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New items at the top, please.

Mr Etaoin Shrdlu: Hey, just dropping by to ask why Super-Persistent Predator wasn't deleted. I don't want to be a Single-Issue Wonk about this, just give an explanation and I'll leave it be.

Looney Toons: The quotes page? I just took a look — it's gone now.

Maso Tey: (14 July 09) Tropes Of Legend Hangman: Go to - pick English - enter the code 6kb5eqp2.
(30 JUNE 09): I don't know whether this is a wierd inbound link so I'm putting it here. I also think it might be important. When I read it when it came out I thought this was a sign tvtropes was breaking out, but since nobody's noticed I guess isn't that notable so I'm overreacting. I'm sorry if this has been covered. Casual reference to us in an American news site is here. On 'a dog to kick'.

(14 July 09): OK, really likes us. Though this is on the back xkcd.

Fast Eddie: (19 APR 09) New feature installed. Pages about works (shows, books, films, comics, etc.) now have a 'reviews' link at the top of the page. You can click that to write reviews about the work. The reviews system operates a little differently from the main wiki, so be sure to see 'about reviews' when you get there.

Silent Hunter: Lovely. Thanks.

Silent Hunter: (10 April 2009) Dave Arneson has died. You may have never heard of him, but we have a lot to thank him for. Rest In Peace.
Looney Toons: (30 March 2009) I'll be heading out on vacation for about a week and a half in a few days. My previous disappearances haven't caused much concern, but just in case anyone wonders, I'll be studying Disneyfication close up in Florida until Easter.

Looney Toons: (17 April 2009) I'm back, btw, in case you haven't spotted my byline on any edits in the last five days.

Vampire Buddha: Attention American tropers: Your country isn't the only one that had a civil war. If you want to refer to it, please write 'the American Civil War' instead of just 'the Civil War'. It's just one extra word, and it means those of us who don't live in your country don't think of our own civil wars upon reading your example. OK?
Vampire Buddha: Will people please stop using ptitles in potholes? Just use the unpunctuated title so we can see wat you're talking about by simple mouseover, instead of having to open a new tab every time.

Tropers/fleb: Ditto, it's annoying and unnecessary.

ccoa: I've changed the definition of Infodump to the correct definition and created exposition to cover what infodump used to (incorrectly) cover. I'm assuming that most of the wicks for Infodump probably really are infodump, but I'm going to go through them anyway. If anyone sees one that I missed that is more properly exposition or isn't either, please change it. Thanks.

Indigo: Been advised that Dr Horribles Sing Along Blog expires on tomorrow (this writing from 11:10 am Eastern time).

Tropers/Also, belated respect paid to the fact that The Dark Knight actor Heath Ledger was nominated for a Best Supporting Actor Academy Award. Wall-E also received a nomination.

Adam850: This was posted January 27th, FYI.

Andrew: January 20th 2009 marks the end of an era. Happy Inauguration Day! Here's hoping the next four years under President Barack Obama are great!

Indigo: A moment of silence for Ricardo Montalban and Patrick McGoohan who both ascended to a higher plane this week.

Silent Hunter: Also for Sir John Mortimer.

Indigo: Congrats are in order. Dr Horribles Sing Along Blog has won the People's Choice Award for "Favorite Online Sensation". Congrats also to any and all tropers and fans who helped our little troperiffic three-part Web Original make it to this auspicious position!

Vampire Buddha: It's be great if we could watch it.

Indigo: You can't order it from Amazon and play it region free? Bummer.

Vampire Buddha: That's right, it's US and Canada only, and the Canadians have to pay for it. Sure, there's a DVD now, but I suspect it only works on an NTSC player.

Moocow1452: It's made Region Free. Quoth the Myspace

Indigo: For those of you beyond the meridian, Happy New Year! For those of us in the US who have yet to reach the future, Happy New Year! May it be Troperiffic for us all!

Silent Hunter: Happy New Year!

Fast Eddie: For those of you who don't stop the forums very often, we've been working on a page type which may make subjective pages more fun. It's called a Crowner. It allows folks to vote on examples. The idea being that the best examples will rise to the top and the worst will fall out of view.

Tropers/Before we roll it out, please visit the beta and play with it, so we can get some idea if it is ready for primetime.

Cassius335: Merry Christmas, everyone!

Silent Hunter: Merry Christmas!

Freezair For A Limited Time: Merry Christmas to one and ALL o' dang y'alls!

Indigo: Merry Christmas to everybody!

Vampire Buddha: For those of you who aren't on the forum, operations have recently begun to convert TVTW into Finnish, French, and German. If anyone speaks a language other than English, help would be appreciated.

Looney Toons: Good idea, and good luck. Also, I seem to remember that somebody had started a project to translate the wiki into, um, Russian, I think, several years ago. Gus would know, as he's the one who told me. I wonder whatever became of that...

Citizen: Woah. That's quite a project, even just hammering out the standards for what gets ported over and how. Good luck with that.

Silent Hunter, 23 November 2008: Happy 45th Anniversary to Doctor Who!
Vampire Buddha: Attention people. It seems a lot of you are referring to tropes as being subverted, deconstructed, and lampshaded etc without linking to Subverted Trope, Deconstructed Trope, or Lampshade Hanging. This makes things difficult for new readers. So in future, always, always, always link to the relevant entry when you use one of the Trope Tropes, mmmkay?

Citizen: No. That's too common a terminology to bother with. Newbies can look it up once if they don't know it, and then they'll know it from then on.

Vampire Buddha again: That reminds me, some people have a tendency to refer to characters, organisations, and events without saying what work of fiction they come from. This seems to be most common among American comic fans, but it is far from exclusive to them. Just for the record, not everybody likes the same things as you, so always state the source of your example. For example, instead of saying "Ben Grimm does this," write "Ben Grimm of Fantastic Four does this". Capisce?

Janitor: Page locking for edit is back. It works differently. It only shows you the "locked" message when you try to edit the page.
Janitor: Hacked again. We may be back clean. We'll see.

Cassius335: At least we're back.

Shay Guy: For what I believe may be the first time ever, TV Tropes has been given a cameo appearance in a work of fiction. (Yeah, it's on Fiction Press, but still.) All you really need to know is that the main character is a Magical Girl with a seriously Broken Masquerade. Our response in the story is to declare the events as a real-life example of Tokyo Is the Center of the Universe.

Citizen: FictionPress. ...Um... yay us, I guess...

Cassius335: Meh. When we get on Doctor Who or The Simpsons, that'll be something. This/ Not so much.

