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Nightmare Fuel / Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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On that day, when the sky fell away
Our world came to an end
In our eyes did a fading sun rise in the dark
Glimmering shadows
Silence grows, in the spaces between
stretching out beyond time
Lifelight, the theme of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

With the stakes having reached their highest peak in Smash Bros., incorporating every playable character making a return along with new ones, over a hundred stages, 800 music tracks, and a whole new slew of features and modes alike (including a story mode that opens on a very depressing note), Ultimate is shaping up to be the most ambitious game in the series yet...and yet, some pre-release material is also pointing it to be one of, if not the scariest of the series, to the point where it's a total wonder as to how it received a mere E-10+ rating.

Moment Subpages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

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  • Ridley's reveal trailer, which serves as a shout-out to the Alien franchise — with Ridley as the Xenomorph, and Samus as Ellen Ripley. Samus, Mario, and Mega Man are walking cautiously down a bridge in a darkened base. Suddenly, a blurred shape silently takes out Mega Man and Mario one by one (with sickening crunches to go with them). Samus senses this and turns around only to find that nobody is there and only Mario's hat is left on the ground. Then, suddenly, Ridley bursts out from underneath the bridge and taunts Samus with Mario's hat before he attacks.
  • Simon's Reveal Trailer brought us some truly terrifying moments by using the dark setting of the Castlevania series, and involving Luigi in them. We see his growing sense of terror as he's unable to use his Poltergust to defend himself against the various monsters of the series. It starts with Luigi backing away from a group of mummies, before he fully runs away. Luigi starts to catch his breath, only to be startled by Medusa and then chased away by her snakes. As he runs down a dark hallway, he trips and starts to get up... before slowly realizing that Death is floating right in front of him! Luigi then suffers the ultimate moment of humiliation: Having his soul separated from his body! Not even Simon's arrival was enough to save Luigi, as we see his ghost looking over his body. He tries to rejoin with his body, and then Carmilla shows up. Luigi catches a glimpse through the window, and the camera zooms out as Luigi is heard screaming. Granted, Simon was able to stop Death from stealing Luigi's soul and according to Nintendo UK, Luigi was able to escape, but it does little to negate the horror of the trailer.

