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Innocent Cohabitation

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"These two best friends decide to move in together, what happens next will shock you!
(Or not, considering all roommate fics end up the same anyhow.)"

The main character lives platonically with someone of the opposite sex. (Or platonically and with a gay someone of the same sex.)

While this is of course Truth in Television, like Just Friends the situation is fraught with all kinds of potential drama for writers to exploit. Maybe one of them is secretly in love with the other, or maybe they both are. Maybe for some unlikely reason they have to pretend to be in a relationship in front of other people. Or maybe—just maybe—they really are just flatmates.

This is more common with Magical Girlfriends because they tend not to have anywhere else to stay and Unwanted Harems because Pretty Freeloaders make for easier contact.

See also Heterosexual Life-Partners.



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    Anime and Manga 
  • Enforced in Vol. 1 of My-HiME, when an Orphan damages the boys' dorm, pushing Yuuichi to shack up with Mai and Mikoto. The girls are less than pleased (especially Mikoto). Later, damage to Natsuki's apartment forces her to move in as well, causing no small amount of tension.
  • Blatantly used in Ah! My Goddess. Belldandy lives with Keiichi originally because of the properties of the wish, and later, after that gets tossed out, just because why not. Starting with Those Two Guys, nearly everyone comments on it. That her sisters live with her apparently reassures folks that nothing inappropriate is going on—which is ironically true.
  • Used in Bleach, without romantic overtones. Rukia, at first being the only facilitator of Ichigo's Shinigami transformation, stayed in his bedroom closet during the first season, simply for the convenience of being close enough to act should a Hollow appear. Later in the series (Filler Arc in the Anime and Arrancar In Karakura Arc in the Manga) Rukia puts on her Schoolgirl facade for Isshin and is awarded a bed in Yuzu and Karin's room. She reluctantly accepts the bed to allay suspicion even though she would have preferred the closet, simply because she thought it was more cozy and had even brought along several items to help brighten the decor.
  • Hideki and Chii in Chobits live together. Nobody has ever commented on this, probably because Chii is a persocom and so expected to live with the main character. Though only the audience and about three characters in the story ever learn this, anything more... intimate would wipe out Chii's memory and personality. Design flaw, or deliberate maleficence? You decide.
  • Misato and Shinji in Neon Genesis Evangelion, although this doesn't quite fit because the relationship is supposed to be parental rather than romantic; like most relationships in the series, it's a bit more awkward and complicated due to the discrepancies of age and personality and their personal problems. Later played closer to the trope when Asuka moves in. Of course, Those Two Guys and the Class Representative assume the worst when they come calling during the synchronization training she and Shinji must participate in. Didn't help that they said, in unison, that they had to train, eat, play and sleep together. Come to think of it, those activities are not mutually exclusive.
    • The aforementioned class representative even accuses them of "living in sin" until they explain the situation.
  • Kuno's first reason for fighting Ranma in Ranma ½ is because he is living "under the same roof as Akane", a bit of a reversal.
  • Negima! Magister Negi Magi:
    • Negi Springfield was supposed to room with two of his students (the female lead and the Headmaster's granddaughter) in the dorm where 90% of the rest of his students live, until they could arrange some proper quarters for him. Six months later, he's still there, and the UST keeps increasing. Keep in mind, he's only ten.
    • Additionally, Negi's friend/rival Kotaro ends up living with three of Negi's other students, having all but been adopted by one of them, and under the assumed identity of another's little brother. The feelings between him and his supposed sister don't remain brotherly/sisterly for too long (at least on her part). Not to mention that she starts acting in a rather Tsundere fashion towards him later...
  • In the original Tenchi Muyo!, Tenchi's Unwanted Harem lives... in his house. Every member of the harem is related and as such, is a family (sometimes distantly related, and oftentimes very distant with very flimsy reasoning). Same logic applies to his (many) Expies throughout the Tenchi Multiverse.
  • In Fruits Basket, Tohru, the female lead, lives with the extremely popular Yuki Sohma. Granted, she didn't want to move in—she wanted to keep living in a tent in the woods. Since it was on Yuki's family property, though, she pretty much had to do it when Yuki and Shigure suggested it. She did adapt to it rather quickly, though.
  • Yuuichi of Kanon ends up living with three (out of five) members of his Unwanted Harem, though not all at once. It's an eroge, so it won't be so innocent with one of them unless you pick one of the remaining two (and both anime adaptations still imply that he and Ayu do the do at some point while she's living there), but there's no harem route, so every option will include at least one example of innocent cohabitation anyway.
  • Tomoya temporarily moves in with Nagisa and her family due to issues with his dad near the end of CLANNAD. His best friend is shocked when he finds out and rather annoyed when Tomoya continues to insist that they aren't a couple.
  • In Bludgeoning Angel Dokurochan, Dokuro lives in the same house as Sakura. The other classmates think that this isn't so innocent (to say the least).
  • Soul Eater:
    • Maka and Soul share an apartment together. It's possible this is standard for Techs and their Weapon Partners; but not outright stated.
