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"That man...the Ripper! His brutality. How many? Seven? At most? And his name all set to haunt this city for thousand years. I have already tripled his score. Think how long they'll talk of me!"
Claxton, "The King Came Calling"

Ripper Street, taking place soon after the rampage of Jack the Ripper, shows that he wasn't the only monster lurking in the streets of Whitechapel.

All spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!


Season 1
  • "I Need Light": Sir Arthur Donaldson first shows up mere months after Jack's rampage, yet manages to be a depraved monster in his own right. He was a Serial Rapist who abducted women by drugging them, then he would take them to a secret location where he would rape them before strangling them to death. Next, to remove suspicion from himself, he would mutilate them so they would appear to be new victims of Jack. His monstrous nature also extends to his lone servant, whom he would force to film him commit his atrocities all so he could watch them in his spare time. The abuse that Donaldson gave to his servant was so bad that the servant eventually killed himself. In the end, while Donaldson was only the first felon Detective Inspector Edmund Reid encountered since his search for The Ripper, it was this case that convinces Reid to let go of his pursuit, so he can find other criminals lurking in the streets of Whitechapel.
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  • "The King Came Calling": Claxton is the manager of a Whitechapel bakery, where he uses his position to contaminate the bread with lethal poison before distributing them to the commonwealth. This was done in a manner that would looked like an outbreak of cholera, and results in dozens of deaths of men, women, and children in a matter of days, with Detective Reid's wife Emily nearly another victim. When Reid finally captures Claxton and ask him why he did all this, Claxton's response was that Jack took attention he felt was deservedly his and by killing many people, even bragging of tripling The Ripper's total, he would finally regain all that fame.
  • "What Use Our Work?": Sir Victor Silver may look like a gentle man, but in truth he is anything but. Long ago, he was suspected of being Jack, but the issue was dropped when he thought to have died in a boat accident. However, he managed to survive, and continued his business in kidnapping women and having them shipped to South America as sex slaves, using his superficial charm to gain their trust before luring them to his family's estate, where he would shackle them to a bed for days before drugging them and locking them in small boxes to be sent overseas. Overall, while only just one of many Ripper suspects, he was evil enough to match Jack's himself.

Season 2

  • "Dynamite and a Woman": Dr. Charles Broadwick despite knowing how unstable and dangerous direct current is compared to alternating current, wants to have the entire city of London use the former, just so he could profit off of it, completely uncaring how many people could get killed because of these currents. In an effort to hide the truth from the public, he frees Aiden Galvin, while killing the police officer transporting him. He then has Galvin plant a bomb at one of his colleague's room, before framing the Irish Republican Brotherhood for this. Once this succeeds, Broadwick send him to place a bomb at Whitechapel University, where all of his colleagues will be in one place for him to kill. It was also revealed that this was not only time Broadwick collaborated with Galvin, as he did so a couple years ago where he had 12 innocent people killed, then pinned all the blame on his cohort, while he walked free. While Galvin has a daughter whom he genuinely cares for, Broadwick has no such qualities, and is solely define by his Greed, which to satisfy he has killed many and would kill many more.
  • "A Stronger Loving World": Gabriel Cain was a member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, before he was kicked out for his radical beliefs that the world is corrupt. He then formed a cult solely based around his ideology. He brainwashes all of his followers to carry out suicide attacks to spite those whom he believed had wronged him. These tactics included having one of them to burn himself alive in a Catholic Church full of innocents, framing the Hebrews of Whitechapel for it; to having another slit his own throat in front of the detectives investigating him. He also has his daughter, Bella, marry Detective Inspector Drake Bennet, so that he could recruit him into the cult in the near future. When Drake discovers the cult as well as the revelation that Cain had manipulated Bella, his own daughter, into have sex with him to impregnate her with his child, Cain captures him and attempts to have him as well all of his followers—including Bella—die by drinking poisoned wine as a way to destroy the evidence against him, at which point he could form another cult in hiding. Ultimately, his depraved acts prove that Cain himself is just as morally corrupt, if not more so, as the world he is claiming to be fighting against.

Season 3

Season 4

  • "Some Conscience Lost": Cornelius Wilde is the director of a hospital in Whitechapel that supposedly takes care of ill children and cures them of their diseases. In truth, however, he has them killed, either by lethal injection or suffocation before hiding their bodies under the hospital floors. He has done this ever since the Ripper's killing spree, only being caught now when a patient of his escaped the facility and survived long enough for Detective Reid to spot him before he dies from his uncared-for illness. When Reid arrives at the hospital and has the floors removed he see corpses of numerous children, and confronts Wilde about this, the latter refuses to own up to any of his wrongdoings, even saying it was the childrens' fault they were sick in the first place, and that he cannot be bothered to cure them, much to the detective's fury.


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