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Behold the best rename proposal ever!

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Wild Mass Guessing

This is my original bio for TV Tropes The TV Show;I'm keeping it here in case something bad happens during the reboot.

I will become Death, the destroyer of worlds

Who he is

A cyborg and Psycho for Hire initially working for C Trombley. Dresses in a black cloak, and carries a QSZ-92 pistol chambered for 9X19mm ammo with laser sight, collapsible double-bladed scythe with 'Occam' engraved on one blade and 'Hanlon' on the other. Cybernetic elements cause his face to look like a skull. Much of the right side of his body is mechanical.

Who he was

After the convergence, a young man who we shall refer to as C moved from Ireland to the TV Tropes European HQ in Germany. Here, he met and was acquainted with Fawriel and Jethro Q Walrustitty. Shortly after Those Two Guys were sent to America, C was transferred to CERN.

At CERN, he worked under C Trombley, ostensibly attempting to find a way to repair the rift in the Fourth Wall. An attempt to do so by using the LHC to bombard phlebotinum crystals with minovsky particles in a spiral energy field was interrupted by a hostile Fictite attack, and swift counterattack by the joint American and European brances of TV Tropes. During this time, C was among a large number of background characters mortally injured in the resulting explosion, which also spread dangerous amounts of awesomeness over France, Switzerland, and northern Italy.

At the end of the last episode of S2, C reappears as a cyborg, talking to Trombley. Trombley sends C, now called Vampire Buddha, to America just before disappearing. His main objective is to gather data on damage done to the Fourth Wall from one of the main sources of the outbreak. Secondary objectives are to recon with Fawriel and Jethro to find out what they've been up to; gather info on the mysterious being(s) known as the narrator(s); and defeat Te Chameleon.

Who he will be

VB appears as a recurring character throughout S3. He sometimes aids the tropers, sometimes opposes them, and sometimes acts at right angles to them. He does seem to have a method to his madness, and by analysing clues in the dialogue and actions, viewers will be able to figure out that the common thread linking all his escapades is opposition to Te Chameleon. This will most likely be spelled out in the Season Finale, but should not be revealed before then.

During S3, VB's encounters with the tropers cause him to question his orders. In S4, he returns to CERN to deliver a mission report. He finds the facility abandoned except for Some Sort Of Troper and Trombley nowhere in sight; Some and VB thus break into Trombley's office to try and find some clue as to what's going on. Here, they discover Trombley's master plan - it turns out his old boss had cooked the data, and what they thought would repair the Fourth Wall was actually an attempt to break down the Eighth Wall. As this point, VB has a Heel Realisation and decides to atone for his sins in whatever way he can.

VB and Some travel around Europe for a while, during which Some gives VB a few modest upgrades. Some also acts as a positive influence on VB, catalysing his shift from Psycho for Hire to anti-hero. Some also shows him that even now, there might still be something worth fighting for.

He most likely meets up with the tropers again in Finland, attempting to rescue Santa - that is, if we decide to do the Saving Christmas plot. Wherever the meets up with them, he attempts to join, and gives them Trombley's data as a goodwill gesture. Whether they accept him on to the team has not yet been decided.

At some undetermined point in the timeline, during Sweeps week, he has a a hot, sweaty, grimy, grunty fight with Ironeye in which both lose most of their clothes; this occurs after the latter has become evil. VB wins with some difficulty, and both end up seriously injured, giving them the opportunity to get upgrades. At this point, VB gets a new outfit - camouflage trousers, a skull T-shirt, and a Badass Labcoat. He may also upgrade his mechanical eye for night vision.

Other stuff

Powers: Mechanical parts immune to pain. Requires less food than normal humans, but mechanical parts must be recharged every so often. May gain night vision goggles after his fight with Ironeye.

Leitmotif: God Knows, sung by Mariya Baradenko.

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