    • Black Star and Tsubaki take this a step further by sharing the same bedroom, and one may or may not count them as romantic interest to each other.
    • In Soul Eater Not! we finally see that a lot of the students live in separate boys and girls dorms. A male student says that getting a female partner will get them out of boys' dorm, suggesting that students with same-sexed partners are housed in dorms while opposite-sexed partners are not.
  • In Sekirei, Minato's had a few issues with this. He was kicked out of his old apartment because the landlord saw him and Musubi there and jumped to the conclusion in the trope description. Later, at his new place of living, after gathering four Sekirei of his own, he sleeps in the same room as all of them (same bed, too). So everyone gets shuffled off to different rooms in the Izumo mansion.
  • Saya and Haji spend a year's worth of time cohabitating away from the rest of the Blood+ cast, and no one bothers to bring up the first part of the equation. In all fairness, that's probably because everyone assumes that, if the two of them were going at it, they probably started a while ago.
  • Touma's living condition with Index in A Certain Magical Index. She really has nowhere else to go, and Touma's too much Oblivious to Love to even consider doing anything with her. And after his memory loss, he doesn't even know why Index lives with him. That doesn't stop others from reading into things, though. In New Testament, Othinus moves in as well, but since she's been turned into a fairy and is only a couple of inches tall, there's not a whole lot that could go on between them.
  • Maken-ki!: On Takeru's first day at Tenbi Academy, he gets attacked by Himegami during the school's introduction ceremony and barely survives. So the principal decides to ease tensions by assigning them to share the same hostel, along with Haruko and Inaho. It eventually works.
  • In Shugo Chara!, Ikuto has extended stays in Amu's room on two separate occasions. They even sleep in the same bed. However, it is justified due to the fact that Ikuto was in a very bad physical condition due to being supposedly assaulted by Easter's minions, the X egg energy corrupting his violin, and being sick.
  • In Full Metal Panic!, Sousuke ends up staying under the same roof as Nami and Lemon. They all sleep in separate places (Nami in the bed, Lemon on the couch, and Sousuke under the bed). Of course, it's completely innocent cohabitation with no ulterior motives for Sousuke. However, it's made clear that Nami had ulterior motives for wanting Sousuke to live together with her and sleep under the bed she's sleeping in.
  • Kotoko Aihara and Naoki Irie live together in Itazura Na Kiss after Kotoko's house burns down, and she and her father are taken in by Naoki's parents. The problem is that Kotoko just made her declaration of love to Naoki, and he rejected it because he doesn't like stupid people. (Naoki is always first in class, while Kotoko has never even got into the top 100). Of course, love finds a way in the end.
  • In Baccano!, Firo and Ennis are implied to have this arrangement after the events in the first Light Novel. When Claire learns about it, celibacy and all, he starts doubting that Firo is even human. To be clear, this went on for fifty years. Innocent indeed... As of 2002, they still haven't done it despite being married.
  • Miki and Yuu in Marmalade Boy, with the ever odder situation that their parents are all living in the same household—with Miki's mother married to Yuu's father, and Miki's father married to Yuu's mother. Miki is highly embarrassed, of course, but eventually falls in love with her double step-brother.
  • Played with in Ayakashi Ayashi. Both the young painter Kyousai and Atoru, the girl he's infatuated with, take up residence in a geisha house. The both of them hang out with each other in the house and around town a lot. Nothing untoward happens, but Kyousai clearly wouldn't mind if the cohabitation was less than innocent. Bonus points in that the geisha house is also home to oiran, high-class courtesans, which means that less than innocent activities do happen in their cohabitation—but not ones performed by them.
  • Since Case Closed is in the body of a six-year-old, any romantic relationship with his actually-of-equal-age Love Interest is out of the question. She, for her part, is genuinely interested in Shinichi but regards Conan as a surrogate little brother. Things get awkward for Conan when the two do things like talk about Shinichi or share a bath together.
  • Beauty and the Feast: When Yamato gets locked out of his apartment one night, he ends up spending the evening at Yakumo's apartment. Aside from some initial embarrassment, nothing remotely flirtatious happens.
  • Joshua and Fiore of Chrono Crusade are staying in what's noted as Aion's house, but since he's often away on business they seem to spend several months living together without anything happening. (But not if Fan Fic has anything to say about it.) Considering that Fiore is an Emotionless Girl who's more concerned with trying to serve Joshua than date him, and Joshua is a creepily innocent teenager that usually isn't all there, it's not that far-fetched to think that it never occurred to either of them to do anything.
  • My Bride is a Mermaid: Sun, Maki, and Lunar all move into Nagasumi's house, just because. Sun makes some sense, as she's Nagasumi's fiancée, Maki is Sun's bodyguard, so that's still logical, Lunar... moved in solely to bother Sun.
  • While not exactly cohabitation, Taiga's constant visits to Ryuuji's house for dinner right from the start of Toradora! were sufficient to stir up rumors about them dating and having sex. Taiga immediately dispels the rumors but continues to go over to Ryuuji's anyway because she's completely terrible at doing chores and incapable of sole habitation. She starts spending more time at his house as the series progresses though.
