one. It was even shown that Aang and Bumi used to play on them when they were kids.
  • Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero: The architecture of the carnival-themed Chuckle City includes a lot of roller-coaster ramps and trapezes that people can use for Ramprovisation.