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"My deal? What a curious expression. I don't have a 'deal'. I needed sustenance. Hmm. She wasn't enough. I need more."
"Little hero, Hope is a lie. Joy is a mask that all life wears to hide from the truth. That EVERYTHING ends. The universe's true nature is decay and rot. The universe's ultimate form after all is played out in cold, empty nothingness. I am an agent of that nothingness, and the Beast Quetzal is the tool I will use to speed all life on Lore to its end. Your world dies, not in flames, but in ice."

Artix Entertainment has spawned some very vile villains throughout its many games. These are the very worst of the lot.

Games are by release date.

All spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

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  • "Light Orb Saga": Sek-Duat XV, the ruler of the Sandsea, is a cruel tyrant who drives his people to poverty and hunted the Sandelves to extinction, causing a rebellion to rise up against him. Sek-Duat hires Zhoom to capture the rebels, intending to dispose of Zhoom later. It is later revealed that he is actually Sek-Duat the First, having turned himself into an undead lich who has been ruling the Sandsea for 1,500 years by posing as his own descendants. However, unsatisfied with unlife, he planned to sacrifice a hundred of his enemies to rejuvenate himself. When he is defeated, Duat attempts to destroy his people out of spite. He later captures Zhoom, who is revealed to be his descendant, holding him as prisoner and draining him of his life to preserve Sek-Duat's own.
  • "Final 13th Saga": The Mysterious Stranger is a spirit of pure darkness from the Darkness Realm, who desired to cleanse the world of light pollution by destroying everything in it. After attaining physical form in Lore, the Mysterious Stranger posed as a merchant selling the cursed Doom Weapons, one of which he gave to Sepulchure, who became corrupted into a DoomKnight. Not wishing to risk his own safety, the Mysterious Stranger used The Hero and Sepulchure as pawns to gather the Elemental Orbs for him and merged them into the Ultimate Orb, whereby Drakath merges himself with the Ultimate Orb and Fluffy the Dragon of Destiny and is defeated at the hands of the Hero and Sepulchure. The Mysterious Stranger arrives and binds himself to the dragon to become the Super Mega Ultra Darkness Dracolich, assimilating every creature of darkness on Lore and plunging the world into darkness. When a defiant Hero tells him there would always be hope so long as the sun is in the sky, the Mysterious Stranger responds by eating the sun and says he would move onto every star in the universe.
  • "Friday the 13th/Calamity Saga":
    • Baron Jaysun Valtrith was once a mortal warlord of the Valtrith clan, who acquired a cursed cloak able to absorb people, consuming his own parents to take charge. He was only stopped by his Accidental Murder at the hands of his sister Dyana. Centuries later, Valtrith is revived by a cult as the ultimate being of darkness, but his incomplete resurrection leads him to punish one of the cultists by fusing with his body, causing excruciating pain. To restore himself to full power, Valtrith kidnaps his sister and uses her soul in another ritual, then repurposes her corpse as a vessel for Caitiff the darkness spirit. During the "Dark Night" invasion, Valtrith kidnaps several heroes and dresses them as cultists, hoping the other heroes would mistakenly kill them. He also provides Falconreach and Oaklore with catapults aimed at each other and gives them the Sadistic Choice of one town firing at the other or both being annihilated. Eventually, Valtrith betrays Caitiff due to seeing it and his sister as the same, and attempts to murder Caitiff, resulting in his own demise.
    • Caitiff is an entity created by Baron Valtrith to be his general and servant, formed from the darkness spirit inhabiting a Doom Weapon that then took residence in Serenity's corpse. When taunted by Opprobrious, Caitiff murders its kin in a fit of rage. Determined to defeat the Hero, Caitiff researches the Hero's past, but its absence angers Valtrith, leading to its master betraying it, with Caitiff emerging victorious. Concluding the Hero's success was due to their dragon, Caitiff manages to use a Doom Amulet to enslave the dragon's will and corrupt it with darkness, causing it agonizing pain, and then uses the dragon to engulf the world in darkness. During the "Black Winter" War, Caitiff invades several towns with its forces, killing millions of innocents before reanimating their corpses and sending them back to fight the heroes. Caitiff creates illusions of Valtrith and Serenity to psychologically torment the Hero, then subjects the Hero's allies to a mass Mind Rape. Caitiff then sends the dragon to attack the heroes directly after having no further use for it, before Caitiff itself confronts the heroes and makes them choose between surrender or death.
  • "Vaalroirr Saga": Roirr is a FleshWeaver who has kept himself alive over centuries by switching his body with a younger one whenever his current one expires. Over the course of the story, he murders countless people, either through physically killing them, devouring their souls, or subjecting them to dark magic, including reshaping a man's brain to carry out his will. The two most horrendous instances are liquefying an entire village, and using the Shapeless to harvest everyone in the Magesterium, both times simply so he could consume them. Roirr's final goal is to acquire the Mana Core to grant himself immortality. When Roirr is defeated and sent back in time, he convinces his father to save Roirr's past self by sacrificing an entire village. As Roirr nears the end of his life, he is fused with Vaal to become Secundus, and proceeds to corrupt his past self over the course of the latter's life.