Tropers/Black Charizard: There's an ongoing discussion in the forum of a possible categorization of the content of the Wiki, to separate the objective pages, the opinion pages, the Just for Fun pages... The link's here. I'm announcing this here so that more people know about it.
Silent Hunter: I'm going to be taking a break from this site for a while, probably until the beginning of December. If you have anything that you need to talk to me about, I'm on the Giant In The Playground forums.

Silent Hunter: 8 November 2008- back now.

Vampire Buddha: As You Know, Rape The Dog has recently been replaced with Moral Event Horizon following a long discussion in YKTTW. We're hoping that Wiki Magic can eventually purge Rape The Dog from the wiki. I'm not asking anybody to search out instances of Rape The Dog usage, but if you happen to come across any, please change them to something more appropriate, which will most likely be Kick the Dog, Shoot the Dog, or Moral Event Horizon.

Robert: But don't assume there is necessarily an appropriate link at all. If an incident falls between the tropes, unlink it.

Cassius335: I'm sorry I missed the YKTTW on that, because then I could have pitched in on the name (Moral Event Horizon is basically Rape The Dog V2 and I wonder why you're even trying to pretend otherwise by changing the name.)

Vampire Buddha: We're not. The name was changed to stop people misusing it.

Cassius335: Do you really think making the name less catchy is going to help? Moral Event Horizon is still a Subjective Trope (and part of the "the Dog" trinity)... just with less "the Dog". All the name change has done is replace "[Insert Name Here] rapes the dog" with "[Insert Name Here] crosses the horizon.".

Robert: No. We're using a significantly narrower definition, so it's not a straightforward replacement. It should help that the term is less catchy, and not one of the 'dog' tropes.

Fast Eddie: "Less catchy" is not one our goals. We're not shooting for "dry as dust", either. Moral Event Horizon is not necessarily a dry title, but if it doesn't "catch on" in some fashion, the renaming exercise was a waste of time and effort.

Robert: It's a balancing act. Trope names certainly needs to catch on; they don't need to go critical, which Rape The Dog was close to doing. Tropes too broadly defined loose all meaning, but tropes too narrowly defined get no examples, so we strike a middle course, and correct ourselves as needed.

Looney Toons: As a Cut Master, please let me make this clear: Not having a YKTTW entry is neither reason nor evidence for deleting a page. The YKTTW system is optional, not mandatory.

Duckluck: Good advice, LT. It's important that people that people remember that not every page needs to go through YKTTW and some (series pages, for instance) shouldn't.

Citizen: (had a habit of citing this as a reason) Hey, I'm just saying that some of those useless pages could have been avoided if they had checked elsewhere, first. But then, if they don't know any better regarding creating those pages, then they probably wouldn't regarding using the YKTTW, either...

Freezair For A Limited Time: As someone else who frequently cites this, my complaint this: It's not that they didn't go through YKTTW, it's that they've posted a duplicate article or one with an obscure, untelling title which could have been aided had they gone through YKTTW first. This also tends to lead to a severe derth of examples (sometimes with only 1 example) which makes pages look severely barren.

Large Blunt Object: Happy September 19th! In honour of Talk Like A Pirate Day, I have given the front page a suitable rewording, to be reverted at the end of the day.

Indigo: And a fine job of it ye did, LBO...must remind meself not to abbreviate you that way again. Me brain insists it is pronounced "elbow". Arr.

Cassius335: Or Superman's other family member: Boe El. :p

Large Blunt Object: "Elbow" I've had before. The Kryptonian thing, though? That's new.

fleb: And hey, Smallville Pa Kent was also Bo Duke, so that pun makes way too much sense.

Tropers/I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this or not, but... it has been noted that you folks have a fair number of links to the Transformers Wiki around this place (because you are awesome). We've recently moved to a new server/URL at however, for various reasons. Or rather, the main part of the community has moved... the old wiki is still technically at Wikia, but we don't know what it'll turn into now that most of the regulars have migrated.

Tropers/Didn't know what you folks' policy was on that sort of thing, so I figured it was better to make a note of it here rather than going around changing stuff willy-nilly. —Jeysie

fleb: Willy-nilly is practically our middle name. 'TV Willy-nilly Tropes Wiki.' Change away.

Fast Eddie: We obviously have some sort of vulnerability in the forum software code from PHPBB that is allowing this "Q" guy to mess with us. The forums are closed, until I figure out what it is.

Duckluck: Glad to have you on the case, Eddie. While you're in there, can you fix my account? He changed my name to mess with me. Kind of petty stuff, really. I wonder if he has any connection to the DDOS we got earlier.

Indigo: Thanks for being on the case. *applause*

Adam850: Sept. 9, 2008, 8:57 PM PDT - Hey! We got hacked. It's fixed, (for now). Film at 11.

Tropers/UT: Thank goodness! That was a strange hacking. (I could still access YKTTW, and new edits, but nothing else.)

Big T: It isn't fixed. The douchebag came back. Everything works except the forums. I'm not quite sure what perverted sociopath thinks that the way to get someone's attention about a security flaw is to affect the users that can do nothing about it, but I digress.

Tropers/This hacker seems to have the idea that, since he didn't completely trash the place, he's a "different type of hacker." The amount of harm has nothing to do with the severity of the wrong, however.

Tropers/I am hoping we were just being clever, setting up a trap so he'd come back, so that we could track him. But with the lackadaisical way things are run around here, I doubt it.

Fast Eddie: "lackadaisical"? Big T, please feel free to find some other place on the Web to hang out that is more suited to your exacting standards and delicate sensibilities.

Etrangere: "The amount of harm has nothing to do with the severity of the wrong" ??? I'm sorry but if he had trashed the place utterly for days I would think there'd had been greater harms.

Tropers/Yay that things went back into order quickly :)

Silent Hunter, 4 September 2008- Voiceover artist Don LaFontaine died on 2 September 2008. So long and thanks for such a great trope.
Kizor: If there are no objections, I will destroy the So Bad Its Horrible lists in, say, a week. Everyone I've talked with agrees that they have been devalued into complete meaninglessness. Inclusion now adds up to "someone hates this" - Complaining About Shows You Dont Like, with no way to tell the difference between truly horrible and merely forgettable works.

Tropers/This is my fault. I started the article, but did not write a proper description for others to write by, and did not adequately maintain it. So I'm fixing things. I plan to preserve the lists in a forum thread and leave the original article. I still believe that we can have a (non-subjective, non-nattery) article about the subject, as long as we make it clear that it is only for things of this quality.

