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New to podcasts? It's like talk radio, but whenever you want it. And no commercials. On The Tropes is a show that focuses on one trope per episode, breaks it down, and then a list of favorites is made. If you're into video games, its brother show On The Rocks reviews video games, video game tropes, and the appropriate accompanying booze. So grab your phone, give it a download, and be a little less bored on your drive to work or walk to class!


The Latest Episode!


On the Tropes Episode 105: World of Tomorrow

On the Tropes Episode 104: Alien Invasion

On the Tropes: Best of 2015, Part 2

  • The guys give out the Tropies, for the best things of 2015. They also award the Golden Tropie to a well-deserving creation from this year, and make a BIG announcement.


On the Tropes: Best of 2015, Part 1

On the Tropes: Re-release Episode 3: Chekhov's Gun

On the Tropes Episode 103: Running Gag

On the Tropes Episode 102: Cerebus Syndrome

On the Tropes Episode 101: Milestone Celebration

On the Tropes Episode 2: MacGuffin

On the Tropes Episode 100, Part 2: Best Scenes and On the Tropes Film Registry

On the Tropes Episode 100, Part 1: Favorite Movie Scores and Song Lyrics

On the Tropes Episode 99: The Stinger


On the Tropes Episode 98: Genre Deconstruction

On the Tropes Episode 97: Bottle Episode

On the Tropes Episode 96: Wes Anderson, Part 2

On the Tropes Episode 95: Wes Anderson, Part 1

On the Tropes Episode 94: Grab Bag

On the Tropes Episode 93: Anti-Hero

On the Tropes Episode 92: Troll 2

On the Tropes Episode 91: Mooks

On the Tropes Episode 90: Coen Brothers Career In Review

On the Tropes Episode 89: Anachronic Order

On the Tropes Episode 88: Cliffhanger

On the Tropes Episode 87: Source Music

On the Tropes Episode 86: Gainax Ending

On the Tropes Episode 85: Mel Brooks Career in Review

On the Tropes Episode 84: Road Trip Plot

On the Tropes Episode 83: Race Against the Clock

On the Tropes Episode 82: Lampshade Hanging

On the Tropes Episode 81: Mockumentary and Found Footage Films

On the Tropes Episode 80: David Fincher, Career in Review

  • The guys talked about the acclaimed director of Fight Club, Se7en, Gone Girl, Zodiac, Social Network and more David Fincher, his career, his best-directed scenes and best used tropes!

On the Tropes Episode 79: Cowboy Cop

On The Tropes Episode 78: Cloudcuckoolander

On the Tropes Episode 77: Body Horror

  • It's only taken 76 previous episodes to get to one of the guys' favorite tropes, Body Horror! Listen in as they talk what makes for good body horror, what it symbolizes and their favorite Body Horror scenes (NOT for the easily queasy!)

On The Tropes Episode 76: Complete Monster

On The Tropes Episode 1: Breaking the Fourth Wall

  • We've used up all our space on the internet, so we've had to pull our oldest episodes. But never fear! They still exist somewhere, so check out our very first episode on one of our favorite tropes, Breaking the Fourth Wall. Let us know what your favorite examples are- and see what new ones have cropped up over the past couple of years!

On The Tropes, Episode 74: Real Trailer, Fake Movie

  • The gang talk about the trope Real Trailer, Fake Movie, what makes it a great trope, and their favorite examples of fake trailers
  • Let us know your favorite fake movie trailers at On The!

Listen now to On The Tropes Episode 73 on the trope Bad Date

On the Tropes Episode 72: Good Old Fisticuffs

On The Rocks, Episode 113: Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

  • The 'On The Rocks' crew discusses the trope 'Puzzle Boss' at approximately 1:17:52
  • You can see more of the trope at Puzzle Boss

Episode 71: Femme Fatale

Episode 70: Terry Gilliam, Part 2

Bonus: Top 5 Movie Murders

On The Tropes Episode 70: Terry Gilliam

On The Tropes, Episode 69: Everybody Has Lots of Sex


On The Tropes, Episode 68: One-Winged Angel

Coming Up in 2015 on On The Tropes

  • An episode in which Cir and Nick discuss what they're looking forward to in 2015, plans for upcoming episodes (including One-Winged Angel and Everybody Has Lots of Sex), and a buttload of listener feedback!

On The Tropes Presents The Tropies! The Best of 2014

On The Rocks, Episode 109: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

  • The 'On The Rocks' crew discusses 'Jetpacks' at approximately 1:14:09
  • You can see more of the trope at Jetpack

A Very Samuel L. Jackson Christmas!

