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  • fleb: Lowercase on purpose.

Self-reminder: The perfect flamebait pagequote for Brainwashed... I think I'll term it the Internet Backdraft nuclear football:
Yes he seems to be brainwashed. Of course it is washed by the blood of Jesus Christ. Istead of him watching murders on telivision or playing violent tv games or doing all sorts of unrightious living he is telling people about God and the Gospel He sent forth. Maybe you need to be brainwashed in the BLOOD OF CHRIST? —some random youtube user

Also, check pages for old cheesy Nickelodeon kids' game shows, like Legends Of The Hidden Temple, Wild And Crazy Kids, Nickelodeon GUTS, Double Dare...

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  • 星と小惑星とはコマや尾の有無で形態的に区別するため、太陽から遠方にあるうちは、

придавив её крышкой

  • придавив её крышкой


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