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YMMV / The Qur'an

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  • Fair for Its Day: Most Double Standards, e.g about women and men, were rather progressive in their time.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Sparsely so, but where they exist, they hit the readers hard. The depiction of Qiyamah (The End of the World as We Know It) as well as Hell is enough to give you existential dread. Intentionally so.
  • Paranoia Fuel: It's stated that The End of the World as We Know It (and the Judgement Day that follows) will happen when you don't expect it (it can potentially happen the next Friday), for the knowledge of it is Allah's alone. On the plus side, this means that whenever the doomsday hype of the day (such as 2012) reach fever height, you can relax and take it easy. It wont happen in that date, right? Right?
  • Values Dissonance:
    • In Islam it is stated that men and women have different roles to play in society, accounting to their different design. However in the eyes of God they will be judged fairly, with everything being taken into account for, from their actions and intentions, etc. Some Muslims believe that the Women's Rights Movement diminished a woman's life in comparison to what it was traditionally due to them carrying out a role they were not designed for: the internal affairs of a household and the raising of children. Men and women are meant to complement each other, from their actions to their rights upon each other. Oddly enough this is nearly identical to Catholic and mainline Christian views on the relationship of men and women, known as complementarianism . The issue is whether the government enforces faith-based teachings and to what extent.
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    • While many modern Muslims absolutely abhor slavery, and Muhammad taught that all persons were equal in the eyes of their creator, one of the ways you can become a slave in Islam is by being born a slave.
  • Values Resonance: Plenty of surah in Al-Quran about how the universe works have echoes in scientific theories. Several ayat, for example, explain that Earth and the heavens were made via decompression, similar to the Big Bang Theory. Al-Anbiya:30 also explains that most, if not all, living things were made from water, just as the Theory of Evolution now holds that the first life on Earth was aquatic, and only later evolved to live on land.


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