Fast Eddie: One thing to add to this consideration: If you go to the So Bad Its Horrible page and use the "Refs for this page" tool, you will see that there are around 700+ sites that reference that page. It might be nice if they found something on that page. The sub-pages have much smaller refs, but it may make sense to leave them in situ, with new content, as well.

Kizor: Yeah, I was planning to leave a nice, normal-sized article on that page. How about redirecting the sub-pages to the article?

Fast Eddie: After some thought ... It might be better to just abandon that article to what it has become. People obviously want a place to sneer at stuff. Leaving that section for them to do so in will likely tend to keep it out of the rest of the wiki. If you feel a need to define things that are Truly Lousy, it might be better to do it in a new article, making it clear that any entries there will be on clear criteria.

Tropers/Axing a huge amount of input is bound to torch a few egos, in ways that make more heat than light.

Kizor: Okay, he went on desperately, what if we give a month's warning and have each list start with a paragraph's worth of red text warning of this issue, asking for comments on So Bad Its Horrible Discussion and an assurance that the lists will be preserved in a forum thread that the resulting article would have a link to?

fleb: Yeah, if the Ultimate License To Whine page is going to continue to exist at all, we should shrink it down to things several people have talked about and agreed on. The red asscaps could say something like, "If you were thinking of adding to this list, make a post in the forum or on the discussion page instead. If consensus is reached, it will go here. This is for our protection, Neo." That will let us keep up quality control, hopefully, while being able to list things like E.T. the Extraterrestrial. Repeating the warning in commented-out (with double-percent-signs) warnings on the page source, like those guys, would help reinforce that to people who don't like to read.

Indigo: August 20, 2008: A moment of silence for actor Julius Carry, aka Lord Bowler from The Adventures Of Brisco County Jr, and Sho'Nuff from The Last Dragon.

Silent Hunter, 15 August 2008: Today is the 63rd anniversary of the end of World War Two.

Tropers/May the sacrifices of those involved never be forgotten. Truly, a Crowning Moment Of Awesome.

Gemmifer: And I always thought it was a series of Rape The Dog Moments...

Silent Hunter, 8 August 2008: As you're probably aware, Russian forces have entered South Ossetia, a breakaway area of Georgia.

Tropers/What, precisely, is going on is unclear at this present times, but a war between Russia and Georgia looks very likely.

Tropers/My thoughts and prayers are with our Readers and Tropers in the region.

Tangent 128: Ditto; I can't say I know much more about events, but they don't look good.

Maso Tey: Film is getting a little schizophrenic. I've posted about the issues in Film Discussion. Let's constructive!
Fast Eddie: Proposing to run a program that will have these results.

Grev: Are we gonna have symbols for all of them, too? Like a teardrop for Tear Jerker or a crown for Crowning Moment?

Fast Eddie: Sure, why not?

Fast Eddie: When working in a a namespace other than Main, namespace-less links were made to point to the current namespace by default. That's been changed. The default namespace everywhere now is "Main". For example, in Just Bugs Me (now), to link to another page in Just Bugs Me, you'll need to type JustBugsMe/SomeOtherBugsMePage.

Tropers/Which means things like Crowning Moments and Fetish Fuel and Nightmare Fuel or I'm Not Kidding or So Bad I Coughed A Lung Up Into My Soup and all those things that require the name to consist of mile-long repetitions can be moved to an appropriate namespace with minimum hassle, now.

Citizen: A good change, though now we have to go into all the subpages of stuff like It Just Bugs Me and add in the namespace for the index markups...

Fast Eddie: The trick there is to make the index page in Main, and only have the subpages in the namespace. Just Bugs Me, WMG, and some others are built wrong for that, but it is a pretty simple fix to those index pages to make it go.// later: I just did Just Bugs Me and WMG. C Ouple of seconds, and it works fine.

Fast Eddie: I suspect that just knowing that This Exists will be enough to generate some fun from this crowd.
Looney Toons: In an unexpected deviation from the recent tech talk, I'd just like to let people know that I'll be disappearing for about a week. I'm heading off for a vacation between 18 July and 26 July.

Looney Toons: Aaaand I'm back now.

Fast Eddie: Please refrain from using punctuated titles. Another issue has crept up. It is undergoing repairs.

Tropers/Punctuated titles can be made. They do NOT create a redirect from the the un-punctuated form. When making a punctuated title for an existing article, copy in the text to the new article and then make the old article redirect to the new one by putting redirect:ptitleXXXXXXX into the old article. The 'ptitle' is what appears in your browser URL bar at the end of the URL.

Fast Eddie: There will be a short outage early Monday morning (14 Jul/Pacific Time) to install new markup that enables punctuated titles.

Looney Toons: Yee-ha!

Fast Eddie: Minor new feature. There is a "show refs" button at the page bottom which will show you how many inbound hits (from offsite) the page has had since 1st APR 2008.
Silent Hunter: Will be on holiday from Monday 7 to Tuesday 16 July. You get a break from my puns! ;)
Silent Hunter: Happy 4th of July to our US readers!

Duckluck: Thank you, and a happy, well, 4th of July to you to.

Citizen: The No HTML tool has finally served its usefulness, for what few tropers knew of its existence. Only two flawed URLs and Search Wiki remain.
Cameoflage: Hey look, we have a Lost And Found!
Large Blunt Object: Since the troper IRC channel (#tropers at Needs More Love (I only found it on Citizen's contributor page), I put a note on it on the front page, next to the forum pimping. Since Janitor approved on the channel, I assume this is an officially sanctioned Good Thing.
Janitor: New feature for YKTTW launches: The copy of the YKTTW discussion now has a button on it that will show all the markup for both the YKTTW itself and all the replies, for your copy-n-paste enjoyment while making the new article.

Tropers/Silent Hunter: Thank you.

fleb: If anyone wants to be able to bookmark a read-only mirror of a YKTTW for reference on Made Of Win or something, I made another Greasemonkey script to do that.

Looney Toons: Our entry over at That Other Wiki is up for deletion. Apparently, they don't like our supporting citations. Anybody who wants to keep it there, please jump in on the discussion.

Fast Eddie: Why do you assume it has to do with citations? There doesn't seem to be any reason given for the deletion. I think they should be able to verify that we are here... Anyway, if it is deleted, it won't mean anything at all of importance. We get like 4 referrals from them per day, out of the roughly twelve-thousand referrals we get every day.

Looney Toons: Maybe I was unclear. They feel that no one authoritative links to us, just a number of blogs (which they discount), and the references on the Lost DVDs are simple shout-outs. Given that, plus what seems in the brief discussion I read to be a low-level prejudice against other wikis, there is a proposal to nuke the entry on the grounds that we aren't notable after all.

