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Wild Mass Guessing for the Super Robot Wars series:

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    New Series Debuts 
The next Super Robot Wars will have Code Geass and Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.
Both were hits as far as I can tell, and it gives Real Robot and Super Robot fans a number of things to drool over, such as a Char Aznable/Lelouch Lamperouge team up, Kamina and Jeremiah Gottwald, THE ULTIMATE SYMBOL OF LOYALTY! in a Lensman Arms Race of ham, and Gurren Lagann vs Evangelion Unit-01. The money would flow.
  • Typically, a series is given a three-year minimum waiting period before being used in a game, to minimize spoilers. However, in rare cases (namely, Mobile Suit Gundam SEED), if a show is popular enough, they'll use it early. So this is doable.
    • That settled, let's try to guess what role they would have in the plot. I personally think that they'll use the post-timeskip designs for everyone who survived the first arc and put them alongside anyone who didn't make it. After all, SRW is 90% Rule of Cool anyway. The plot itself would obviously involve Kamina punching Gendo Ikari repeatedly.
      • The three-year rule isn't true anyway; as one example, consider that Mobile Suit Gundam F91, which hit theaters March 16th 1991, was in the original SRW, release date April 20th 1991. Either way, Code Geass and Gurren Lagann are both big enough that if said rule did matter, they'd be prime candidates for breaking it, probably along with Mobile Suit Gundam 00 once it finishes. That said, I predict Code Geass Season 1 in Z2 and Code Geass R2 and Gurren Lagann in Z3.
      • I believe that Nunnally vi Britannia should also get the mecha from the Spin-Off manga Code Geass: Nightmare of Nunnally. I don't care if SRW only adapts anime, Nunnally must kick butt, darn it!
      • Both Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam, and Red and Blue Frame Astrays have appeared in SRW, so it's not impossible....
      • Kamina and Gendo? I'm personally betting on either Kamina or Simon epically punching Shinji Ikari in the face. Come on, they're going to have to do it to someone sometime.
      • Rossiu should be the one to do it. Then we would have a progression from Kamina -> Simon ->Rossiu -> Shinji.
      • Viral would probably be a boss.
    • Personally, I hope that if Code Geass gets in, The Girl Who Leapt Through Space (though it doesn't have a prayer for quite awhile) will be alongside it at some point. Because any interaction between Lelouch and Leopard can only be awesome or hilarious.
  • Confirmed! It took a few years (more than 3 since Gurren Lagann ended), with a few non-flagship games in between, but both are indeed debuting together in the Second Super Robot Wars Z.
  • And they did it again with Super Robot Wars X though Code Geass is post plot while Gurren Lagann's plot is altered quite a bit.

Gundam 00 will also appear in the next Super Robot Wars game.
Which means we can look forward to such things as Setsuna's friendship with Heero Yuy and maybe Sagara Sousuke. A battle between Amuro Ray and Ribbons Almark, the reactions of Char, Zechs Marquise and Mu La Flaga towards Mr. Bushido and a chance to use the Final Dynamic Special on Ali Al-Saachez.

A future game will feature Iron Man and Megas XLR.
The series has a surprising amount of popularity in the west for a game that has never been legally exported so it really is only a matter of time before the west's star super robots join the forray.

SRW and Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha will eventually cross over with each other.
Most likely in the Endless Frontier series, since there aren't any Humongous Mecha in Nanoha (yet...). Seven Arcs have shown themselves to be huge SRW fans with the endless Shout-Outs they keep putting in their works, and Banpresto seems to find this amusing enough to give a shout back at them with stuff like the Starlight Break "Glory Star" attack for the Virgola Glory. In my experience, the two franchises have large overlap in their fanbases and one of the two companies involved has a long track record of catering to its' fanbase. All Banpresto has to do is make the offer...
  • Possibly Jossed, since A-1 Pictures made Nanoha Vivid, although it might be unjossed as Seven Arcs reportedly has begun making Nanoha again.
  • With the inclusion of Magic Knight Rayearth in Super Robot Wars T, having Magical Girl in SRW is no longer an illusion so it can open the door for Nanoha. Not to mention there has been a lot of foot-based units in SRW, and Nanoha honestly can work similarly like Tekkaman Blade.

