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The purpose of this page is to allow contributors to post descriptions of half-forgotten shows, those old classics that sit on the edge of the mind, with details and images remembered but names tantalizingly forgotten. Whether to gather trope examples or just for peace of mind, post them here. Be warned that, due to necessity, all entries may contain spoilers.

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    Awaiting suggestions 
  • This was an Avatar The Last Airbender fanfic about Professor Zei after the eipsode "The Library", and him living there until he eventually becomes an owl-spirit with Wan Shi Tong. It was only a one shot, and it isn't any of the fics that you can find by looking at for "Wan Shi Tong", "Zei" or library.... I know that that is not very helpful- sorry! ^_^;
  • A Fushigi Yuugi doujin, like 10-11 so pages long. It had Amiboshi and Suboshi and Tomo with a video camera. I had the raws on my computer but I recently destroyed my motherboard. I think its title started with something like "Seiryuu ....... hen"
  • This was a Naruto fanfic, one chapter long, and it had Hinata as a fox bride. It was told from Hanabi's point of view as she was missing her sister, and ultimately it was Naru/Hina. Does anyone have any ideas...?
  • This fanfic was mentioned on the Seinfeldian Conversation page, and I would like to read it if possible... Does anyone have any ideas? Fic: There is a Harry Potter fanfic in which Ron and Draco's first nonhostile conversation ever centered on whether it's possible to figure out the twist of The Sixth Sense before it's revealed. (Draco claims he figured it out by himself, while Ron says it's impossible.)
  • A Harry Potter fanfic that was mentioned once on a page on this wiki. It involved Darth Vader coming to teach at Hogwarts. I believed it turned out that Harry was related to Vader, and Vader began teaching him the ways of the force. Harry changes his name and changes so much that even Snape starts to like him. Then Draco gets jealous and stabs Harry with some kind of knife. If anyone has a link, or even the name of this fanfic, I'd really like it. It sounded hilarious!
  • A Harry Potter fanfic, Snape/Harry angst, rated M. There was a scene where Harry is holding something sharp to his wrist and comes to Snape and begs him to stop Harry. There's also a scene where Harry cuts himself in front of a mirror. Harry stays in Snape's place so Snape can make sure he's not cutting. I vaguely think Snape's place was described as having mirrors on the ceiling. At the end of the story, Harry's friends are displeased with his relationship with Snape, but he is happy and on the road to become a potions master. If you can find this, or any other 'Harry cuts himself/Snape saves him' fics, I'd be greatly appreciative!
  • Looking for a Ranma 1/2 fic. It was a Ryougax Ranma fic told in a series of short first person chapters. Each chapter was from a different person's point of view. I can remember the first chapter was Ryouga, then the next Ranma, and after that I think Kasumi, and so on. All suggestions gratefully received.
  • It was series a of Kingdom Hearts fanfics I found on Fanfiction.Net. It involved Organization XIII gaining their hearts, and I think a massive race across the multiverse. For some reason, Alucard was in it. I remember a character... She was Saix's little sister. She could see into people's hearts, but as a trade off, was partially blind.
  • I remember a Final Fantasy fanfic from either the very late 1990s or very early into the new millennium. I've pretty much give hope of finding out anything about it, but here goes anyway. I remember that the fic featured characters from both Final Fantasy VI and Final Fantasy VII. The characters were desperately hungry and so they decided to go hunting for chocobos. They tried a series of increasingly crazy methods to try to catch chocobos, without any success. Pretty sure that at one point they even tried something like a comet spell, but the chocobo was charred too badly to eat. I think Ultros may have appeared at some point somewhere within the fanfic.
  • There was this Star Wars fanfic I read a long time ago. It started with this old cat lady who made predictions, one of which eventually ended up being the "chosen one" prophecy, except it was warped by centuries of oral tradition, and part of what it originally stated was that Anakin was supposed to change sides all along and Luke was the real "chosen one" who was supposed to defeat him. There was also something about "physical" vs. "emotional" warriors, which evolved into the "light side" and the "dark side". It was definitely on, but I've been unable to find it.
  • This tropette is embarassed to be asking this, but...About 10 years ago, I was looking up The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time fanfics, specifically the fight with Ganondorf at the end. I stumbled across...well, it was, I guess, a mix of the game and the manga; Shiek was male. And maybe it was a part in a series. It was a yaoi story, i think, and I was reading it cause I thought it'd just be a well-written retelling of the fight. It had Link getting defeated by Ganon, imprisoned, and all kinda bad happened. And Shiek was angsting over not being able to save his love. I remember it being well-written, but it seriously freaked me out. I'm positive it wasn't on I really remember two things aboutit. One is that waves of darkness slammed Link into the wall or something. The other is that Ganon grabbed Link's....thingy and asked him if he knew what it was.
  • This was/is a Slayers fanfic I read somewhere other then IIRC. It had Zel going back to Seyrunn... For some reason, and attending a masquerade ball while there so that Ameli awouldn't recognize him. I think maybe he had promised he wouldn't see her for some reason, only I don't remember what that reason was. And, she was really depressed because he wasn't around. Yep, that's all I remember. Anyone have any ideas? Or did I lost it in the geocities/cites/whatev failure?