Big T: I talked to the guy who started up the AfD, and he says all he would want (and he's pretty influential) is a single source that actually talks about how we are a good resource, instead of just assuming it. It's also a border-line case, so it might just survive anyways. I posted a request over at What Are The Contributors Real Names Discussion for one of those famous people to publish something like that.

Tropers/I do think that the current suggestion for a tropes (TV) that links to us will pass. Also, if the main article gets deleted and you want to contribute anyways, go to [1]. (Yes, I got permission to do that.) As I've said, I just think it would be awesomely ironic for us to be considered notable, with There Is No Such Thing As Notability and everything.

Looney Toons: Well, hell. I'm a published author with books on Amazon, I'm a member of SFWA, et nauseum cetera. I'd be happy to cite the Wiki on my own website as a fine resource for the aspiring (or successful) writer, if that's all it will take. Of course, as pros go, I'm about as small-time as you can get and not be a strictly fan writer. But we have some big-time pros here, too, even if they're all mostly in disguise. If one or two of them would do the same, we can probably provide at least one link that will satisfy him.

Fast Eddie: I missed the delete discussion link. Here it is, for others: Kill TV Tropes! If I understand the thing correctly, a person can just go there and vote "Keep" if they want to. I don't see any reason to request that any of our contributors jump through any higher hoop than that. We have our personal anonymity and notability policies for our purposes, and Wikipedia has its policies for its purposes. If the policies are incompatible, so be it.

Shale: Didn't the New York Times source us not that long ago?

Large Blunt Object: Bleh. Now I remember why I hate That Other Wiki. So up themselves with the notability crap... Tropers/Well, one of the wikipedians there says: The best way to save the page from deletion is to find a reliable source that explicitly discusses TV Tropes Wiki as a whole, not referring to it in a reference. And a friend of mine put what I'd call an "explicit discussion" of the site in her university newsletter blog here - if someone who can be bothered with the Wikipedia hoopjumping wants to use that, it might be useful.

Tropers/And if that's not "reliable" or "explicit" enough, screw it. ED would probably get us more referrals... though on second thoughts, that might be a very bad idea.

Shay Guy: "If I understand the thing correctly, a person can just go there and vote "Keep" if they want to." Except it doesn't work that way. Not quite. Maybe I should see if I can find a friend-of-a-friend who works at a newspaper and would like it enough to write an article on it.

Halfling Daniel: Now the article isn't up for deletion anymore, because there's no consensus.

Citizen: United we fall, divided we stand! \o/

Silent Hunter: US networks released their schedules for autumn today. The Futon Critic has them in full.

Tropers/Statuses of shows relevant to tropers:

Ununnilium: A ridiculously useful resource: SF Citations for OED, the Oxford English Dictionary's attempt at tracking the origins of common science fiction terms.
Fast Eddie: The way search works has been changed. The initial search looks at titles only. There is a button on the title results page that will do the full text search. Discussions have been excluded, for now. The "Related to..." button on an entry will give a result that is restricted to links to the entry.

Tropers/For example, a search for 'Lost' will first give a list of all titles that contain the word. The body-text search will show the thousands of articles that use the word. The "Related to..." button will give the hundred-or-so articles that refer to Lost.

Fast Eddie: Turned off trail maker. It was killing us, performance-wise.
LORd: So looks like someone redirected Bond Girl to Ms. Fanservice. Of course, Bond Girls encompass a much wider variety of concepts than mere Fanservice, but do we already have a trope for it by some other name, or does this need to be tossed into YKTTW?

Silent Hunter: That was me. It would be Girl of the Week, now I think about it- and I'll alter the redirect.

Fast Eddie: Installing new trail-maker software today. The navigation bars at the bottom of each article may be undergoing some weirdness, during the process.//later: Looks like that is all in.

Ununnilium: Looks good!

Looney Toons: Indeed it does, but it also looks like it shoves any intervening rule lines up above all the nav bars. Should we start trimming those out?

Willy Four Eyes: Yeah. We only need to use one, anyway. I think it looks much nicer that way, though I think they ought to be a little thinner. The Other Wiki doesn't use lines between category entries, AFAIK.

Tropers/One problem with the new system is that it doesn't pick up on indented bullet points within indices. Should we rearrange them so that they're still in alphabetical order for the category bar to pick up? (Thank Crystal Dragon Jesus they're updated automatically when adding a new index instead of having to do a do-nothing "minor edit" for the change to appear.)

Fast Eddie: No, don't alter the indexes. I just need to get the trail-maker working right. I'll also see if I can get it to chop off those extra horizontal lines. The code for the trail-maker when in a little too early, testing-wise.

Big T: I've had to fix some (using the Add-a-space technique) on pages that haven't updated in quite a while. I finally found one I hadn't gotten to before I read this: IC Number. I'll leave it, just in case there's a bug you still need to work out. (I'd think it's because they are so old they didn't get the last update, however many times removed.)

Ununnilium: People, please stop putting up examples in the form of "Why haven't you mentioned X yet", "I can't believe nobody's put up Y", "You lazy bastards should be drawn and quartered because you haven't talked about Z", and so on. It's whiny, it's pointless (Guess what? Now that you've put it up, we have!), it won't be relevant in a month, and it draws focus from the actual example.

Duckluck: Here, here!

Large Blunt Object: Hear, hear!

Duckluck: Yeah, that too.

Fast Eddie: You are zapping them, when you see them, right? Seems like the people who use that kind of opening are the kind that Drive By.

Silent Hunter: I've done it in the past. I'll stop. Sorry.

Large Blunt Object: I've deleted about half a dozen today.

Dentaku: I can't believe nobody brought this up until now.

Fast Eddie: <throws water baloon at Dentaku/>

Large Blunt Object: Make that fifteen. This is fun! >:)

Looney Toons: Didn't we actually have a trope for that kind of edit? I can't for the life of me remember what it was called, and shots in the dark using the search engine turn up nothing for me, but I'm pretty sure there was one.

Ununnilium: Can't think of anything. And yep, I always zap 'em.

Morgan Wick: I think it was on YKTTW but rejected or withered away.

Kizor: It was launched and promptly destroyed. Shoot on sight. Rarrr.

Document N: Alternatively, you might be thinking of How Did We Miss This One, which is similar.

Dentaku: It actually looks like more of an epidemic now. I keep squashing them left and right, but there is just no end to them. Tropers, unite against this scourge!

LORd: So I found this orphaned trope called Plot Sensitive Strength and it has like zero references to it anywhere on this wiki. I was wondering if it was worth working some Wiki Magic or whether it should just be thrown to the Cut List.