If any western mecha series ever get added, the first set for Real Robot and Super Robot will be MechWarrior/BattleTech and Megas XLR, respectively.

The series will eventually include Metal Wolf Chaos.
Why? Why not? Ideally, it'd be in the same game as Gurren Lagann and include a path involving a Michael Wilson/Kamina team-up. Unfortunately, that part would inevitably be an Obvious Beta, since that much awesomeness in one place would cause the programmer's heads to explode.

When Star Driver debuts in SRW...
many characters will start to laugh because of its design.

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger will appear in a Super Robot Wars game sometime in the future
  • While this could happen AFTER Super Sentai is included in a SRW game, it seems unlikely that this would be the Sentai series that would be used for the debut of Sentai (especially considering how heavily related it is to other Sentai series); if anything, it seems more likely that they'd use Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters to debut Super Sentai, if only because the giant monsters of the week in that series are giant robots.

Mobile Suit Gundam AGE won't be in any SRW game
Not because of Level-5 co-owning the series but the storyline being confusing as it is (three eras without time skips? You're KIDDING RIGHT???). Even current SRW series producer Takenobu Terada will go mad on adapting the entire storyline in the game itself.
  • Support. Although Terada might able to pull some trick and fit Gundam AGE into an SRW crossover, its abyssal rating means nobody at Bandai Namco Entertainment will pressure or support him to do it.
  • Confirmed for Super Robot Wars BX, but it will be mainly focused on the third arc of AGE.

SRW will eventually feature Optimus Prime, even if they would never acquire right to use Transformers.
Although Terada pointed out that Transformers is too expensive of a franchise to use, Namco Bandai proved in Super Robot Wars UX that they aren't afraid of using mecha from toylines, and they seem to get along with Takara Tomy pretty fine lately. Eventually Bandai Namco Entertainment would ask Takara Tomy to use the discontinued Diaclone toyline, and simply prominently feature Battle Convoy (with lot of Shout-Out).

Banpresto may include G-Saviour in an SRW just to troll a lot of Universal Century Gundam fans
And also imagine a lot of fans raging about it too.
  • Maybe not. Including a live-action title, even if it's trolling, will only result in fans harass them back by insist to have Super Sentai series too. The possibility is so great that most fans surely won't mind seeing G-Saviour if it mean they might have Daizyujin in later games.
    • Not entirely out of the question with Hathaway's Flash (which, officially, is also non-canon) appearing in Super Robot Wars V, although it's more likely that Tomino's Gaia Gear novel will be featured instead.
      • Hathaway's Flash being included actually makes it more likely that G-Saviour might be included, since while Sunrise doesn't officially like to talk about the film, they have not released any anime that takes place at the same time as G-Savior (and the official policy of Sunrise in regards to Gundam canon is that anything that's animated is canon) - so if a non-canon Gundam novel can be included, then there's no reason why a live-action movie shouldn't be included. Although if they did include G-Savior, they'd probably have to include Pacific Rim in addition to Super Sentai, so there's that.
    • Somewhat unrelated, but the issue of fans demanding Sentai series in return for G-Saviour is no longer an issue, since Daizyujin will be in Super Robot Wars X-Ω, and odds are that at least one of the main games will feature a Sentai series in the future. However, the odds of including G-Saviour are still slim, since including an entry produced in the west would instead result in fans demanding the inclusion of the aforementioned Pacific Rim as well as The Iron Giant or the Bayformer films.

SD Gundam Force will be included in a Super Robot Wars game just to troll more Gundam fans on bashing the series since 2004
Due to fans bashing SD Gundam Force, Bandai will troll them by including this series just for revenge.
  • As noted in the G-Saviour WMG above, including something solely for the purpose of trolling fans would only result in said fans harrasing back by demanding something similar to the series used to troll that isn't already up for consideration in return - in this case, given the art style of SD Gundam Force, fans would likely demand Knights of Sidonia in return. Also, considering that the series didn't finish it's entire run on Toonami, Bandai probably doesn't care about fans bashing SD Gundam Force.