  • Ikuto and Suzu in Nagasarete Airantou live together and sleep in futons right next to each other. An interesting variation in that the guy is the Pretty Freeloader. Nothing happens between them because Ikuto is a Celibate Hero, although seeing as Suzu is an Innocent Fanservice Girl we get many moments of Please Put Some Clothes On and she really wants to bathe with him, but not for sexual reasons, like most of the girls she probably does not know what sex is, she just wants to bathe with him for company. Another interesting subversion is that everyone knows that they are not doing anything. Some are in fact angry about it.
  • In DearS, when Mitsuka-sensei finds out that Takeya and Ren live together, her perverted mind takes it to the extreme and she starts imagining that they live together as lovers. Takeya insists on denying this since they really do only live together.
  • Two of the five members of Yuuto's Unwanted Harem in Omamori Himari live with him. A third has a magic portal from her apartment to his bedroom, and a fourth lives next door. The only reason this qualifies as innocent cohabitation is because none of the girls can get Yuuto alone long enough to do anything naughty to him.
  • In Ane Doki, Natsuki comes out of nowhere to live with and take care of Kouta while his father is gone. She's seventeen and he's thirteen. They never do it, but there were plenty of situations where it could have happened.
  • In Living Game, Izumi has to move in with Raizo when her old apartment is torn down, as no one will rent to a 15-year-old. Nothing happens for the first 2 years of story time, at least...
  • In House of the Sun, Mao whose father just wants to get rid of her moves in with her childhood friend Hiro who happens to be living alone.
  • Mashiro in The Pet Girl of Sakurasou said she plans to live with Sorata after graduation. She means that in the most literal sense.
  • Beelzebub: When Oga is chosen as the foster father for a baby demon, Beelzebub, the baby and his nursemaid Hilda move into Oga's house. Everyone (including Oga's parents) thinks Beel is their biological child and that Oga and Hilda are engaged, but in reality they hate each other, with Hilda only putting up with it for Beel's sake and Oga constantly trying to get rid of them both. Their relationship improves over time but they're still not a couple.
  • In Rurouni Kenshin, Kaoru lived with three guys, Kenshin, Sano and Yahiko. And later in the series, when she is kidnapped by Enishi, she was forced to live alone with the latter. It ceases to be innocent when she marries Kenshin.
  • In Yona of the Dawn, Yona is the only girl in the group and doesn't have a problem with sharing a tent with one of the boys, mostly Yoon or Hak.
  • ZigZagged in Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?: Bell and Hestia live together in the crypt of an abandoned church. Their arrangement is essentially master and servant since Hestia is Bell's "Familia" goddess, though Hestia wants more from their relationship. Unfortunately for her, Bell never notices because he only has feelings for Aiz.
  • In Classi9, Mozart has to room with Ren because he is the only one to officially know about her gender. Mozart jokingly tries to get rid of the innocent part at first but Ren holds her ground and defends her honor fairly well.
  • Thoroughly averted in My Wife is the Student Council President. The series is very honest about the fact that if two teenagers in love start living together with no adult supervision they would be all over each other in no time flat. Interestingly, this is not treated as a problem but as something healthy and natural to go with the series theme of liberalization of love.
  • In the anime/manga of The Heroic Legend of Arslan, Farangis was the sole woman travelling in Arslan's group without having any romantic relations with any of them, though she was annoyed with Gieve's one-sided attraction to her.
  • One arc of Shuukan Shounen Hachi sees Hachi move in with Ran and Handa so that he can save time on his commute to school, and so they can help him draft his manga.
  • Enforced by Gray in Fairy Tail. During the second timeskip after the guild disbands he and Juvia move to his old home. Juvia of course would love to subvert the "innocent" part of their cohabitation, but Gray won't let her, starting by the fact that they sleep in separate beds, much to her dismay.
  • Yoh and Anna in Shaman King have this, despite their engagement, as Anna makes clear to Ryu when he assumes otherwise. Subverted near the end of the manga, when it's heavily implied they had Their First Time the night before Yoh left for America, which led to their son's birth.
  • At the end of the Monaco Arc in Yakitate!! Japan, Kuwabara and Monica hooks up and starts living together, but apparently doesn't sleep together.
  • In Asteroid in Love, Ao moves into Mira's house and lives in Misa's room at the end of the former's tenth grade, as a solution for the former's family is moving again on a job transfer. The Ship Tease nature of having two girls that are already having a Pseudo-Romantic Friendship to live under the same roof is not forgotten; Misa just calls this arrangement cohabitation.
  • Enforced by Yoshida in Higehiro. Sayu offers to sleep with him in exchange for a place to stay, but he refuses to take advantage of a high school girl.
  • Witch Watch: Nico starts the story moving into her Childhood Friend Morihito’s house, unsupervised because Morihito’s father goes away on business right after. They have some romantic tension, mostly on Nico’s side, but don’t come close to doing anything sexual. Later on, Kanshi, Keigo, and Miharu move in as well. This gets commented as strange a few times, and their high school considers forbidding them when it’s assumed they’re living like slobs and neglecting their studies.
  • In The Unpopular Mangaka and the Helpful Onryo-san, Senai and Onryo-san are just roommates, and he doesn't appear to have romantic feelings for her..