Cassius335: We've already got As Strong As They Need To Be, so...

Ununnilium: we? That's a redlink for me.

Morgan Wick: Strong as They Need to Be.

Big T: I don't know if anybody cares, but I posted a Firefox-compatible search applet for this site on my Contributor Page. At, least, I find it useful...
Fast Eddie: After a long absence, the Story Generator and Pitch Generator are back.

Big T: Yay! I've been wondering what those were.

Fast Eddie: Looks like we'll be ready this evening (16 APR 08) to move to the new equipment. With 4 times the number of processors, twice the RAM on all machines, and 10 times the port speed, we should be able to banish database hate to the depths of the Abyss. Knock wood. A shutdown will occur around midnight Pacific time to allow the data to be synched up on the new gear.

//later: Well, we're up on the new gear. Feels a little faster, and the server stats look good so far as of 01:35 (17 APR). Lets see if we can get through a whole day without any database hate.

Looney Toons: A little faster? It's freakin' miraculous. I was used to opening another page and reading while waiting for my watchlist to load; it loaded this morning before I was done opening my supplemental reading! Major kudos to you and everyone else who helped in some way.

Cassius335: We're not free of the database hate yet. Transformation Sequence just glitched on me (10:12pm GMT)

Large Blunt Object: I've still been getting the odd database error, but nothing like as many as a day or two ago.

Fast Eddie: What we hope to be the last piece of the puzzle went in at about 16:00 PDT 17APR (call it 02:00 GDT 18APR).

Silent Hunter: Hope it works. Thanks.

Ununnilium: Nicely fast! One problem: Firefox froze up for about a minute while I was adding something to my watchlist, around 3-ish PM Eastern; happened twice in a row.

Fast Eddie: The server log shows we had exactly one second of database hate in the last 24 hours. It lasted from 11:47:26 to 11:47:27 PDT. Which is around 3-ish EDT. Apparently, then, we need to change the default message to "The database hates Ununnilium ..."

Ununnilium: Wow. XD But it hasn't recurred, so...

Silent Hunter: I don't remember the precise date, but about 3 years and a month ago, searching for TV cliches, I found this site. I settled in and started to edit. Over the years you may have come to experience my bad puns (Faking the Dead was one of my early ones)

Tropers/The site's changed a lot since I came. Tropes was once one page for a start.

Tropers/I'd like to give a heartfelt thank you to everyone here. You are directly responsible for introducing me to Firefly, Mac Gyver, NCIS The Princess Bride and most recently the Giant In The Playground forums, among many others.

Tropers/The combination of facts behind the fiction, great wit and Mega Neko have made this a very regular visit indeed. Janitor, Fast Eddie and others' able work have kept the site going. I have made lasting friends here.

Tropers/I am glad to be a Troper. TV Tropes has benefited my life.

Tropers/Congratulations and long may we continue.

14 April 2008

Ununnilium: applause

Looney Toons: I was going through my quotefile this morning and I found a dated quote from the wiki — 12 March 2004. I don't know for how long I'd been visiting the site before that, but I've clearly been here at least four years and one month.

Fast Eddie: Search has been turned off on article pages, while I track down and eviscerate the pricks who are hammering the server with several hundred searches for the same term per minute from multiple IP addresses. Man, there are a lot of jackholes on the Internet!
Maso Tey: I've started articles for four of the Directors who were redlinked in the discussion: John Woo, Tim Burton, Quentin Tarantino, and Sergio Leone. Perhaps someone more knowledgeable than I can make them better?
Fast Eddie: Hey! Today (9APR08) is either the fourth or the fifth anniversary of the launching of this here wiki. We're pretty sure about the month and the day. Also pretty sure the year wasn't 2002, but nobody is really sure that anything happened in 2002 that they can clearly remember.

Tropers/Anyways. Woo-hoo!

Tangent128: Happy wiki-versity, then!

fleb: I don't know how many people would use it, but I've made a Firefox Greasemonkey script that creates a button that will let you view the markup of a page, without having to lock the page for editing. It's still a little rough, ATM, but works. // later: I updated it april 27th so it works from 'page history' pages, too.

Fast Eddie: Thanks for the effort! Actually, though, there is a button (View Source) at the far bottom of each entry that does that thing.

fleb: Ohhhh. Can't believe I never scrolled down that far.

Fast Eddie: Yeah, it is pretty hidden, down there. I was just too lazy to find a way to work it into the layout. Maybe it could go on the tools menu?

fleb: That could work, though all the current Tools are links to completely separate pages. There's enough room for a seventh button in the top menu, but that would be the limit without stretching the page horizontally.

Silent Hunter: Happy Easter to all our Tropers and readers.
Janitor: Hi. I can okay the addition of an additional machine for searches and to increase bandwidth speed from 20MB to 100MB, if we can raise $100 for the setup fee. Please see the bottom of the Troperville menu item. Thanks in advance, Tropers.
Fast Eddie: Just drawing your attention to a new tool on the edit page. There is now a little button below the bottom of the quick-reference that says only 'ri'. Pressing that button replaces all instances of more than two list item levels (***,********, etc.) with **, so we can easily do away that thread-mode silliness.

Silent Hunter: Nice one! Thanks!

Tropers/I was banned for causing an edit war several months ago and either there's a glitch somewhere or my ban is over, but either way I would like to say that I'm sorry.

Adam850: The above was by "Unknown Troper". Not sure what's up with that.

Tropers/The edit war in question was Yes, but What Does Zataproximetacine DO? and again, I'm sorry.

Adam850: Please sign your posts. It'd be nice to see who is back and remorseful.

MysteryMan23: A person using the handle Psycho Kirby has recently vandalized the Super Smash Bros page. There should still be some evidence in the page history, as well as the discussion page. Please do something about this. Thanks!

Tropers/Are you certain? Psycho Kirby edited the page earlier in the day, as well as during the incidents. Whoever it is used a name with the word "joe" in it, and has a completely different IP address.

MysteryMan23: Well, Psycho Kirby's name was on all the edits, so either he did it, or his account was hijacked. Also, my computer's been acting weird on this site lately, so what you're getting might be different from what I am. Heck, for some reason, I couldn't see YOUR edit on the new edits screen, Falcon Pain, so it's possible my computer's just acting up. But I don't think a computer malfunction could have caused the vandalism I saw.

MysteryMan23: ATTENTION! The Psycho Kirby that's doing the vandalism and the Psycho Kirby that complained about it on Ask The Trophers have two different IP addresses! Looks like an imposter.