On the Tropes Episode 67: Ugly Guy, Hot Wife

On The Tropes Episode 66: Beyond the Impossible

On the Tropes Episode 65: Quentin Tarantino

On The Tropes Episode 64: And You Thought It Was a Game

On The Tropes Episode 63: Jerkass

On The Tropes Episode 62: Unreliable Narrator

On The Tropes Episode 61: Speak of the Devil


True Detective Season 1

The Death of Saturday Morning Cartoons / Top 5 Saturday Morning Cartoons

Listener Feedback

On The Tropes, Episode 60: Horrifying the Horror

On The Rocks, Episode 97: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014)

  • The 'On The Rocks' crew discusses the trope 'Weapon of Choice' at approximately 1:01:30
  • You can see more of the trope at Weapon of Choice

On The Tropes, Episode 59: Over Crank or Slow Motion and Bullet Time

On The Tropes: Matt Sloan Interview (Welcome to the Basement, Chad Vader)

On The Tropes Episode 57: The Oner

On The Tropes: The Stoic

On The Tropes: Grass Is Greener

  • [5]

  • Featuring a trailer for the upcoming horror film, Babadook.

On The Tropes: Title Drop with AJ from Gobbledygeek

On The Tropes Episode 53: Snowpiercer Review

On The Rocks, Episode 93: Watch_Dogs

  • The 'On The Rocks' crew discusses the trope 'Wide Open Sandbox' at approximately 1:18:22
  • You can see more of the trope at Wide Open Sandbox

On The Tropes Episode 52: We Win Because You Did Not

On The Tropes Episode 51: Getting Crap Past the Radar

On The Rocks, Episode 89: Mario Kart 8

  • The 'On The Rocks' crew discusses the trope 'The Computer Is a Cheating Bastard' at approximately 1:13:57
  • You can see more of the trope at The Computer Is a Cheating Bastard

On The Tropes, Episode 50 Part 2: The Warriors

On The Tropes, Episode 50: The Warriors

On The Rocks, Episode 88: Transistor

  • The 'On The Rocks' crew discusses the trope 'Mighty Glacier' at approximately 1:07:25
  • You can see more of the trope at Mighty Glacier

On The Tropes Bonus Episode: Sharks

  • Bonus Episode: Sharks!
  • In an old an episode pre-dating On The Tropes, Nick, Cir and Kyle talk about shark movies, how to win against a shark in a fight, if Jaws could beat Moby Dick, and the Top 5 Water Scenes Ever!

On The Rocks, Episode 86: Ready Player One

  • The 'On The Rocks' crew discusses the trope 'Easter Egg' at approximately 1:11:45
  • You can see more of the trope at Easter Egg

On the Tropes Episode 49: Pet the Dog or Raiders of the Lost Bark

On The Rocks, Episode 85: Child of Light

  • The 'On The Rocks' crew discusses the trope 'Flunky Boss' at approximately 1:06:32
  • You can see more of the trope at Flunky Boss

On The Tropes Episode 48: Exactly What It Says On The Tin

On The Rocks, Episode 84: Killzone Shadow Fall

On The Tropes Episode 47: The Big Race

On The Rocks, Episode 83: Mobile Games

  • Episode 83
  • The 'On The Rocks' crew discusses the trope 'Scoring Points' at approximately 1:11:10
  • You can see more of the trope at Scoring Points

On The Tropes episode 46: Kaiju and other Big Monsters

On The Rocks, Episode 82: Street Fighter (Film)

  • Episode 82
  • The 'On The Rocks' crew discusses the trope 'Timed Mission' at approximately 56:34
  • You can see more of the trope at Large Ham

On The Tropes Episode 45: The Flashback

On The Rocks, Episode 81: Mercenary Kings

  • Episode 81
  • The 'On The Rocks' crew discusses the trope 'Timed Mission' at approximately 55:08
  • You can see more of the trope at Timed Mission

On The Tropes Episode 44: Sea Stories

On The Rocks, Episode 79: Silent Hill (Series)

  • Episode 79
  • The 'On The Rocks' crew discusses the trope 'Jump Scare' at approximately 1:20:18
  • You can see more of the trope at Jump Scare

On The Tropes Episode 43: The Caper

On The Tropes, Episode 42: Steven Spielberg

On The Tropes, Episode 41: Large Ham

  • Episode 41 Large Ham

  • A listener suggested trope, featuring a discussion on the trope Large Ham, our top 5 Large Hams, and a trivia game inspired by the show Bob's Burgers!