    Comic Books 
  • Dan Slott's run on She-Hulk included Pug sharing an apartment with Jennifer, however this is purely one sided, and extremely awkward for him when she invites overnight guests.
  • French comic Le Royaume (The Kingdom) has a maid sleeping in the king's bed innocently. No, really. Like when parents allow their children in their bed because they are afraid of the storm.
  • In Scott Pilgrim, Scott rooms with openly gay Wallace, and in fact shares a futon, even when Wallace has his current boyfriend/date/one-night stand with him. At no point does anyone comment on this, and the included parties are perfectly comfortable with this.
  • Robin (Tim Drake) and Batgirl (Cass Cain) live together for a little while in Bludhaven after Tim's father died and he's avoiding Bruce due to his role in Stephanie's death and the fact that he'd hidden that Steph was missing and then fatally injured from Tim until after the love of Tim's life was dead. The fact that the Tim and Cass are Like Brother and Sister and later actually become brother and sister meant there was no romance involved just two good friends helping each other out while they're both in mourning.

    Fan Fiction 
  • In the Good Omens fanfic A Precise and Accurate History of Monday, Eleven Years Later, Crowley recounts how Aziraphale let him move into his flat to make it easier to keep track of each other's interventions with humans. Aziraphale subsequently became mortified when everyone in the neighborhood assumed them to be homosexual lovers, and Crowley had to explain to him that everyone already thought he was gay, so this misinterpretation was really inevitable. Like the above example, the cohabitation becomes much less innocent later on.
    • The authors have also fallen into this; apparently the two are sharing a cottage now. Cue the Squee.
  • During part 2 of the Alternate Tail Series, Levy moves in with Gajeel and Lily after being kicked out of her apartment following the return from Tenrou Island.
  • Harry and Hermione's Innocent Cohabitation in Paradigm of Uncertainty rather quickly became anything but, to nobody's great surprise because it was sold as a Harry/Hermione story from day one.
  • The Naruto fanfiction Blind has Sasuke and Sakura staying in the same house, the same room, and eventually the same bed... all perfectly innocently. Until they have a major Not What It Looks Like moment...
  • Naruto's The Girl From Whirlpool has Minato and Kushina sharing an apartment together when they were teenagers. More than one person was suspicious and thinking they were dating at this point. Though there were a few (like Kushina's current boyfriend) who was all right with it. Of course, Foregone Conclusion is written everywhere.
  • Speaking of Naruto, he and Cammy share his apartment in The Newest Challenger.
  • Naruto, once again, in Naruto: Asunder with Hinata after she emancipates herself from the Hyuuga. Unlike most examples on this page the villagers just assume they are lovers and treat it as them merely moving in together. Which led to this conversation with Shino's dad.
    Shibi Aburame: I am glad I was able to help, Uzumaki Hinata.
    Hinata: W... w... w... w... WHAT!?
    Shibi: Is that disagreeable? You have discarded the name Hyuuga and currently live in the domicile owned by Uzumaki Naruto. To call you by your given name would be rude.
    Hinata: [embarrassed blush and exasperated sigh]
  • Kyril and Evetta from The Night Unfurls. The Hunter's Dream has been their longtime home since his Hunt in Yharnam began, a time way before the events of this fanfic. While they do have moments of intimacy, they are not a couple, nor do they ever discuss the possibility of becoming one.
  • In the Star Wars fic on arkanis it rains every day, Rey lives together with Hux for ten or so years after he buys her, without the relationship ever turning romantic or sexual. They do end up courting, but not until several years after they go their separate ways.
  • The entire cast of the The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen fanfic The Private Diary of Elizabeth Quatermain does this, despite there eventually being three married couples out of the seven individuals in question. Since the entire story is told from the point of view of a very proper Victorian English girl's diary entries, it doesn't get described even when the cohabitation stops being innocent.
  • Mob and Reigen in the Mob Psycho 100 fanfic Shigeko Kageyama AKA Mob after Mob(gender swapped)runs away from home. The only problem is that the rest of the world doesn't see a man in his late twenties living with an unrelated teenage girl as innocent.
  • In the RWBY and Bleach fanfiction Soul Hunter, Ichigo shares a room with the all-female Team RWBY.
  • Time Will Tell is about Jorryn, a modern girl who falls into The Lord of the Rings, and lives with Bilbo and Frodo at Bag End. After Bilbo leaves, only Frodo (male hobbit) and Jorryn (female human) live there. They cohabit for years, until events force both of them to flee the Shire.
  • In All This Sh*t is Twice as Weird, the Heralds of Andraste - one male, one female - share quarters both in Haven and later in Skyhold; they just have dividers separating their beds. In their own words, they are Like Brother and Sister, so this doesn't bother either of them.
  • In the Dragon Age: Inquisition fanfic Walking in Circles, for two years after their escape from Ostwick, Solas and Evelyn live together; but, due to her being a Tranquil, nothing affectionate or sexual happens between them despite them having previously been lovers. Solas forces himself to only touch her when he needs to do things like taking care of her hair, or giving her warmer clothes, or guiding her around.
  • White Sheep (RWBY): As is standard in RWBY canon, mixed-gender teams share a room. Weiss mentions that there's minimal trouble, as everyone is polite and just turns away when they're changing clothes. Unfortunately, due to a Fake Relationship and some awkward word choice, Winter thinks that Weiss is saying that their teammates are polite enough to leave when they're having sex. This misunderstanding never does get cleared up. Winter also mentions that, at least in Atlas, it's illegal for students to have sex on campus, though there are private rooms down in the city itself that they can use.
  • In The Pirate's Soldier, Heero is assigned to supervise Ryoko and Ayeka, so he's forced to accomodate them in his apartment temporarily. He quickly discovers that keeping the "Innocent" part is no easy feat, when Ryoko clearly wants to drop it.
  • The Post-Series The Great Ace Attorney fic On Strengthened Bonds has Kazuma Asogi, Gina Lestrade, and Maria Gorey renting a place together. The plot is that Barok van Zieks staying with them for a time while his home is being cleaned for woodworms.