Tanto: Whoever he is, He's Back!.

Ununnilium: Yeah, seems like someone with a pretty obvious grudge against the real Psycho Kirby.

Ununnilium: People, please don't link the words "this troper" to a certain contributor. It goes against the entire principle of wiki-ness.

Fast Eddie: Red links are restored. The new method only works on articles that have been edited since we started storing the HTML. Which is, since the Great Crash. Doing a do-nothing edit on an article will make it store the HTML. // EDITED: Never mind. It hammers performance flat. More cowbell needed.

Tropers/Okay, let's try it again. Seems to be holding up with the new technique. Still only works on stored-as-HTML articles.

Ununnilium: Oooooh. Awesome. Thou art Made Of Win.

Citizen: What about red links in the page history?

Fast Eddie: Not going to do anything about that, I think. What's the utility?

Citizen: \(_o)/ Just wondering.

fleb: What about ykttw? Can it even benefit from the new Super Serum you fed the wiki? Even if it can't, thanks. I forgot how much I missed red.

Fast Eddie: Working on the YKTTW parser right now. This -> <- close to making it so that YKTTW parses exactly like the main wiki. Not quite there, yet.

Citizen: Current discussion moved to The Great Crash to avoid twin discussions...
Kizor: Material below this point was restored from Google cache following the Crash of '08. This may or may not have affected the issues discussed.

Silent Hunter: I would like to wish all my fellow tropers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Tropers/In case I forget, for Koveras, Sikon and Tulling:

? ?????????? ????????? ? ? ??????????? ????? ?????!

Tropers/Thanks for all your help on the Russia material!

Fast Eddie: Sorry to announce that I have blocked Man Without A Body, who had many valuable contributions of text but refused to heed nine warnings about hot-linking images that were too large. A block is a serious thing, not done lightly. Sad, when someone potentially one of us doesn't get it.

Man Without A Body: But I stopped doing that long ago. And I'm still here. I think.

Fast Eddie: Bans only last for a while. One of the reasons being it is hard to tell if communications are being received.

Man Without A Body: I'm afraid only one of these aforementioned warnings actually reached me. And in future, it might be a bit gentler to directly say "Stop or you'll get banned" before banning transgressors. Still, I've got my upload account and have learned my lesson.

Fast Eddie: By request, there is now a donate button on the menus in Troperville. Yes, we can use the money. Yes, it will all go to supporting the wiki hosting costs. No, if you can't chip in no one will enjoy your contribution of words any less.

//eta: One of us has been nominated and accepted for the Heineken Prize. Big pride.

Silent Hunter: Congratulations!

Voting for the 'best' Avatar And The Airbending Fellowship Of Vampire Slayers recap for the contest is now open

Seth: You can nominate an entry you have already written or you can write one, but we want submissions in by December the first, voting procedure will start on the second. There is a cash reward and as it stands there aren't many people competing for it. Come on people.

Tangent 128: ...and we could really use more votes. It's a three-way tie with three votes right now. Voting isn't that complicated; just make a post in the forum thread.

The Bad Wolf: just a little FWI No Seriously now redirects to [[Tropers/{{}} I Am Not Making This Up]] so now when you say something unbelievable you can now say No Seriously.

Fast Eddie: We have this... (We are Server Beach Customers)

''Dear Server Beach Customer,

Tropers/We will be performing scheduled network maintenance on Friday, November 23rd from 23:00 pm ? 03:00 am PST (GMT -8) and again on Saturday, November 24th 2007 from 23:00 pm ? 0:300 am PST (GMT -8). The duration of each maintenance window is 4 hours.

Tropers/The purpose of this maintenance is to upgrade the core routers in our Los Angeles Data Center to ensure a robust network.

Tropers/Please be advised that network traffic will be re-routed around the affected router at the beginning of each maintenance window. During this time, you may experience a brief period of latency and packet loss. Upon completion of each maintenance window, the network traffic will be normalized and another brief period of latency and packet loss may occur.''

... which is kind of ominous and unsettling, unless you are a Troper who is used to the thing throwing white pages at you and eating your edits for no good reason. What do these Server Beach people think we are? Some kind of wimps?

Fast Eddie: The Inbound Links report is back on Tools (on the Changes page, only). As is Orphans.

Paul A: Would it be possible/worthwhile for the Orphans list to show redirects in a different font or something?

Fast Eddie: The attempt to cut over to the host Monday night was a complete disaster. Will take another run at it early Wednesday. // Later, on Tuesday: Looks like we are really ready to go, this time. In testing, I can't get a page on the new rig to take more 3 seconds to come up. It's pretty.

Tropers/Here's how it will work: We tell DNS servers all over the world that we are a new address. It takes a little while for that message to propagate across the net, so there is some chance the joint will look "closed" for you for a few minutes. When your part of the web becomes hip to the new address, you will see the site at the state it was in on Sunday. Over the course of about an hour, I'll be transferring in all the edits made in the intervening days. While that is going on, editing will be "turned off" (the edit buttons hidden). Updates will be done in this order: The entries, the forums, YKKYW, and finally the Known accounts.

//Later still: We should be all up and open on the new rig.

//Even later: Gah! Something is fracked with History and I am to brain-dead to see what it is, right now. Must have sleep.

Ununnilium: YKTTW works so much better now~

Fast Eddie: We have clearly outgrown our current hosting setup. Janitor just pulled the trigger on a contract for hosting that will provide us 20x the bandwidth and a dedicated database server separate from the web server. Migration to our new home should be done over the next few days. All of this thanks to those who occasionally recall to click an ad that interests them. <big geeky-nerd smile! />

Tanto: Sweetness.

Seth So my random add clicking pays off.

Fast Eddie: Not cutting over to the new silicon on Sunday, after all. We are presently under attack by a bot-net. Trying to figure out what to do about it.

Seth: Is that the greek thing you mentioned?

Fast Eddie: Yes. The "package" is the same, but it is now coming from IP's all over the world. No idea why a bot-net operator would be targeting us, unless it is to exercise his 'net.

Etrangere: As I was pointing out in Our Forums, the Blonde Republican Sex Kitten entry has been utterly vandalized a couple of minutes after its creation (yes, it did have content at some point, content including "Ann Coulter - while very drunk" (I didn't say it was tasteful content)). That was a memo for The Powers That Be in case they can do something to fix it.

Fast Eddie: Wow. That one is just gone. Not sure how they did that. Please reconstruct it, OP. I'll run an immediate backup on that entry. Not going to let some super-prude neocon shut us down.