AdventureQuest Worlds

  • The Queen of Monsters lives up to her name as the ultimate evil. The Queen is an ancient entity predating the universe, being Drakath's secret master and the true personification of Chaos. She also enabled the plans of other world-ending villains, such as Alteon the Imbalanced and Kezeroth. Upon being freed from her realm, the Queen intends to spread as much fear as possible so she can feed on it. The Queen awakens several Elemental Titans in order to ravage the continent of Drakonus. She brainwashed Nevanna into becoming one of her Generals, then made her kill her friend and poison her home. The Queen also attempted to destroy the world several times, including draining the sun; destabilizing reality by manipulating Dage to fight his Mirror Realm counterpart; and releasing the Infernal Army upon Lore. She sends her eldest child, Extriki the Destroyer, to poison all life, which causes Extriki excruciating pain. Her first daughter, Kolyaban the Reshaper, is sent to Lore to twist and reshape everyone into monsters, and upon failing is prepared to break and remake her own daughter.
  • "13 Lords of Chaos Saga": Ledgermayne is the only Chaos Lord to defect from Drakath. Once a mass of mana accidentally given sapience by Chaos magic, Ledgermayne initially served Drakath to release its Chaos Beast. However, it soon saw Drakath as someone who underestimated The Hero, leading Ledgermayne to take matters into its own hands. Ledgermayne intended to seal the para-elementary plane of magic off from Lore and cut off the flow of mana, which would deprive Lore of its life force and cause all life to cease. Aware that the Hero is attempting to construct the Supreme Arcane Staff, the only weapon capable of harming it, Ledgermayne destroys the final piece to prevent its completion. Ledgermayne then summons its Chaos Beast, the Mana Golem, to absorb all mana back into the para-elementary plane.
  • "Mirror Realm": Alteon the Imbalanced, the Mirror Realm version of King Alteon, is a cruel and deranged tyrant who usurped Good King Slugwrath and wages war on the remaining forces of Good. Alteon manages to imprison Gravelyn the Good, while capturing the Lords of Order, planning to use their combined power to tear a hole in the fabric of reality to flood the Mirror Realm with chaos energy, which would eventually lead to the destruction of both the Mirror Realm and the main universe. While defeated, he would later join forces with the main universe Drakath, invading both Gravelyn and Dage's strongholds. Acquiring the Celestial Egg that is life-linked to the Hero, Alteon tries to smash it out of sheer spite. In the "Mirror Realm Invasion", Alteon kidnaps Mirror Safiria and has his servant subject her to torture, before exploiting the cosmic imbalance caused by the death of her counterpart to tear a hole in reality, allowing his new ally Dage the Evil to enter. Alteon eagerly watches as the Dage fights his Mirror Realm counterpart, waiting for the Dages to destroy one another, revealing no true allegiance to Dage and seeing him as a pawn. He is completely uncaring that the two Dages in one realm will destabilize reality and cause the destruction of both worlds.