  • In Libeled Lady (1936), Bill and Gladys enter a Sham Marriage as part of a complicated scheme to save a newspaper from a libel suit. Bill sleeps on the couch in their hotel suite, which leads to some humorous moments trying to hide the fact that their cohabitation is innocent, as they're supposed to be Insatiable Newlyweds.
  • Zack and Miri Make a Porno opens by establishing that the titular pair have been living like this for years, and are completely not attracted to each other. Until...
    • Although "completely not attracted" is debatable; there are plenty of hints that the two have been suppressing their true feelings about each other for years even before, y'know...
  • In Sydney White, the titular character ends up sharing a house with seven boys, with none of them being the Love Interest.
  • Hands Across the Table has Ted suggest that he should be Regi’s roommate while he pretends to be in Bermuda, and all is fine until romantic feelings begin to bubble up.
  • In Far and Away, Joseph and Shannon are forced by circumstances to share a room in a whorehouse for months, due to it being the only room they can afford together and not be shunned (because they're Irish immigrants).

  • A mother visits her son, who has a female roommate; she's naturally suspicious, but he insists that she's only a friend.
    She returns home, and after a few days receives a call from her son.
    "Mom, I don't want to accuse you of anything, but do you know what happened to our sugar bowl? It disappeared around the time that you came over."
    "Well, son, I don't want to accuse you of anything, but if you slept in your own bed you would have found it by now."

