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An Internet-only short film, released in June 2013. Originally planned as a commercial for Orangina, it's also the first collaboration between Golden Moustache and Studio Bagel, the two most popular French humour channels on Youtube. But don't worry, there are subtitles available.

The story begins with a worldwide Internet bug with some disastrous repercutions IRL. Only the ISA (Internet Security Agency), a bunch of super-trained soldiers, can enter the Internet to save the day. Except... it doesn't happen as planned : Martin, a young incompetent trainee accidentally enters the Internet too. Their mission is to save the Internet, and stay alive.

And if that didn't sound epic enough, it's written by Raphaël Descraques, from Le Visiteur du Futur.


Mission 404 provides examples of the following tropes:

  • Loads and Loads of Characters: The ISA, the civilians, the bad guys, the websites... and all that in less than 15 minutes.
  • Product Placement: Self-parodied. The video was originally planned as an Orangina commercial; In the middle of the battle against Blaster, Youtube herself is stopped because of... a random guy making an add for Orangina. And have to wait 5 seconds to skip it. Everybody looks exasperated.
  • Roger Rabbit Effect: All live-action, except for Twitter (a talking CGI bird) ans Nyan Car (who's just the original Nyan Cat).
  • Self-Parody: On every level: a movie made specially for the Internet, with French actors who started on the Internet, parodying both Internet users and the Internet as a whole. And the biggest one: this youtube video features a character called...Youtube. They even have a personnification for the red bar and green thumbs up, and one character for the annoying ad before Youtube videos.
  • Shout-Out:
    • Martin / Karateswagg22's video where he uses his brush as a light saber is a direct reference to the Star Wars Kid.
    • Blaster's throne looks like another Iron throne...
    • The "holy @ sign", a parody of that Ring.
  • World of Badass: The Internet seems to be inhabited only by brave badass websites (Google's team), killer birds and cats (Twitter, Nyan Cat), psycopathic Evil Overlord (Blaster), hot girls army in the wood (the "Girls of your City"), super-trained soldiers (the ISA), pirates (illegal downloading sites)...


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