Yes, they're gonna put Gundam Build Fighters in a Super Robot Wars game
Either as an expansion of the show's concept ala Super Robot Gakuen, or Reiji will be from the game's universe, and using a full-size Build Strike.
  • They will use this chance to include Plawres Sanshiro as well.
    • Maybe the level will be a level similar to the recreation of the Battle of Solomon at the end of GBF, and everyone will just use a model kit of their mecha instead?

If a Super Robot Wars is to include Muv-Luv, it must be set after the BETA established their hives on Earth, not during the installment.

Infinite Stratos will be included in an SRW game at some point to troll fans
Unlike the aforementioned SD Gundam Force and G-Saviour examples, there isn't anything fans would pester Banpresto to include in retaliation that wouldn't already be up for consideration (i.e., Muv-Luv is already a possibility due to Demonbane being included in another game, and with Hathaway's Flash being included in V, something such as Gaia Gear is already a possibility). And given the fact that Tekkaman Blade has already been included, the ISs from Infinite Stratos would surely fall under the realm of Powered Armor.

Grendizer Giga will appear in a SRW with Shin Mazinger.

Cross Ange will eventually be included in an upcoming SRW Game

Genesect will appear in next Super Robot Wars game.

We have so many robot-based Pokémon like Magnemite, Golett, and even Genesect. But Genesect looks more outstanding enough that it can be landed on Super Robot Wars battlefield. Plus, this legendary Pokemon has cannons which can fire Frickin' Laser Beams, plus insect-like weapons that can slice enemies.

  • However, since Pokemon is an IP of Nintendo, Genesect will appear only if next Nontendo-platform SRW is in development.
    • The inclusion of Tekkaman Blade does make this one more plausible, since that series had powered armor instead of traditional mecha - so maybe the next step would be to include self-sentient mecha.
    • And now, with the creation of both Dynamax and Gigantamax in Sword and Shield, it is possible for them to include Genesect in the game as a "Real Robot" with its Gigantamax version being a upgrade.

Vandread will be in a future Super Robot Wars game.
  • It's been 15 years since it was released, yet it still hasn't been integrated into the series yet. And the Harvesters may still be out there...
    • Perhaps it'll give a new game feature for Combining Mecha?
      • Since they featured a Brave entry not named GaoGaiGar in V, it seems like Banpresto is open to the idea, although odds are that we would probably see the feature introduced separately before they brought Vandread on board.

Valvrave the Liberator will also be in another SRW game.

Space Battleship Yamato 2199 will appear as an unorthodox series.
Because why not?

Legend of Galactic Heroes, Infinite Ryvius, and Crest of the Stars will appear in some future game.
Since space operas have been given the OK to appear in the franchise with Yamato 2199 appearing in Super Robot Wars V, it would make sense for Bandai to start including more shows from the genre - LOGH is THE space opera anime among fans of the genre, so it would seem odd if they don't at least include one of the spin-offs. As for the latter 2, Bandai owns the rights to the anime adaptations, and in particular, Infinite Ryvius already has some mecha elements (it has a giant mech piloted by the crew of the Ryvius) - maybe perhaps the cast of IR can interact with Yamato 2199's cast if 2199 appears in more than one game?

Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans will appear in some future game.
We've already got Gundam Wing and Gundam 00 in the series - who wouldn't want to see Setsuna react to Ein Dalton, someone who actually became his mobile suit? Plus, imagine how cool it would be to see Heero, Setsuna, and Mikazuki talk with one another, while Duo, Lockon and Akihiro all become drinking buddies? Plus, we could see Suzaku and Yzak Joule react to Ein. And imagine Relena Peacecraft, Lacus Clyne, and Marina Ismail meeting Kudelia.

Garzey's Wing will never appear in ANY SRW game
Why? 2 reasons:
  • While the series is connected to Aura Battler Dunbine, it does not feature any mechs, meaning that if they included Garzey's Wing in the game, fans would probably pester Bandai to include other non-mecha fantasy series such as Fullmetal Alchemist or Berserk.
  • No one has any idea what happens in the plot (meaning that if the writers COULD somehow make the OVA make sense, it would be a miracle).