Seth: Just in case anyone missed the memo, be sure to register for Our Forums.
Fast Eddie: We were knocked offline for about an hour by a file that was uploaded as an image about a year ago. It started broadcasting home sometime today, which hit performance pretty badly for a while, then it trashed the web server. Fun, huh?

Tropers/More sophisticated anti virus than we had is now working to assure that it will be some new problem that beats us up, next time.

Tangent128: Ah, that's what it was... bummer. A year ago? Who thinks, "I know! I'll attack this site in twelve months!"?

Janitor: Snail-mail to the wiki from August (apologies, I don't check the site snail mail with hand-written envelopes very frequently): We have an offer of a $300 cash prize for the best AATAFOVS entry.

Tropers/Good News: The $300 has already been received (via paypal). It is here, ready to award. Bad News: We have no idea how to decide what is "best."

Tropers/Clearly, anything by myself (nothing, thankfully) or Fast Eddie can qualify. It seems pretty plain that there must be a time limit of some sort. How to determine "best" ... There are so many wrong ways to do that. Opening discussion at ATAAFOVS Prize Discussion]].

Fast Eddie: Drawing your attention to the addition of the watchlist buttons at the bottom of each entry. These will build a list (for Known Tropers) of entries you want to keep an eye on. The next iteration of the code will use the list you build as a filter for Recent Changes.

Seth: ... Awesome.

Triterope: There is now an index page for Newspaper Comics. This means that oft-cited favorites Calvin And Hobbes, Bloom County, The Far Side, Doonesbury, and others can now have their own pages. Have at it.

Tropers/Janitor: Bills are in. We need more money, notwithstanding previous remarks of mine. Sorry to be a bore.
Tropers/Janitor: As long-time Tropers may be aware, one of us had a script picked up as a pilot. The pilot has now been picked up as a series. Six episodes! More, on ratings performance.

Tropers/That person has sent us a not-lean donation to keep us happening, as a celebration and a gesture of gratitude.

Morgan Wick: This season or next? If the latter, is it possible it could be squeezed out of the schedule?

Janitor: This Fall. CW. Not sure if the "squeezing" is done, really. It was in the up-fronts. Not sure about the CW's behavior — they could be another FOX, or they could not be another FOX.

Morgan Wick: Ah. I was working on the assumption the news was current. (After all, I seem to remember the original declaration that someone had a show picked up was after upfronts, or at least not long before it.)

Janitor: I'm more than a little vague on the particulars of how it works, when it does work. Here's the current news. The upfronts are over. The production company has gotten money to produce six episodes. They are doing that. It is scheduled, to the extent that the schedule is solid for Fall.

Morgan Wick: And considering there are only four shows on CW's fall schedule, it narrows down the options considerably.

fleb: As a short-time contributor, my sleuthing skills are failing me. The Other Wiki indicates all four new non-reality CW shows had 13 episodes ordered in May. I guess the funding is separated from the ordering?

Fast Eddie: New markup! If you want to force a line break inside of a bullet, put the word 'softreturn' between single square brackets . (There you go, Zeke )

Tropers/Like this (view source):

  • This here bullet critter is gonna has
    two lines all lined up purty.

Tanto: We couldn't do that before? <fasteddie>Nope.</fasteddie> <morganwick time="muchlater" specifics="afterzekescomment">Sadly, it is still far too easy to do on YKTTW, at the expense of being able to end a list.</morganwick>

  • What I'd really like to see is the ability to add
  • a sub-bullet, then
Tropers/return to the first bullet's margin. (See Censorship Bureau's second example for an example of an entry where this would be useful.)

Fast Eddie: Hmm. I'll take a look at it. Not sure unordered lists ever work like that in HTML. There may be a CSS workaround.

Seven Seals: They do work like that in HTML, if you start a sublist:


<li>First item, which has a... <ul><li>Neat little subitem.</li></ul> ...and is continuing here.</li> </ul>

Fast Eddie: Yup. Did a test that worked the way Tanto wants. Now, we just need to trick Pm Wiki into doing it. It parses for asterisks after hard returns followed by an asterisk and assumes the <ul> is finished if it doesn't find one before it finds another character. Oh, boy! Nummy fun time regex deciphering.

Seven Seals: Oh, what the hey, if we can have wrasslin', let's do programming tropes on the wiki too! Now They Have Two Problems.

Looney Toons: Um... back when the "->" markup indented to the same levels as the bullet text, that was ridiculously easy to do. For some reason those indent sizes were changed, and suddenly a lot of entries that used them to line up paragraphs in this manner were broken. Maybe put that back instead of trying to trick PM Wiki into doing something new?

Zeke: Just noticed this. Neat! Thanks.

Fast Eddie: There will be an outage the evening of 31 August, while the hosting company ... feeds the hamster, or flushes out the "tubes" or something.

Fast Eddie: Save-as-draft is implemented. Your changes will stay off the Recent list when you save "as draft". Saving it without the draft flag will allow it to show up. You can find your draft on the Drafts List. There is also a little note there about it works with regard to draft expiration.

Tropers/This should serve most of the needs of the oft-requested "preview" mode.

Paul A: Is there any way to unmark a draft when you're done with it, or do you just have to wait until the flag expires?

Fast Eddie: Edit it (add a space at the bottom or something, so there is something to save), then send it without the draft flag being checked. Voila, not a draft.

Janitor: huge news! A regular Troper's script was picked up as a pilot. They got paid actual cash real dollars and the thing will get an actual cash real director, actors, and budget (TV budget, but still).

Tropers/Go, Tropers, with your bad selves!

//later: No more email about "Who?"! None of the admins. You probably thought he/she/it was an anime geek, from her/his/its posts. Further Deponeth Naught Said.

Looney Toons: Presumably, if the pilot is picked up they will then provide an encyclopedically-complete series listing for the wiki. <grin> (I presume that would be a first, but with all the industry folks here hidden under their Latex Perfection masks, I wouldn't be surprised if I were wrong...) Oh, and although I am in fact an anime geek, at least part time, it ain't me. I don't do TV work.

Janitor: <Thinking back...> Yes, I think this is possibly the first series possibly born here. Although ... Drive? ... we'll have to let that guy comment, next time he swings by. Episodes have been born here, without a doubt. Good point-out, LT, about script pickup and series pickup being way different things. Also, yes! Just because someone might have been socked with a demand for twenty-odd episode scripts is no excuse for not keeping up their TV Tropes contributions.

Seth: The ultimate feather would be when a pilot of AATAFOVS gets made. Congrats to whoever got a series, glad to see people rising.