  • Ridley's inclusion, while hotly anticipated by many fans, also brings quite a bit of nightmare fuel:
    • His moveset is one of the most brutal, animalistic, and outright violent in the series and reflects just how much of a monster Ridley is, which includes a ground variation of his famous Wall Grind, skewering foes with his tail, and his Final Smash has him launch the other fighters into the hull of Samus' Gunship before blowing all them up to high heaven with a devastating Wave Motion Gun of a Breath Weapon. A good reminder why the High Commander of the Space Pirates is one of Nintendo's darkest villains.
    • Then there's his overall contrasting presence compared to everyone else. While Smash Bros does have its fair share of realistic character designs, they're still given cartoony elements that help make them look like they're not too out of place. Not Ridley. He's far more detailed than even Snake and Ryu, giving him an otherworldly appearance that really shows the Xenomorph inspiration. Compared to the rest of the roster, Ridley looks like he originates from a horror series.
  • Dark Samus' general appearance. The Switch's HD graphics really complement her grotesque design, with more emphasis being put on the pulsating veins and carapace-like ridges on her "armor", highlighting how unsettling she looks. Her animations are also more ethereal than Samus', making her seem more wraith-like in comparison.
  • Mimikyu gets added to the Pokéball roster in this game. And if you haven't seen that game's own Nightmare Fuel page, know that simply looking under its disguise once killed someone (which also constantly happens to Meowth as a darkly comedic Running Gag). So what does it do in this game? A long, shadowy hand reaches out and pulls you under. And yes, if your damage is high enough, it will kill you outright.
  • The Moon gets added to the Assist Trophy roster. It flies down at the fighters with its infamous Nightmare Face at a much faster speed than someone familiar with the game is used to... and since it's one of the Assist Trophies you can't attack, there's no stopping it.
    • Oh, and on top of that, the Moon will take out everyone on the stage — including whoever summoned it.
  • K. Rool is equal parts goofy and intimidating. His Mad Eye always indicated he had a couple screws loose, but his loud roaring, even more pronounced eye tic, and crawling after his opponents at full speed like a komodo dragon imply he's only gotten more unhinged since we last saw him. For his Final Smash, he recreates the infamous Game Over sequence from Donkey Kong 64 and sends his opponents to DK Isle before firing the Blast-O-Matic. Except this time, the scene doesn't fade out right before the laser fires, so the audience gets treated to the total annihilation of DK Isle in full detail.
  • Giga Bowser is significantly more imposing in this game compared to Brawl and Wii U/3DS. To start, you can no longer hit him. He teleports to the background, immune to any damage, forgoing a full moveset for an One-Hit KO punch. While it can be avoided, the real wonders happen if you get hit by it and you've taken enough damage. On the rare occasion that this punch hits someone who's taken enough hits, well, instead of simply just blasting them off like Team Rocket, Bowser actually goes out of his way to bypass the blast lines and Screen KO that poor sap! Coupled with the nostalgic Nightmare Fuel from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island with how Giga Bowser is positioned, it easily paints the Koopa King in an even more threatening light than ever before.
  • Now that Ganondorf has been reverted to his design in Ocarina of Time, his facial expressions have been altered to accommodate that in two majors ways. First, he now bears a Slasher Smile in several animations, notably his idles and victory poses. Secondly, his eyes appear "wilder" compared to his Twilight Princess incarnation, due to now being a bright orange as opposed to the duller gold-ish from Brawl and Smash 4. This only up the scariness of the aforementioned Slasher Smile.
  • Being from a horror game, the Yuri Kozukata Assist Trophy injects a dose of creepiness by placing a darkened photo-filter when out. She herself attacks by taking pictures with Camera Obscura, which is accompanied with a variety of ghostly moans. Made worse that her reveal in the November 1st Smash Direct is only accompanied with atmospheric background noises.
  • Marx from the Kirby series appears as a boss. And this time around he has ALL the nope:
    • His intro cutscene. At first, the challenger faces empty what appears to be no one before the camera cuts to Marx in his smaller form that appears out of nowhere (right behind you, no less), giving the vibes of the Creepy Child. And then he abruptly absorbs dark energy around himself and transforms into his monstrous form.
    • His giggling. It actually sounds like a child's giggle. It just sounds completely out of place.
    • His appearance is really nightmarish, especially when compared to his more cartoony, adorable design from Kirby Star Allies.
    • One of his three new attacks: his eyes turn black and fall off (with the new ones promptly growing on their place), becoming two bouncing black balls that cause darkness damage on impact.
    • For another, he makes his eyes grow huge and sprout more pupils. And then he shoots lasers from them. Trust us when we say you might want to bleach your own eyes after seeing this.
    • Once you defeat Marx, he lets out an ear-bleedingly loud scream and pinballs around the room, shedding his wings before landing facedown in the background. A purple flame then ignites over him and burns for a moment before flickering out. That is NOT how we remember that guy going down in Kirby Super Star!