If Super Sentai is ever included in a SRW game, Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters will be used as the debut series
Why? Simple: Unlike the other Super Sentai series, Go-Busters is the only one where the giant monsters are actual mecha instead of monsters that simply grow in size after being defeated. Considering that the usual method for monsters turning Giant in Super Sentai would probably require a new game mode altogether where you control the Sentai members on foot before the giant robot battle, using Go-Busters would give an excuse for just skipping straight to the mech battle. And later on down the line, they could find some excuse to include monsters from any post-J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai sentai seriesnote .
  • Bonus points if they figure out some way to include Kamen Rider X Super Sentai: Super Hero Taisen as a mission and feature the Rocket Drill Go-Buster Oh as a secret upgrade for the Go-Buster Oh.
    • Alternatively, they might use Ressha Sentai ToQger to debut Super Sentai along with Go-Busters to debut a gameplay mechanic of Combining Mecha, using the various Ressha for different combinations (as well as seeing ToQ-Oh Gobuster Ace - or for that matter, any other toyline-exclusive ToQ-Oh combinationnote  - debut outside of the Toyline). Bonus points if they find some way to feature the ToQoh DenLiner in a similar way to the Rocket Drill Go-Buster Oh, and have Kamen Rider Taisen be a secret mission that would allow you to use the Denliner for any ToQ-oh combinations.

A Disney cartoon, most likely Phineas and Ferb will appear in a future SRW game
Well, since PnF had references to everything mecha, why not?

Further predictions for if Super Sentai is ever included in a SRW game
  • Denshi Sentai Denziman's plot will lead straight into Taiyou Sentai Sun Vulcan, and the team from the former will interact with the team from the latter, thus connecting Denziman to Sun Vulcan even further.
  • Teams that share a theme (i.e., Kousoku Sentai Turboranger, Gekisou Sentai Carranger, andEngine Sentai Go-onger are all car-themed) will have special crossovers
  • The plot of Seijuu Sentai Gingaman will be somehow linked to that of GoBusters, referencing to Gingaman airing 13 years before Go-Busters - giving an explanation for the "13 years of Darkness" mentioned in the first episode of Go-Busters.
  • We'll get to see Shinken-oh battle Chinomanako while the latter posses DiEnd's powers, thus giving us the opportunity to see a sentai robot battle a Giant Kamen Rider, thus making up for the fact that in the Decade/Shinkenger crossover, we didn't get to see this happen.

Classic Gigantor will appear in a future game.

Ultraman will appear as an unorthodox entry in a future game
  • Why not? They already added Godzilla to X Omega, so it's not like they wouldn't be opposed to including a Tokusatsu TV series. It doesn't even have to be the original; it could just be Tiga or Gaia.

MD Geist for Super Robot Wars
  • Banpresto has a habit of using forgotten Mecha Animes. MD Geist is technically a guy in a powered armor, but there already have been characters with powersuits. And it could be pretty hilarious when Geist meets Shinji Ikari or Kira Yamato.
    • Problem is that plot-wise, MD Geist has nothing to go off of - yes, I know that most games fix elements of flawed stories (see Seed Destiny for a prime example), but those stories had plots. Geist has no real plot to speak of. At most, you have 2 levels worth of content. If they were going to include MD Geist, it would most likely be unit only.

The next main series game will have the full-fledged debut of Super Sentai
  • With Cross-Omega showing that Banpresto was able to get the rights, the opportunity is too big to miss. They don't have to include every sentai, but they could easily include, oh say Live Robo or Kyuren-Oh in a game - in the case of the latter, maybe having Dekawing Cannon as a hidden attack.

If they ever have DARLING in the FRANXX debut, the other pilots will explain the meaning of love to the Stamen and Pistils, unlike what happened in V
However, one of the pilots explaining love will mention sex, which will cause history to repeat with the Stamen and Pistils asking other pilots about sex and said pilots refusing to answer because they are a bit embarrassed about the subject, until they make the mistake of asking a more...perverted pilot (i.e., Kurz Weber, Analyser,Luca) and Hilarity Ensues.

We will get a debut of The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II in the future.
Falcom's gotta debut their biggest mecha game at some point in the series. Crow and Ordine could even be a Secret Character plus both him and Rean already have a Combination Attack.

