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A form of writing on TV Tropes that seeks to exhaustively list every relevant game mechanic on an example. This can mean many things, from the stats of every involved party, to the way the game engine works and citing strategies for a given part of the game. This is usually bad at explaining the important part of TV Tropes — that is, how a given trope happens in a given piece of media.

For example, let's say Alice lists the Puppy Stompertron as an example of That One Boss, engaging in Walkthrough Mode to do so:

As you can see, this entry is hard to read because it's loaded with overly detailed in-game strategies and numbers that mean nothing to an outsider, when all that's needed is to explain how the Puppy Stompertron boss is harder than the rest of the game. So, let's see how Alice can clean up her entry after reading this page and figuring out what to avoid:

This entry succinctly explains why the Puppy Stompertron is such a frustrating boss to fight: it has high stats, immunity to statuses, powerful attacks, and the mechanics to make it easier aren't universally applicable. By cutting out the extraneous details, the example becomes much easier to read and digest while still managing to communicate key points on why the Puppy Stompertron is That One Boss.

As a side bonus, when talking about games that are receiving post-launch updates, avoiding exact numbers gives a degree of futureproofing. In many games, if a change needs to be made, the numbers are usually first to be adjusted, so if the Puppy Stompertron ever has its HP or damage values changed this way, the example doesn't suddenly need an update to correct those parts.

While it is understandable why Walkthrough Mode happens, wiki articles are not walkthroughs. Trope examples should be generic enough that those who aren't familiar with the game can understand them, and shouldn't be cluttered with something like the exact attack strength of a weapon or helpful asides about which two of the three Superbosses can be affected by the Game-Breaker. This isn't to say that you shouldn't list your example with little to no information, which is the opposite problem; you just need to explain why your example is that of the trope in question in a way that's digestible to the average reader.

See also Word Cruft, another writing element that makes examples bloated and indigestible by adding too many unnecessary words.

Tropes that often fall victim to this include:

Alternative Title(s): Strategy Guide Mode, We Are Not Game FA Qs