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A "game" that used to be played mostly in the Trope Repair Shop. A person would open a thread in the Trope Repair Shop to discuss a trope by challenging other users to guess the definition based on the title alone. The idea is that if regular tropers can't get a decent idea of the trope's definition from the name, that's proof the name is unclear.

This is more of a gimmick than an argument, basically implying "come now, you can clearly see this title does not make sense". However, things are seldom that simple — there are a lot of other factorsnote  beyond first impressions that come into play in deciding whether to ultimately rename a trope; in all likelihood, some of them will weigh on the side of keeping the name anyway, and we will have to work out which side of the argument ultimately has more weight to it.


If you write an OP for a thread in TRS and this is all you offer as evidence that the trope name is broken, the thread will not be opened for discussion. We're not going to rename based on your I Thought It Meant.

See also: Everything You Wanted to Know About Changing Names.

Alternative Title(s): Guess That Trope, Guess The Trope


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