Eventually, they will put in NieR: Automata in
That game is super popular and 2B these days is everywhere. She's a robot, and so are the main casts like 9S and A2. Since SRW has been no stranger with human-sized robot or armored units like Tekkaman Blade, Detonator Orgun, or if you count Super Robot Wars X-Ω, there's Mega Man and Space Sheriff Gavan... The Nier Automata cast would fit like those kind of characters.

They may include Rayearth OVA and then integrate it as a pseudo-Midquel to the original Magic Knight Rayearth

First, let's get over on how they could do this:

  • Much like years of doing New Story of Aura Battler Dunbine where Shion Zaba existed as a reincarnation of Show Zama, and yet they never meet each other (excepting in Compact 3 and T), they can easily make modifications to ensure the events happened to the Magic Knights in the normal anime continuity, whereas their grief of separating after graduating is replaced with the grief of killing Emeraude.
  • In W, they did a splendid job of turning Tekkaman Blade II into a Midquel and it worked wonders.

With that out of the way, here's how they will integrate it:

  • As stated above, the Magic Knights were in deep grief that they had to kill Emeraude. But thanks to the shenanigans of the villainous Banpresto Originals, Cephiro was set on a collision course to Earth, instead of it being Clef's idea, Clef was actually against it but ended up having to go through it, because the villains captured some survivors of Cephiro and then set them on Brainwashed and Crazy. This is of course, referring to Alcyone, Ferio and Ascot. Worse still, the villains managed to seal Rayearth's true form so he could only re-contact Hikaru under a lesser form or a pseudonym: Lexus, which will serve as something like the Black Getter.
  • So with just Hikaru inside a nerfed Rayearth, she had to also deal with the other series' problems, help Umi and Fuu retrieve Selece and Windam before eventually restoring Rayearth to his true form, at least free both Ferio and Ascot (Alcyone is not yet freed), and find a way to stop the collision of Cephiro while looking for what really caused the problem. By the end of it, Clef thanks the protagonists and returned with his people back to Cephiro, but Hikaru thinks that it's not the end, thinking that all of it has something to do with Cephiro's state and maybe she had some sort of culpability due to killing Emeraude.
  • If it isn't the original villains doing it, then it would be someone with an extension with Debonair, but first and foremost, it cannot be Eagle, that is a deviation in the OVA that Banpresto is better off writing out. Eagle will come out as a member of the Autozam... though they could refer to it by having said original villain look like Eagle or share the same voice.

So what are the benefits of doing this?

  • Restoring the reputation of Rayearth OVA which suffered They Changed It, Now It Sucks!
  • Making use of some of its mecha designs without making the girls naked while in cockpit (that will seriously not go anywhere in the books of Bandai Namco)
  • Giving Alcyone, Ferio and Ascot Humongous Mecha that could render them as a legit Secret Character
  • Making an optional, expanded bridge between both seasons, which can be useful when they want to involve Rayearth in a multi-episode SRW like Alpha or Z.

In case of the appearance of The Brave Fighter of Sun Fighbird...
They will probably mention the "Is this a Pigeon?" meme and make it a Running Gag for Katori/Fighbird.

Destiny of the Shrine Maiden will make it in at some point.
Potential crossovers include:

The Price of Smiles will take place in the Astragius Galaxy.
Yuki Soliel will be the Queen of the Balarant Union that’s at war with both Gilgamesh and Grandiga. And Wiseman is responsible for the whole mess.


    Future Games 
If Shin Mazinger and GaoGaiGar appear in the same game...

There will be a Combination Attack for sure involving either the Goldion Hammer or Crusher. Think about it, Shin Mazinger turns into a god-powered fist, which in theory could be worked to equip to the GaoGaiGar in place of Goldymarg. Awesomeness would ensue.

  • "Dynamic Magnum"?
    • Either that or "Big Bang Magnum".
  • Both have appeared in Super Robot Wars BX but no Combination Attack occurs between them. Now Shin Mazinger and Mazinkaiser SKL on the other hand did. And it was glorious.
  • That, or if Gurren Lagann and GaoGaiGar appear in the same game we can have a Goldion Hammer/Giga Drill Break combination. You know you want it.