    Adventure Mode

  • The opening cutscene has drawn parallels to Avengers: Infinity War, and for very good reasons. The cast is shown looking onward as a strange being made of light appears and seems to be unleashing many clones of Master Hand into the world. Everyone is shown gearing up to fight when they are all blindsided by the Master Hand clones dissolving and turning into a singularity that unleashes many rays of light. Shulk foresees them all suffering a horrific fate and goes into full Oh, Crap! mode as he motions everyone to run, but it's too late. The beams fly forward and disintegrate everyone they plow into, including innocent non-combatant Animal Crossing villagers. Not even powerful characters like Bayonetta, a Triforce bearer like Zelda, a godlike Pokémon like Mewtwo, or actual deities like Palutena or Rosalina are any match for them, and everyone falls to them. When all is said and done, the entire universe seems to have been destroyed and the lone survivor is Kirby, who managed to avoid annihilation by warping. The story mode already opens in its Darkest Hour, and Kirby alone has to pick up the pieces.
    • This new foe, Galeem, proves to be an even more powerful threat than Tabuu. The latter managed to take control of Master Hand, plunge several parts of the world into Subspace, and convert most of the cast into trophies (with the exception of King Dedede, Luigi, and Ness). Galeem, on the other hand, commands an entire army of Master Hands, takes control of the entire universe, and completely wipes out everybody, with Kirby being the last one standing. And to see beloved characters flee as they're helplessly blasted away, it's like witnessing the Infinity War of Super Smash Bros.
    • The fact that the Warp Star's noises start pitching up until they're almost a single continuous tone means that to escape the beams, Kirby had to push the Warp Star to its absolute limit. If Kirby had warped a second later, no-one would've survived.
    • What's worse is that Tabuu and his Subspace Army at least had the decency of only targeting Brawl's playable cast. But Galeem? We see him vaporize not only Ultimate's ENTIRE roster (bar Kirby), but his beams of light go after characters that aren't even part of said roster and were minding their own business during the attack. That's right... even the non-playable characters aren't safe from this monster.
    • And then there's Galeem's appearance. Whereas Tabuu at least looked like a person, Galeem does not. In fact, it looks less like a Smash Bros. boss and more like a Shin Megami Tensei boss: a glowing white ball of energy at the center of four multicolored wings, making it look almost angelic, and all the more nightmarish for it.
    • And what this mysterious entity does with the fighters it disintegrates? It imprisons them in some kind of stasis and basically uses them as casts (complete with what looks like molten metal being poured over them) for evil clones, easily distinguished by horrifying glowing red eyes, using spirits as power. That shot of the clone Mario's face is one thing, but then there's the shot in the image above of the dozens of evil clones staring out towards the camera from the darkness... so good luck sleeping tonight!
      • The Spirit that inhabited the Mario clone? It's a Smoky Progg, one of the most dangerous creatures from the first Pikmin game, whose mere sludge trail can instantly kill Pikmin.
      • Speaking of which, amongst the spirits shown are the likes of Elise, Shantae, Pigma Dengar, Blood Falcon, and various Animal Crossing villagers. This means that various characters, whether they're pacifistic, combative, kind-hearted, cold-hearted, heroic, villainous, downright innocent, or outright evil were not only vaporized, but unlike Ultimate's playable cast, they don't even get to keep their bodies following their disintegration. In fact, their souls are also being used as fuel for the clones of the fighters, and they have no choice in the matter.
      • Not even death in one's respective canon can save them from becoming a Spirit, as the Spirits of the Champions, Hinawa, and some Ghost-type Pokémon can attest to.
      • Some of the Spirits are alternate versions of the playable fighters themselves (one is Baby Mario), giving off the unsettling implication that Galeem's attack didn't just affect the universe, but the entire multiverse as well, including space and time.
      • Sure, Kirby survived the whole ordeal, but somehow he isn't safe from becoming an evil clone either, as several spirit battles show him featured in or assisting other enemy spirits.
  • Just when you thought you've finally beaten Galeem and that your adventure is at an end at last, a crack in the sky breaks away to reveal a dark void. Guess who? Galeem's dark counterpart, Dharkon, shows up commanding an army of Crazy Hands that proceed to decimate Galeem's army. Galeem, weakened from fighting you, gets the hell out of dodge as this new threat takes control of the remaining puppet fighters that Galeem once controlled. Congratulations; you now have to go through the World of Darkness to beat him, complete with even more dangerous spirits. Fun, right?
    • While Galeem's angelic-looking design isn't inherently creepy, Dharkon proudly waves a red flag right out of the gate; being a swirling mass of black tentacles surrounding a single slitted eye makes Dharkon fit right in with any other Lovecraftian Eldritch Abomination.
    • His battle theme deserves mention; in that it is a very terrifying Dark Reprise of the game's main theme, showcasing just how threatening his design looks as well as how lethal his sheer power is.
    • The ominous "thwoom" sound that always accompanies him, particularly with his glowing eye, can send many a chill down the player's spine.
    • When you actually fight Dharkon and knock him down to half health, he Turns Red in more ways than one— his normally greenish-bluish eye turns bright red.
    • Hell, Dharkon's domain—the World of Darkness—deserves a mention. When you first see this place, it's an immediate "what the fuck". With its completely chaotic landscape full of disturbing imagery, this hellish hub world makes the likes of the Distortion World of Pokémon infamy look downright hospitable by comparison even if the World of Darkness has quite a few vividly colored locations. Its music certainly helps paint a picture of just what kind of world you've stepped into. In it is the Mysterious Dimension which is where reality is very clearly on a bad acid trip; it is the most confusing and lengthiest place to navigate out of the three locations of the World of Darkness, and the aforementioned Marx makes himself right at home in the center of all the chaos. Dracula's Castle is its own area in the World of Darknesss and is the most consistent place, but what would Dracula's Castle be without the vampire himself? The Sacred Land is the least intimidating out of the three outside of its Lost Woods expy but shares the rest of the overall world's theme of locations that don't mesh too well. Also you fight Ganon there. So that's fun.
  • After that mess is over, Galeem and Dharkon wage war on each other... and then decide take on the fighters as well, all while keeping to fight against one another. Stop the adventure mode, we wanna get off!