On The Rocks, Episode 78: South Park: The Stick of Truth

  • Episode 78
  • The 'On The Rocks' crew discusses the trope 'Turn-Based Combat' at approximately 59:34
  • You can see more of the trope at Turn-Based Combat

On The Tropes Episode 40: Only Sane Man

On The Rocks, Episode 77: LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

On The Tropes: Gravity Review

On The Rocks, Episode 76: DLC/Expansions

  • Episode 76
  • The 'On The Rocks' crew discusses the trope 'Expansion Pack' at approximately 54:26
  • You can see more of the trope at Expansion Pack

Bonus: Science! (Beast Duels Radio Hour)

On The Tropes, Episode 38:

  • A trope from multiple listeners, the gang tackle Xanatos Gambit and their top 5 Gambits from the TV Tropes Gambit Index

  • Episode 38

On The Rocks, Episode 75: Soul Fjord

  • Episode 75
  • The 'On The Rocks' crew discusses the trope 'Freemium' at approximately 1:08:28
  • You can see more of the trope at Freemium

On The Tropes, Episode 37: Robots

On The Rocks, Episode 74: Pokemon X & Y

  • Episode 74
  • The 'On The Rocks' crew discusses the trope 'Wake-Up Call Boss' at approximately 57:41
  • You can see more of the trope at Wake-Up Call Boss

On the Tropes Episode 36: The Boxing Episode

On The Tropes, Episode 35. Big Bad or Emperor Palpatine-age Riot

On The Rocks, Episode 73: FIFA 14

  • Episode 73
  • The 'On The Rocks' crew discusses the trope 'Long Runners' at approximately 52:56
  • You can see more of the trope at Long Runners

On the Tropes, Episode 34: Murder, Arson and Jaywalking or I Know What You Did Last Summer + Philip Seymour Hoffman Tribute

On The Rocks, Episode 72: Batman Forever (Film)

  • Episode 72
  • The 'On The Rocks' crew discusses the trope 'Digitized Sprites' at approximately 53:52
  • You can see more of the trope at Digitized Sprites

On The Tropes, Episode 33: Big Eater or Trope Floats

On The Rocks, Episode 71: Don't Starve

  • Episode 71
  • The 'On The Rocks' crew discusses the trope 'Roguelike' at approximately 1:01:41
  • You can see more of the trope at Roguelike

On The Tropes Episode 32: Bonus Material or Behind The Tropes: The Making of Featurette

Bonus - Top 5 Movies For Kids / Evil Children

  • Bonus

  • Throwback episode of the Beast Duels Radio Hour, in which most of us discuss movies we'll make our children watch, and Themos doesn't.

31. Acting For Two or The Parent Trope

30. Mood Dissonance / Soundtrack Dissonance / Lyrical Dissonance or Peanuts Coated with Cyanide

On The Rocks, Episode 70: Hotline Miami

  • Episode 70
  • The 'On The Rocks' crew discusses the trope One-Hit Kill at approximately 48:52
  • You can see more of the trope at One-Hit Kill

Best of 2013, Part 2

Best of 2013, Part 1

On The Tropes, Episode 29: Deadpan Snarker or Charles Snarkly

On The Tropes, Episode 28: Badass Bookworm or Nerdy Rotten Scoundrels

On The Rocks, Episode 67: Mortal Kombat (film)

  • Episode 67
  • The 'On The Rocks' crew discusses the trope Bladder of Steel at approximately 56:38
  • You can see more of the trope at Bladder of Steel

On The Tropes, Episode 27: Time Travel or 1.27 Jigawatts

On The Rocks, Episode 65: Puppeteer

On The Tropes, Episode 26: Dysfunctional Family

On The Tropes, Episode 25: Corrupt Corporate Executive or C.E.Foe

On The Tropes, Episode 24: Evil vs. Evil or We Have A Competition In Us

On The Tropes, Episode 23: Jump Scare or On The Tr AHHHH

On The Rocks Episode 62: Grand Theft Auto V

  • Episode 62
  • The 'On The Rocks' crew discusses the trope Player Punch at approximately 55:17
  • You can see more of the trope at Player Punch

On The Tropes Episode 22: The End... Or Is It? or Shape Escapes

On The Tropes Episode 21: Cabin in the Woods or All Tropesy Turvy

Show Notes!

On the Tropes Episode 20: The Spin-Off or On The Tropes: Special Victims Unit

Show Notes!

On The Rocks Episode 61: XCOM: Enemy Unknown

  • Episode 61
  • The 'On The Rocks' crew discusses the trope Turns Red at approximately 50:17
  • You can see more of the trope at Turns Red

On The Rocks Episode 60: Runner 2: Future of Rhythm Alien

On The Tropes Episode 19: Breaking Bad or Troping Bad

Show Notes!