  • In Teresa Edgerton's The Castle of the Silver Wheel, Prince Tryffin and Gwenlliant marry to prevent an Arranged Marriage that her father has set up for her with an abusive man (quite possibly to force Tryffin to Altar the Speed). Since Gwenlliant is only twelve years old and was sexually molested some years before, Innocent Cohabitation is the order of the day for a long time. Subverted Trope in that everyone knows it (having servants and staff around constantly tends to eliminate privacy).
  • In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Harry, Ron, and Hermione share a tent. After an argument causes Ron to (temporarily) leave, Harry and Hermione continue living together in the tent, alone. Nothing romantic happens between them, despite Ron's incorrect assumptions about their relationship.
  • In Beachwalker, the homeless titular character and her patient spend the aftermath of an earthquake living together in a dead woman’s basement. Her reluctance to get close to anyone and his severe injuries conspire to preclude any serious sexual tension.
  • The Dresden Files:
    • Thomas, an ally of Harry's and incubus lived with him for a while. Having a roommate who can literally control people’s minds through sex, means that anyone who knows who he is simply wouldn't believe it was innocent. It doesn't help that Harry doesn't protest any more than he has to, since he wants the real reason he's helping Thomas out quiet, since others finding out that they're half-brothers, would rouse a whole host of unwanted attention from his enemies and allies alike.
  • A variant in The Hunger Games—Peeta more or less moves in to Katniss' bedroom during their Victory Tour in Catching Fire, as well as during their prep week before the Quarter Quell. But even though he is very much in love with her, she doesn't want to fall for him, and they keep things platonic (if affectionate). At the end of Mockingjay they presumably live together for some time before becoming a couple, as Katniss mentions that he is there with her during the nights and that eventually kisses begin to factor in. In the end they end up in a romantic relationship, raising a family together.
  • The Secret of Platform 13 ends with Odge and Ben living together with his parents, the King and Queen, though since they're nine there's understandably no romance involved.
  • Somewhat odd example in A Song of Ice and Fire, in that the two characters, Tyrion Lannister and Sansa Stark, are married. Tyrion, however, refuses to consummate at the last minute, partly out of respect for her position (a young child held captive with the threat of punishment and death hanging over her head) and partly to spite his father. He has trouble with it (she's a beautiful, fully-grown, sexually-viable woman by Westerosi standards, after all), but they keep it chaste until circumstances cause them to part ways.
  • In The King's Avatar, all employees at the Happy Internet Cafe live on the second floor where Ye Xiu shares residence with his boss Chen Guo and fellow coworker Tang Rou. Although Ye Xiu is closer to those two, there are no romantic undertones between them.
  • In Tsumiko and the Enslaved Fox, while staying at the Smythe Manor, Tsumiko and Argent share a suite, including the bed, despite the protests of Lady Smythe who outright tells her not to "take a beast to her bed." However, despite their growing mutual attraction, things do not progress beyond (mostly) platonic cuddling and a few kisses...with one notable exception that Tsumiko puts a firm stop to.
  • While on the run in Only Ashes Remain, Nita and Kovit talk Kovit's ally Adair into letting them stay in an apartment above his shop. There's only one room, bathroom, and bed, which they share without hesitation. Although they fall in love later, they're not when they move in and have no desire to have sex (sex education was likely not a part of their abuse-filled Dark And Troubled Pasts).

    Live-Action TV 
  • Three's Company. Jack lives with two women; the building owner won't allow the arrangement unless it's innocent, and doesn't believe it is until they claim that Jack is gay.
  • Man About the House was the original British Sitcom that Three's Company was based on.
  • In the Dutch series Sam Sam (which was based on Three's Company), the two girls make it very plain that neither is willing to jeopardise the convenient arrangement for sex.
  • Spaced Tyres refuses to believe that Tim and Daisy are "friends" who live together. Also, they had to pretend to be in a relationship to get their apartment in the first place. After the series end, inevitably, they hook up.
  • At some point on Friends Ross and Rachel move into together to raise their daughter—but they aren't together at the time.
  • Played with in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles episode "Some Must Sleep, While Some Must Watch". The episode focuses on Sarah's dreams and nightmares, and includes insights into her own fears and insecurities. One such moment implies that she's afraid John Connor and Cameron are sleeping together.
  • Doctor Who:
    • The Doctor lives with their traveling companions in their time/space ship, but generally has no romantic interest in them. Dialed back in the revival, where some of them have been love interests (including vaguely threesome-y behavior with Rose and Captain Jack), but this remains the exception rather than the rule.
      Jenny: So you travel together, but you're not together?
      Donna: What? No. No way. [...] I mean, we're not even the same species! There's probably laws against it.
    • Averted in the episode "A Good Man Goes to War", where it's revealed the Doctor's newlywed companions conceived a child in the TARDIS on their wedding night. The Doctor's reaction is something to behold.
  • In Dollhouse, Paul and Echo lived together for three months, sleeping in the same room, without anything sexual happening between them—though not for lack of trying on Echo's part. When Alpha tries to pull his Murder the Hypotenuse plot, Paul assumes it's because he believes they were sleeping together. However, Alpha points at the fact that they weren't as proof that Paul loves Echo, because otherwise he would have no problem having sex with her.
  • Castle: Beckett's apartment is blown up by a serial killer. This exchange occurs.
    Beckett: I don't have a home!
    Castle: (calmly) Yes, you do.
  • Many a Korean Drama is based in this trope. Usually it's between what eventually becomes the Official Couple:
    • Oh My Lady: Gae Hwa is staying in Min Woo's apartment to take care of his daughter.
    • Full House: Ji Eun's house was illegally sold and she moves in with the new owner to establish her claim.
    • Personal Taste: Jin Ho and Gae In share a house, with Gae In thinking Jin Ho is gay.
  • Ted and Robin in How I Met Your Mother were roommates living together though they did hook up a few times post-breakup. And this was after they broke up.
    • Lily moved in with Barney in one episode because her apartment was tiny and infested with rats. They pretended to be married so the girls he hooked up with wouldn't want to stick around.
  • Sherlock and Joan in Elementary live together since Joan is Sherlock's sober companion and needs to make sure that he is clean from drugs. Even when Joan's six weeks were up and Sherlock's father ordered her to leave, Joan decides to continue living with Sherlock. She briefly moves out during the third season but eventually returns and they remain Platonic Life-Partners throughout the series.
  • In Sherlock, Sherlock and John are just flatmates (although fangirls beg to differ). John is perpetually having to tell people they're not gay and not together, but it does no good. Mrs. Hudson, until she was corrected, thought they would only need one bedroom.
  • Million Yen Women: Shin and the five women who were invited to live in his house by a mysterious person. One of the rules imposed by the inviter is that Shin is not allowed in the woman's rooms, which implies this is expected of them.
  • Morecambe and Wise played this on their long-running BBC comedy show. The assumption was that the comic duo was such a partnership that they lived together when not on TV and were so close that they even shared a bed. Many comic sketches were based on this idea and some fans even believed this to be truth in real life. Eric Morecambe was anxious that some fans would take the logic the whole way and presume them to be a gay couple. But this was The '60s and this interpretation was never raised once.
  • New Girl begins with Jessica Day moving into the loft with the other three main characters (all guys). When the guys realize that her best friend is a model who's other friends are mostly more models, they make a pact that none of them will try to hook up with Jess and mess things up. After a long Will They or Won't They?, Jess ends up with Nick, one of the roommates, though she remains a sister figure to the other guys.
  • In Hotel del Luna, Mi-ra ends up staying with ex-boyfriend Chan-sung and friend Sanchez. Nothing happens between them, though Mi-ra had initially hoped that she would get back together with Chan-sung. Sanchez is already in a committed relationship with his girlfriend. And everyone can see Chan-sung is in love with Man-wol.
  • Community: Annie moves in with Troy and Abed in "Studies in Modern Movement". Despite Shirley's Friends-related concerns that "cohabitation leads to sex, drugs and something a Parade magazine called Schwimmer-fatigue", the three are compatible as roommates and Annie develops a siblinglike relationship with them.

