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The Greatest SinGer Ever

"Miranda Sings", or as known by her YouTube name, MirandaSings08, are a bunch of So Bad, It's Good singing videos created by a YouTube user Miranda. She claims to have been home-schooled her entire life and to live in Tacoma, Washington with her mother and uncle. She is known for her below-average abilities and above-average opinion of said abilities, self-invoked Protection from Editors, and a constant ring of extremely red lipstick. In addition to her music ("music") channel, she has a vlog channel as well, though it hasn't been used in a while.

Miranda even has her own TV series, Haters Back Off, which debuted on Netflix in October 2016.

...Okay, you got us: she doesn't exist. "Miranda" is a pastiche of similarly untalented girls, created and portrayed by Colleen Ballinger. Colleen posts, as herself, at a third channel, "PsychoSoprano," where she occasionally does split-screen duets with Miranda. It's probably safe to assume that Ballinger is talented, given the depth of creativity in the "Miranda Sings" videos, but it's when the two are side-by-side that her genius becomes truly apparent; the two look, act and sing completely different.


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