The XN-Geist could appear again

It is possible that someone may have rebuilt the XN-Geist from schematics and data possibly left behind in Gilliam's world. In Hero Senki: Project Olympus, Gilliam did run an organization: he may have had scientists helping him build the XN-Geist and maybe a few of them did not want to see their work go to waste, so they may have stored the prototypes, engines, and data of the XN-Geist in a separate location when the main headquarters was destroyed. Given that it was an evolving machine, it's possible that there may have been other parties interested in it, given that Vindel Mauser used System-XN, it is pretty much obvious that the XN-Geist could be restored.

The next time a Super Robot Wars game features Gurren Lagann, there will be an option for Kamina
to survive.As someone pointed out, series debuts are usually more focused on following the plot than other times the series is featured, so we can only hope for next time. Besides, anyone who doesn't want to go to the end of the series with Kamina in the party is lying.
  • Officially debunked: Kamina dies. Maybe after the Multiverse Labyrinth event, but maybe not.
    • The next time. As in, after the Second Super Robot Wars Z.
    • Banpresto is never going to have Kamina simply avoid his death, because doing so would utterly shaft Simon's Character Development. Case in point, the death of Gai Daigouji in Martian Successor Nadesico; while there is rarely a game that features Nadesico that does not allow Gai to survive, he usually "dies" and comes back much later in the plot after the relevant Character Development for Akito Tenkawa. Kamina will probably be made available in the Multiverse Labyrinth even, because it's close enough to the end of the series that Simon has already become more of a badass than ever, by Kamina's own admission in their home series; having Kamina back would not screw up the conclusion too much. Hell, knowing his popularity, he might be recruitable in Saisei-hen.
      • Jossed again: he doesn't appear in Saisei-hen at all.
    • Gurren Lagann comes up again in Super Robot Wars X and it's adapting Lagann-hen which means Kamina is still dead. And so is Kittan.

Regarding the new character from Super Robot Wars Masou Kishin 2: Revelation of Evil God that pilots the black Cybuster...
Blond hair/yellow-ish hair, check. Bird-based mech with black coloring? Check. Simmilar mecha to the main character, only black? Check. He could be an Expy of Alan Igor.
  • Note that his name is Eran/Elan Zenozakis. Eran/Elan sounds awfully similar to Alan.
  • Which also counts as a rather weird Hilarious in Hindsight: Masaki Andoh actually shouted "Yatte Yaruze!" in Alpha Gaiden. Now, he gets his own version of Alan.
  • The catch is they have different voice actors.
  • He could be the person that appeared in one of the still-frames of the "Ley Buster" attack by the Shurouga. The one with the damaged Cybuster.

Bandai Namco Entertainment will make an SRW game that only includes Shōjo anime series, manga and American cartoons aimed for girls; no mecha series in sight.
We can take a break on Humongous Mecha and put series that have high sugar content in it. It will have the same mechanics but the series included were Shōjo anime series, manga and American Cartoons aimed for girls.
  • No way. Even if they really made that (very unlikely, but not totally impossible), they won't call it SRW.
  • That's Jossed regarding Endless Frontier. And it doesn't involve giant mecha so anything can happen.
  • That's only because Endless Frontier is a Spin-Off a pre-existing SRW installment, set in an alternate dimension of the same verse.

Giroro in Super Robot Wars OE will have one of his battle cries being THIS IS! SPARTA!!
Come on, you know you want to have that.

GoLion, Dairugger XV and Albegas will appear together in the same game.

Possible series inclusions for the next trilogy
With the Z trilogy out of the way, let's have some fun guessing what the next trilogy will feature.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Any subsidiary materialsnote  will not be included in this list for simplicity and conveniences sakes, and are expected to be grouped alongside their home works.

Returning Series:

New Series:

When DARLING in the FRANXX inevitably appears in the series, the whole ending will change.
At the last second, before Hiro and Zero-Two's Heroic Sacrifice, the Evangelions have a Big Damn Heroes moment where they make it so they won't have to sacrifice themselves. They live, and get to fight the other antagonists.

The next game after Super Robot Wars T will see the return of Dai-Guard
There has been this early pattern starting with Super Robot Wars X

From here, I can guess that the next game will have an OG not being about Salaryman, yet Dai-Guard will be there anyway.

