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If you want the sub games, this way... If not, read on...

Silent Hunter is a British citizen. He is just an ordinary person who likes TV and can spot many tropes a mile off, thanks to this wiki. He's been around since the Tropes page was a single index, about late 2004.

He admits to 'winging it', writing entries on shows he has little experience of watching.

He likes to write fiction in his spare time and admits to unintentionally using several tropes catalogued here. He is currently working on a screenplay.

He is a Splitter in the Lumper v. Splitter debate.

His contributions include (in many cases he started the entry and let others work their Wiki Magic):

And many, many more.

His favourite shows are:

  • 24
  • CSI
  • Doctor Who (for the record, his favourite companion is Romana II)

He has a keen interest in the Cold War and the former Soviet Union. His feelings towards Russia are very much "Я люблю Россию, но я не выношу их правительство" ("I love Russia, I just can't stand their government", thanks to Grammar Nazi for the translation).

His current big project is a play-by-post RPG for AJJE Games entitled Covert-81, a spy drama set in The '80s with better "accents" and "stock footage".

His YKTTWs are always Up For Grabs.