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Perfectly normal editor, I usually read when bored and fill in what i know whist arguing over trope names in YKTTW. Currently studying Psychology at University. Aspires to create world peace.

Enjoys the juxtaposition of placing links behind phrases that have little to do with them to create subversive hidden messages...

I hate seeing a good trope go to waste so if I see a completed entry on YKTTW that has been there a while (usually a week or more) I post a warning and then a few hours/days later pull the trigger on it with the most agreed on name or just the one I liked the most (Usually one i came up with :p launch your own damn tropes). All due credit posted in the discussion of course.


I can be pretty brutal with my criticisms, don't take it personally i just like the place to look tidy - though feel free to stop me if i go for tidiness over content as i am known to do at times.

To better enlighten the world the following pages were gifted to you — the masses of the internet — that you may become wise and serve me as Mooks, MechaMooks and crack elite troops once i take over the world (In other words, I created the initial entries for or suggested these pages): And of course this page.

Small claims to fame:

And I love the series 'Avatar And The Airbending Fellowship Of Vampire Slayers'' and recapped the episodes: Created magic cards for:

If you think I've said something stupid... it was just Obfuscating Stupidity. Congratulations you passed the test.

The Word of Joss for the People of Joss, thanks be to Joss. Amen.


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