Tim Minear: No part of Drive was inspired by or attributable to any Troper or anything else on this site. I deny you all, and will pursue that assertion relentlessly in any Court in whatever jurisdiction, as long as I get to spank Janitor when I lose.

Fast Eddie: Whoah! I had no idea a Name was in the house! An actual, public ... Name!

<mutters: Sure, come out when you have something to promote, media whore.>

Tim: Bite me, bitch. Everything I have out right now is paid-for. If you weren't a guy who knew a guy that I knew, I'd put a Guy Richie slap on you that would spin your head around backwards.

Fast Eddie: For those watching: That Tim person actually likes me. I am giving him the mickey about being a Name, and he is being a right prick, which we are used to.

Tim: The farther back you fall in an argument, the more Brit you sound. What is that, a tic?

Janitor: So ... what went on with Drive is not our fault, and we had nothing to do with how Fox did its thing, Fast Eddie is a bitc, and you are a spanking-perv?

Tropers/Cool. Having a hero is good.

Ununnilium: This website is awesome. I just want to say that.

Fast Eddie: The quick-search function to find out where a trope/series is used has moved up to the 'references' button in the top group of buttons. Keeps the web-spiders from calling it for every page they visit. Little performance thingy, there.

Morgan Wick: Phartman has done some nasty trolling on Console Wars Discussion]]. At least that's how it came across to me, take a look at the history for the details. I removed the first bit because it wasn't anywhere near even the end of a section, yet it was a direct reply to another statement, so it would have been out of place at the bottom of the page, and I didn't want to risk trying to clarify and getting it wrong or mangling the statement. Then he removed my (properly added) statement on said removal, accusing me of "censorship", so now I don't know what to do, now or in the future.

Janitor: I don't know, Morgan. From the history, it looks like you deleted a thing in discussion, he deleted a thing in discussion ... it was a whole deleting things in a discussion thing. The easy fix? Don't do that. People will say things in discussion that may offend others. Either ignore it or engage in the discussion. Zapping someone's comment is censorship. My take: Neither of you were right, in deleting discussion.

Phartman: You know, not to troll or anything, but I don't act that way to people who aren't assholes. Perhaps you should quit being one and observe how differently things work out for you, Wick.

Fast Eddie: 7 May 2007 — Four hour outage. Longest we've been down in three years. We may need a new hosting solution.

Seth:Can people stop deleting the gaps underneath the markups, they are there for a reason.

Pavlov: An example of whatever you are talking about would assure 100% compliance from me.

Tanto: In a properly-formatted entry, there should be a blank line at the bottom of the page, beneath the categorization bars. This prevents the last line from showing up in the page history and makes it easier to read. Don't delete 'em. We thank you.

Jisu: Okay, I feel swamped. Has anyone else checked General Suggestions and seen the new categorization format for trope pages? If we all work together, I'm sure it'll go a lot faster!

Seth: Don't make it a project, that would take forever and drive you nuts. As people edit pages if they just sort the examples when they do it, it will go much smoother.

Ununnilium: One million? Per day? Awesome. o.o

Fast Eddie: Yup. This doesn't impress TV network people, but it should. All of our readers can READ and several of them have JOBS and can BUY stuff.

Tropers/Okay, maybe "several" was a bit too grandiose.

Tropers/The JOB thing ... You know, those crappy JOB s you can get when you are over-educated? The ones where you can't actually afford to BUY anything? Tropers got that all covered. We own that stuff. Mediate right into us, advertisers.

Earnest: For a movie/book with no less than 21 hits on a simple search, I was surprised The Princess Bride didn't have an entry. So after a flurry of editing and crosslinking The Princess Bride is ready to be filled in with stuff. I'd do it myself but I'm just a casual fan and never read the book.

Fast Eddie: We had a little hack-attack around 5Am 17-APR that caused the edit page to come up empty. That hole is closed, now.

Fast Eddie: Wondering about the performance today? We've been linked by a very popular Wired magazine writer and linked in a Digg comment. After a while, the Digg folks will skitter back off into ADD-land and things will get back to normal. In the meanwhile ... drop and roll. (16 APR 07)

Morgan Wick: Now, now. Don't go tarring everyone who uses one website with the same brush.

Seth: At least it was a good place to pick up editors. A few of those comments were pretty good trope talk. We have been getting inbound links from 4chan though - that's who i worry about.

Citizen: Hey, a link from 4chan is how I got here, but maybe that just drives your point home? =P

Seth: I just don't want to become and encyclopedia dramatica style website. I like it here.

Fast Eddie: We got hit by diskdrive failure at about 7:15 (12 APR 07) PDT (board time). Please check your recent edits. We should be okay, as the hot-swap went as it should. One or two edits still could have been dropped.

Fast Eddie: The wiki is going down for a hardware refit at 8pm PDT 12 APR 07. Should only be about ten minutes of outage. Should.

Fast Eddie: Outage should be over now (8:44 PDT).

Fast Eddie: (2 APR 07) Dude. We're on-trend to hit a half-million pages served day. Standby for an analysis of how many folks that is...

// later: Ok, sloppy number. According to unique ip addresses — not a very good indicator, as some people come in on multiple ip's — I'm guessing 24,000 visitors today. Which means that out of a group of Mensa members (2% of the population), less than 1% are actual posting Tropers ;-)

Tropers/It also means that a visitor reads about 25 pages, then wanders off. Well, it could mean that, if averages meant anything.

Seth: Its the people who read more than that who start editing. I didn't make my first edit until i had been reading here for 2 weeks.

Citizen: My IP seems to fluctuate because I'm on a NAT. If what I'm looking at is correct, I've gone through 49 uniques in the 15 hours I've been online. I think I started editing within a week of discovery, but my mind is fuzzy~

Earnest: Hi y'all, newby here and I've made a new trope article called The Stoic. If possible can someone please look at it and give me some feedback before I start cross linking it to other tropes? Thanks!
Fast Eddie: Just a little reminder. If you use the contact page and expect a reply, there needs to be a return email address in your message.
Fast Eddie: The launch facility is hooked up in YKTTW. Please mention any difficulties it may give you.
Morgan Wick: I am likely to leave the wiki for another hiatus, if not now, then in the very near future, with only spot checks from here on out. If you knew me particularly well IRL, you'd know that the idea that a significant chunk of the history of the wiki would simply vanish would itself be cause for me to get upset and shun the site for an extended period, but the Great Crash, by knocking out my edits to "mid-December", wiped out virtually my entire recent comeback. (Yes, it's likely in the process of being restored if not there already, but my name's no longer in the history...) I do have cause to continue to make at least one more statement before leaving, but not right now.
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