  • "Doomwood Saga": Noxus was the Dean of the Necropolis and a loyal servant of Sepulchure. He created an infection that turned an entire village into zombies, then took Vayle, host to the Darkness Orb, and fed her false promises of resurrecting her dead brother, while training her in necromancy in order to use her powers to craft his undead armies. Vayle eventually learned the truth and turned on Noxus, joining the heroes to kill him. However, the ghostly presence of Noxus would coerce a young girl named Sally into the Necropolis and train her to be his successor, eventually resurrecting Noxus as a lich. Together, they created Vordred the Paladin Slayer and use him to wipe out all life by turning them undead, which would trap their souls in skeletal cages. In order to make Vordred unstoppable, Noxus orders Vordred to kill Artix, the "Champion of Darkness", to take his place and gain unparalleled power. Noxus leads an assault on Shadowfall and hijacks command of Empress Gravelyn's undead army, before chaining her up and forcibly dressing her in revealing clothes to act as bait for the heroes. Even after he is defeated and turned into Gravelyn's Talking Weapon, Noxus still attempts to tempt and corrupt the young Empress.
  • Frostval 2011: Dead Morice is an ice mage who hates all things joyful, loving, and warm. He plots to ruin the festivities of Frostval by releasing an infection that turns the population into gruesome Ice Symbiote Monsters, where they lose humanity and regress into mindless monsters that are slaves to Dead Morice's will. Discovering that the Moglins are resistant to his icy infection, Dead Morice has them kidnapped and freezes them directly while they remain conscious.
  • Frostval 2012: Kezeroth the "World Ender" made it his life's mission to end all life on Lore, by releasing Quetzal, who would freeze the entire planet. Kezeroth's first attempt 26,000 years ago was foiled by a hero named Elim, who Kezeroth murders. Distraught at his life's mission failing, a Chronocorrupter offers Kezeroth a second chance by freezing him in time for 26,000 years when the comet within which Quetzel was trapped would next return, an offer Kezeroth accepts without hesitation. Awakening in the present, Kezeroth succeeds in his second attempt to draw in Quetzal's comet, while pointing the comet's trajectory to destroy the Sword of Hope, which was capable of killing Quetzal. When the heroes make a Last Stand against Quetzal and manage to stagger it, the Hero rushes to strike Quetzal with the sword, only for Kezeroth to snatch the sword from the Hero and kill Quetzal himself for daring to fail. Kezeroth declared he would end the world himself, leading to a climactic battle with the Hero, only ended by Athon the Chronomancer freezing Kezeroth in time for another 26,000 years, but is killed by Kezeroth as a result. Kezeorth is awakened prematurely two years later by his brother Karok the Fallen, who wanted Kezeroth's assistance in world domination, but an amnesic Kezeroth believes he was robbed of his chance to release Quetzal, and instead tries to kill his own brother.

AdventureQuest 3D

  • "Dragons of Ashfall" Saga: Talyn the DragonLord is first introduced when his previous dragon that he was bonded to gets slain by a DragonSlayer. A delighted Talyn thanks said DragonSlayer for this, as with his previous dragon partner gone it allows him to bond with a stronger dragon. Specifically, Talyn plans to awaken and enslave Akriloth the Great Fire Dragon, which he would then use to lay waste to the entire world. In order to awaken the dragon, Talyn would require several tributes, one of which being livestock for it to feed upon. Talyn's choice of livestock ends up being humans; to this end, Talyn has his minions capture villages of humans, and intends to breed them like animals. When The Hero and DragonSlayer Essa manage to foil this plan and celebrate their victory, Talyn shows up out of nowhere and kills Essa by stabbing her In the Back with his sword out of spite. Once the Hero ruins three of his tributes, Talyn then vows to use his final tribute, the Fire Orb, to forcefully awaken Akriloth, before enslaving its mind with his Dragon Amulet, at which point his new slave could have "as many tributes as it wished".