  • Not actually a fanfic, but a piece of original fiction published on a fanfic site. I think it may have been in the anime section, but searching on there has come up fruitless. The fic is about all the girls from a kingdom joining some princess test to win the right to marry the crown prince. The main girl has lavender hair and I believe she may have cat ears and tail. She doesn't want to marry the prince but has some other reason for joining. The scene I remember vividly is when she sneaks some goodies from the kitchens and goes on a sugar high. She starts playing around with the prince and ends up chasing him through the orchard, jumping from tree to tree. After she calms down she's mortified to realize that she's committed a major faux pas and probably will be thrown out of the contest.
  • There was an old Invader Zim fanfic on the forums. It had an Ancient Conspiracy involving Control Brains and, as with most fanfics, everyone was older. Also Zim had given up on trying to Take Over the World. And Red was an empath. Maybe it sucked—I'm not entirely sure any more. All I know is I've been going insane for the last several years trying to remember what in blazes it was called.
  • This one was a Tenchi Muyo fic that had Ryoko getting sick/dying. I don't remember alot except that it wasn't Cherry Blossems, she tries to phase through a wall at the shrine and instead hits it, getting bruises, and at the end Wachu turns into Goddess!Washu and heals her after she (Ryoko) has been kidnapped for a sacrifise. Or something. Thanks in advance for any info you may be able to give me!
  • A Gargoyles fanfic where two teens, a jock and an "ugly" shrinking violet on visit to the Aerie building on a school trip get turned into Gargoyles by Demona. He ends up with Demona (grudgingly) because the change has made him ugly even by gargoyle standards. She stays with the gargoyles in the building, and is transformed into a paragon of beauty. It had a second part where they're offered a chance to change back if they both agree, he wants to, but she's happier after tha change. This was in the "old" days of the internet (1998 ish), it may well be completely gone, but I've been wanting to re-read it for a while now.
  • A Naruto fansite that has a fairly snarky guide to places and characters. The Mist Village entry describes the "Bloody Mist" genin selection process which only one survives, and then riffs on the inevitable depopulation crisis it would lead to ("Mist's most popular-and only-restaurant, where not only do you get to cook your own fish, you get to reach into the river, catch it, and gut it. Just down the river is Mist's most popular-and only-laundromat.")
  • I read a Pokemon fanfic about what happened when one of Team Rocket's plans finally succeeded and they accidentally sent Ash to the real world. I remember their intention being to catch Pikachu, so they aimed at Ash, but Pikachu jumped in the way and its electricity affected the weapon in such a way that it caused it and Ash to teleport. In the Pokemon world, everyone thinks Ash is dead. In the real world, Ash runs into some street kids who want to rough him off, so he has Charizard protect him, but instead of the cartoonishly getting ashy for a few seconds, the kids end up with severe burns. Ash ends up in foster care and the people caring for him think he's making up the story about Charizard and that there was a freak accident. Ash is heartbroken, because no one can find his loved ones. Finally, he gets his Pokedex to work and he's able to contact Prof. Oak who comes up with a plan to bring him back that might end up killing him if it goes wrong. Ash grinds up a Thunderstone, mixes it with water, and drinks it. This ends up fooling the Pokedex into thinking he's a Pokemon and he's able to go back. After this happen, the man that cared for him is really exicted about the Pokedex and wants to use its technology or something. At the end, Gary teases Ash and tells him to face reality and Ash responds by shocking him and telling him he already has. I remember it had a sequel where Ash ends up in a crapsack AU where his mom marries Giovanni, takes the name Artemis or some moon or hunting goddess, and never gave birth to him. I want to say these came from a website called Oddish Forest or Caterpie Forest. The website also had original fiction with Pokemon attack names as titles.
    • Well, I've been doing some looking, and having no luck. The only website I can find with "Caterpie Forest" as part of its title is "Frosterpie's Caterpie Forest" (, and it doesn't seem to have anything like that (at least, nothing that google could find, or that I could find through digging through older subdomains). If you could remember an exact quote, it would be tremendously helpful.
  • I remember a Final Fantasy VII fic, written in the late nineties with Revee as the new president of Shinra with either Cloud or Tifa as the vice president (they both helped him in any case, and the Turks worked for him). There was a running joke about people telling Reeve he needed a vacation and how he kept being pestered by Barret and Cid's calls. Vincent calls from the Shinra Mansion and they talked until Vincent stepped through some rotten wood and crashed to the floor below. Revee got Reno to drive him in the submarine to Lucrezia's Cave because he thought Vincent was there. I think Vincent arrived not too long after them (he wasn't hurt by the fall). The chapter ended with Reno "kidnapping" Revee, i.e. he called Cloud or Tifa to let them known he was taking Revee on that much needed vacation. I'm pretty sure it was supposed to get more updates, but I lost the website and misremembered its title.