    Video Games 
  • Banjo-Kazooie: The titular heroes Banjo and Kazooie live together in a house and there is never any sign of romantic feelings between them.
  • At the beginning of the interactive romance novel Moonrise, the player and Rosario live together, and their relationship is completely platonic. The player can change this situation, as Rosario is romancable.
  • The protagonist of Persona 5 and Futaba Sakura, the Hikikomori adopted daughter of his guardian Sojiro Sakura, can start both staying at Sojiro's coffee shop after school and on weekends without ending up in a relationship for 70% of her storyline. The player can then decide if they want to pull a Relationship Upgrade or play the trope straight.
    • During the Hawaii trip, Ann gets locked out of her room and decides to stay with the protagonist, Ryuji and Mishima. Though the boys are quick to point out that something could happen (whether the protagonist and Ann are in a relationship or not), she states that she trusts them. And sure enough, no hijinks occurs.
  • Gunvolt and Joule of Azure Striker Gunvolt after he rescues her from one of his missions (a mission where Gunvolt is supposed to assassinate her, that is). They're barely into their teens yet (14 and 13, respectively) but there have been heaps of Ship Tease nonetheless. In the second game, Gunvolt and Joule (the latter now Sharing a Body with him) are bunking in with Quinn in the latter's Big Fancy House, an arrangement that Joule has reservations about.
  • This trope is played straight in Hotline Miami, after Jacket saves the hooker, he ends up nursing her and they end up living together in different rooms. But a few weeks later, they end up developing feelings for each other and end up together in Jacket's room.
  • In Piofiore no Bansho, in Dante's route, he and Lili end up living together in a hideout for several weeks to hide and protect her from people who want to kidnap her. While they do develop feelings for each other, they don't act on it during this time. It isn't until they go to the second hideout that they do.

    Web Animation 
  • RWBY: Team JNPR consists of two boys and two girls sharing a room together. Not entirely innocent as Pyrrha harbors feelings for the oblivious Jaune and Nora Cannot Spit It Out in regards to her feelings with Ren. Regardless, they are far from the only mixed-gender team, and no one ever bats an eye.