Lamia Loveless and Aschen Blodel are directly based on Signum IN-STORY (not just a Shout-Out).
It's well known that Gilliam Yeager, after his stint in the final episode of the "Classic Timeline" (Super Robot Wars F Final), goes back to jumping through dimensions and went back to evil. It is possible that at one point, he stumbled into Mid-Childa. Absorbing its knowledge so far, Gilliam, at that time using the name "Helios Olympus" quickly warranted fame and notorietry, which caught the attention of the Time-Space Administration Bureau. Signum was dispatched to take care of Gilliam, but he quickly overpowered her. Signum was captured and experimented by Gilliam, with not much effect rather than simply taking her data before she was rescued by the rest of the TSAB and Gilliam eventually jumped to the Shadow-Mirror Alternate Universe. Thinking that Signum's data may help their progress, he hands down the data towards Lemon Browning, who was just finished creating W-06, and eventually used Signum's data to create Aschen, and later Aschen's data, which is from Signum, is used to create Lamia.

All Human Aliens are actually descendants of one or more of the various ancient civilizations from Earth.
Think about it: if advanced civilizations like the Mikene Empire or the Mulians can build Humongous Mecha, they can probably build spaceships, too. At some time in the distant past, the colonized other worlds, which eventually developed their own culture & some forgot the origins. A few even made minor alterations to themselves such as Horns or different chemicals in their blood.
  • The funny thing is, this was actually a major plot point in Super Robot Wars Alpha 3. The Protoculture seems to be the Precursors of pretty much everyone, most especially the Earthlings, Zentreadi, Balmarians, and Buff Clan.
    • The First People created the Protoculture, who created the Zantreadi, Buff Clan and modern Earthlings. The First People eventually left Earth (a handful of them stayed, known as people of Mu) and sent the seed of their race to Balmar with the Gan Eden, while the First People themselves colonized on Solo where they created the Ideon and perished.
      • However, that's only the Alpha series universe. If you are going by the Super Robot Wars: Original Generation universe though then the Fury would definitely count as the progenitors of the human race; who's to say that the moon was the only ship the Fury had as a sleeper ship? Others of their kind may still be across the universe on other planets and created life there to inhabit those worlds eventually.
      • Provided the Fury even appear in Original Generation and are stated to be the Earthlings' Precursors...

Getter Rays, G-Power, GN Particles & Spiral Power are all manifestations of the same force.
All are glowing green, all enable the laws of physics to be over-ridden by Rule of Cool, all respond to emotions & all but one start with G, which, when you look closely is actually kind of a spiral.
Kaworu Nagisa is a Time Diver.
Which is why he seems to be aware of other Super Robot Wars games he's been in, despite them being in alternate universes. This may apply to his fellow F Final end-bosses Paptimus Scirocco and Shapiro Keats as well. In Kaworu's case, this might actually extend to canon as well: see the Evangelion WMG page.
  • If this is not the case, he and the others might just be in on Gilliam's dimension-hopping technique.

Mist Rex is from a race that is part of the Zuvorg Alliance.

Not much to substantiate this one, unfortunately, but his machines had a Greek theme to their names and attacks, similar to the Inspectors and possibly the Guests.

  • The only Inspector unit that was named in Greek was the Diskastes; the rest, including Guest units, don't have a Theme Naming going on.

At one point, Setsuna F. Seisei will don Zero's mask.
And he will recite his famous line from another series, "Zero! Ore no na ha Zero!".
  • Alternatively, Setsuna will become the host of Zero himself as a Secret Character (possibly resulting in Saiji Crossroads taking over for him in the 00 Raiser) if Ultraman was to ever be part of a game.

The Power of Love is the equivalent of Spiral Energy.

They will turn the absence of shows starring Akira Kamiya into a plot point later in the game
Considering multiverse shenanigans, maybe some forces of evil did recognize the threat of many shows that has Kamiya starring them, and so sealed them somewhere (most likely after the first Z game where afterwards they really start dabbling about the multiverse a lot more). It's only after defeating this force that Terada would re-introduce those shows, citing that the time is right at the moment.

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