  • Our page on Cowboy BeBop at His Computer includes this bit: "This troper fondly remembers a series of articles published by a major newspaper prior to the release of the fourth [Harry Potter] book, where the journalist announced 'sensational changes' at Hogwarts, such as the arrival of the new potions professor, a certain Lucius Malfoy. I think I've read that fanfic." Can anyone find the articles or the fanfic?
    • While not the author of the quoted passage, I'm afraid it might have been a rhetorical hypothetical fanfic...
  • A Sailor Moon AU for the Ail and Ann arc in R where Luna tries to awaken Usagi again and is shocked to see it doesn't work. Instead she rushes to Mamoru's place and awakens him. I can't remember much more than Tuxedo Kamen fighting with a sword that turned out to be the moon rod, Usagi's equivalent of Moonlight Knight, and the last chapter explaining why Luna couldn't awaken her - something about how the Silver Crystal granted Endymion and Serenity's dying wishes at the end of episode 45, but my memory's a bit vague on that. It was supposed to get an epilogue, but I lost it before that happened.
  • I remember this Harry Potter fanfic, which was almost certainly on It was a collection of oneshots based on the premise of unusual pairings, involving pairings like Trewlany/McGonagall, and (oddly) Lucius/Narcissa. The chapter that really sticks out however, was one where Snape and Lockhart were in a relationship... Snape was trying to breakup with Lockhart, except that given Lockhart's talent with memory charms, this scene had replayed itself over and over and over...
  • There's a certain Mega Man X fanfic that I remember reading a long, long time ago. Long story short, it was a novelization of the first X game, but expanded upon the universe quite a bit. It went into detail about Hunters that weren't Reploids, with the central human Hunter having a grudge against a sewer-dwelling Maverick that killed his father. I've yet to come up with anything in regards to the name, though.
    • The only Mega Man X1 novelization I know is An Uncertain Future, part of Legacy of Metal. It's more than ten years old, and it's been a while since I read it, but I do believe there were human Hunters (Zero's introduction comes to mind). 'Zat it? (Quick test: do you remember Reploid OCs named Cancer and Hazil? If so, it's this fic.)
      • Nope, that's not it. Sorry.
  • There was one story I remember...not exactly for any specific fandom, but it was written like a generic fairy tale and used analogies to make fun of various slash fic tropes, with anthropomorphic personifications of tropes that appear in slash fanfiction. For example, there was a character named Rape, who went to the Wizard of Mpreg to ask why everyone was afraid of him, and the Wizard had him change his name to Non-Con because it sounded "less harsh" or something.

    Questions with suggested answers 
  • A set of Livejournal Axis Powers Hetalia kink memes, with all the countries being depicted as helping their citizens. Some of the stories include helping a war veteran, two countries managing a soup kitchen and helping an ex-convict. I remember reading about it from TV Tropes.
  • A fanfic of The Slayers. Opening Scene: While messing around with magical artifacts, Lina activates a magic mirror. The world changes to one in which Lina's first Giga Slave went horribly, horribly wrong. She's now evil, as is Gourry, both sadistic, and they've managed to conquer the Mazoku and become rulers over even the leaders (Zelas Metallia et al). The only one who remembers reality is Zelgadis, our protagonist for this tale. Soon after the start, Zel finds Xelloss, who explains things to him. Here's some additional info that might help pin this down:
    • Lina got irritated at Xelloss for saying "That's a secret" too much, and cut out his tongue; after he grew it back, she ended up making him human. Xel is agonized that his mistress (Zelas) is captive to Lina and undergoing torture in her stronghold.
    • Zel meets up with Amelia and (IIRC) Naga, leaders of what's left of the free world, and they arrange to distract Lina so Zel can get inside her stronghold and maybe find the mirror.
    • Zel and Xel sneak in, but get separated. Xel gets captured and tortured. At one point, (warning: gory) Lina sticks a dagger into Xel's gut and draws it up, letting his guts spill out. However, Gourry brings in Shilfiel, who heals Xel so he can be more tortured later. Shilfiel is distressed by everything, but desperately in love with Gourry.
    • Xel tricks Shilfiel into helping him out of his chains, and then kills her, wishing he didn't have to but aware that if they can only complete their mission, even that will be fixed.
    • Zel eventually finds the mirror and returns the world to normal. I think the mirror breaks at that point. Lina's mad at him. Oh, and the reason Zel's memories survived the first time was the intervention of The Lord of Nightmares, who doesn't intervene this second time, so he doesn't even recall what he just went through.
      • I have two pieces of this fic saved to my HD, I think I got it off of Darkness Rising's archive someplace but I'm having a hard time finding it again. EDIT: Found it over here, it's called Darkness Without Light, by a Miss Nightfall.
  • A Harry Potter fanfic where Hermione travels back in time to when she was a baby/toddler, and then the Ministry gets involved and doesn't realize that Hermione's parents are Muggles... I remember a line. "The best we can do for them is make them squibs", from one of the Ministry people, about Hermione's parents. I'm 99.999999% certain I found it on