  • Grace and Tedd in El Goonish Shive try to do with Tedd making an effort "not to treat her as eye candy". As the series progresses when they're seen cuddling together in bed and physical developments in their relationship are implied more than once. Whether they've gone all the way is unknown, but even Tedd's dad gave up on trying to keep things as stated in the trope.
  • Ping, Megatokyo's Affectionate Parody of Magical Girlfriends, fits this. Characters frequently comment on how it's strange that Piro is living with a (robotic) schoolgirl, to his frequent embarrassment and shame. This is not helped by Ping, possibly by design, seeming hell set on doing all she possibly can to encourage these Not What It Looks Like moments.
    "Oh, I'm not his daughter, we just live together."
    "Many things about L33t Master Junpei not know."
    • Ping has also been known to answer the door in various states of undress (including what looked like a Sexy Shirt Switch). Kimiko was not amused.
    • Additionally, Largo's inability to properly explain his and Piro's relationship with Ping has gotten them in trouble at least once.
    • And then there's the time when Piro's conscience comments on his attempts to explain Ping's behavior.
      "I'm not sleeping with a junior high schooler! I have a life-sized doll that looks like one!"
      "Uh-huh, sounds so much less pathetic. I'd quit while you're ahead, hon."
  • Martin and Faye from Questionable Content. Faye kinda burnt down her apartment shortly after meeting him, so she moved in. Faye's unresolved issues prevented the inherent UST from resolving, before both moved on to other love interests.
  • Rumisiel from Misfile probably qualifies, despite not being anyone's actual love interest. He lives in Ash's house and everyone not in on the secret that Ash is really a boy-turned-girl, including Ash's father, believes the two are living together, despite Ash's fervent (and understandably squicked) denials. Later Rumisiel's brother Vashiel also moves in, to keep an eye on his brother. This is accepted much more easily, as Vashiel is far too honest to be suspicious, and Rumisiel really does need some looking after.
  • Torg and Zoe live together for a while in Sluggy Freelance, though romantic/sexual interpretations are largely allayed since the rest of their friends are also sharing the apartment.
  • In Under the Lemon Tree, the precursor to Goblin Hollow, Lily moved into Ben's house for security against a serial killer. The cartoonist-narrator pointed out that, in response to many readers' requests, they were now "sleeping together". Clad, on a couch, and in no suggestive positions.
  • Two of the main characters in Adorable Desolation live together platonically; they even innocently share a bed.
  • In The Dreamer, Beatrice and Alexander roomed together two years ago in New York City.
  • Although not lovers per se, Ryan and Randie do this in Squid Row.
  • Ginger and Ryan in Ginger's Bread. They've been roommates since college (and best friends even before that).
  • Whomp! gives us Ronnie and Agrias, a hopelessly awkward Manchild and his attractive, sociable female roommate who would be considered way out of his league by most.
  • After the events from the first season of Tower of God, Bam and Hwaryun travel together.
  • The housemates in Sequential Art have expanded from the initial two males & one female to two males, five females and an uncatalogued number of neuter Minions. It's all very platonic. Except for Art and Kat, but that's a Cannot Spit It Out situation.
    Fourth-Wall Mail Slot: Q: Would you date Art?
    Kat, with exasperation: If he'd f***ing ask.
  • Played with in Living with Hipstergirl and Gamergirl: Arthur lives with the gorgeous Sophie (the hipster) and Erika (the gamer) beautiful girls with them never having sex, but Sophie made him very clear since the beginning what the consequences of not keeping his hands to himself would be, Arthur still pervs at them (not openly. Not that he fools anyone, but Sophie lets it slide), and there's quite the Unresolved Sexual Tension, especially between Arthur and Sophie).
  • I'm the Grim Reaper: As Scarlet is technically homeless after being turned into a grim reaper, she ends up staying with Chase in his apartment, possibly indefinitely.
  • You Say It First started out this way, with Kimberly giving a down-on-his-luck Brisbane a place to stay. We find out later that Kimberly had feelings for Brisbane since before they became roommates (and later, much more).
  • Subverted in Kevin & Kell: Rudy and Fiona temporarily moved into her quarantine lair while the Declaw tree was being repaired. Rudy's sister, Lindesfarne, figures out that one of them had less-than-innocent motivations:
    Lindesfarne: I'm reading about fox courtship. This says a pair will travel for three weeks before mating.
    Fenton: Yeah, so?
    Lindesfarne: Rudy and Fiona have been together in that underground lair for three weeks.

    Western Animation 
  • On Young Justice, Superboy and Miss Martian both live together at the Cave, and wind up being Love Interests. They have Red Tornado and their other various "den mothers" there to keep an eye on them, though.
    • During the Time Skip between seasons two and three, Artemis moves in with Roy/Will, her now-single brother-in-law, to help her raise Lian. This leads to a Will They or Won't They? storyline. They don't.
    • Also in Season 3, Beast Boy buys a penthouse named the Hub that not only serves as the Home Base for the Outsiders, but also a residence for himself, Forager, Brion, Violet, Tara, and Victor, with Dr. Jace serving as their den mother. Of course by that point, Brion and Violet were already dating.
  • On Teen Titans, the eponymous team of three boys and two girls all live together in the same building. While Robin's relationship with Starfire does not stay platonic for the whole series, the other characters remain just friends.
  • Star vs. the Forces of Evil: While Star stays on Earth as an extra-dimensional Foreign Exchange Student, she lives with her Muggle Best Friend Marco and his parents. When she returns to her home dimension, Marco ends up moving in with her, becoming her squire (even though squires are usually sworn to knights, not princesses).
  • In Gargoyles, Fox lives with Xanatos even before they marry. Word Of God says that they specifically showed that she had her own room, though he's not saying that nothing ever happened off-screen.