  • Featuring emails from Alex in the UK, Donnie from New York

On The Tropes Episode 18: Typecasting or Playing Against Trope

Show Notes!

On The Tropes 17: Crazy Enough To Work Or I Schemed A Scheme In Time Gone By

On The Tropes Episode 16: Love Epiphany or Day By Day It's More Impossible To Trope

Episode 16

Show Notes!

Weekly Trivia:

  • There is an episode in Season 6 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer called Once More With Feeling, Joss Whedon's take on the musical. What is his other musical-related project, and what is your favorite Whedonverse quote? Let us know at our Facebook page or

On The Rocks, Episode 59: Hitman: Absolution

Episode 15: Badass Normal or On The Tropes Under The Red Hood

Show Notes:

  • Review us on iTunes!
  • Our Facebook

  • Trivia: What recent movie featured actors who portrayed Captain America and Superman as two characters with superpowers? If you think you know, let us know by putting your favorite quote from the movie on our Facebook page (link below) or by shooting us an email at
  • Featuring an email from listener: Mike from Brazil

Episode 14: Rousing Speech or Tonight We Are Renewing The Apocalypse

Show Notes:

Bonus: Ben Affleck as Batman or The Dahk Knight

  • Bonus Episode: The Dahk Knight

  • Our take on the recent casting of Ben Affleck and Bryan Cranston in the new Batman/Superman film, our expectations, hopes, and reservations.

Links from the Show:

Episode 13: The Makeover / Training from Hell or The Eyeshadow of the Tiger

Featuring Emails from:

  • Mike from Brazil

Listener Trope Suggestion from:

  • Tooms J

Links from the Show:

Episode 12: The Trilogy or On The Tropes Beyond Thunderdome

Featuring Emails from:

  • Allen in Montana
  • Teddy from Milwaukee

Links from the Show:

Episode 11: Nameless Narrative or A Fistful of Podcasts

Episode 10: Daylight Horror or The Unbearable Being of Lightness

Episode 9: The Cameo or Stan By Lee

Show Links:

Episode 8.5: Deadly Game or Hide and Go Slay

Show Links:

Episode 8: Hunting the Most Dangerous Game or Eat, Prey, Love

Links from the show:

Episode 7 Manic Pixie Dream Girl or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Girl

Links from the 'cast:

Episode 6: Black Comedy

Links from the 'cast:

Episode 5: The Remake

Links from the 'cast:

Trivia Question of the Week: This movie has been remade as a western, anime and a Pixar movie. What was the original?

Episode 4: Genre Busting

The Episode

Links from the show:

Episode 3: Chekhov's Gun (transcript)

Links from the show:

Episode 2: Mac Guffins (transcript)

Links from the show:

Episode 1: Breaking the Fourth Wall (transcript)

Links from the show:

On The Tropes, The History

Almost thirty years ago, the governments of the world banded together to enact a secret plan: to study and catalogue storytelling conventions and motifs. The goal was to discover certain patterns, the so-called “tropes”. In controlling story-telling itself, these corrupt governments would control the world. And so “On The Tropes”, a term coined by project head Professor Gary Goldstein, was born.

They soon realized that none of the scientists of the era possessed the massive levels of bravery and intellect required for the study. Having no other option, the government leaders turned to their only possible course of action: dark science, and even darker sorcery.

Six male children were chosen and developed in secrecy throughout their lives. Using an array of scientific, philosophical, mystical, and some say evil methods, the scientists achieved a remarkable result. The six men were gifted with powers of comprehension and wisdom heretofore unseen since the days of the Egyptian priests. Rebelling together against their dictatorial creators, the six men released storytelling from its totalitarian chains as they became the six hosts of On The Tropes:

  • Nick Fulton: dashing emergency physicist, playboy adventurer, and your divine host.

  • Kyle Fulton: his brother, gifted with creative powers unseen since a young Gene Roddenberry walked the Earth.

  • Mike Truax: a young captain of industry, appropriately known to the Western world as “the most critical man alive”.

  • Themos Politis: half mad scientist, half champion of the people, and half Adonis.

  • Cir L’Bert Jr.: an urban mystery-man whose steely gaze can turn even the strongest heart to pure molten gold.

  • Jake Kellogg: George Lucas' inspiration for both the Stormtrooper and Han Solo.

After stealing the powerful cosmic technology of the On The Tropes Studios, the magnificent six escaped into the wilderness. Now, they have returned with a newfound purpose: to use the knowledge and powers they have accrued from On The Tropes to free mankind from fear and ignorance forever.

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