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When you see Red, RUN!

"This Sonic was a monster, a pure evil, sadistic, all-powerful, nightmarish, demented monster... and all of his victims, including Tails, Knuckles, Robotnik and possibly Kyle, are just his little toys, and the game is the very gateway into his chaotic, nightmarish world and the very Hell his victims are trapped in."
Tom, talking about "X", Sonic.exe

Creepypastas commonly play on people's fear of the unknown and the enigmatic, and as such we know little about the villains and their motives. However, there are a few select beings (not uncommonly humans) who are nothing short of irredeemable nightmares.

Fanfiction Creepypasta
  • Five Nights at Freddy's: Hidden Lore: Peter was a member of Fazbear Management. He set about murdering children, believing that murdering them and sealing their souls into the animatronics would improve business. He murders a girl after she and her friends infiltrated the pizzeria, and he pins the blame on a janitor. He disguised himself as Golden Freddy, and he lured a young boy into the back, murdered him, and imprisoned his soul inside the Puppet. Later on, he locks a repairman in the pizzeria and he leaves him to the mercy of the animatronics as a means of covering his tracks. When he was confronted by the spirits of the children that he had murdered, he mocked them for being stupid enough to follow him, and that he would see them in hell.
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  • NES Godzilla Creepypasta: Red, or the "hell beast", is a shapeshifting, sadistic demon who takes the form of a character in Godzilla: Monster of Monsters. After Zach, the player of the game, begins to get suspicious about the content in the game, Red reveals himself as a sentient monster within the game itself who directly threatens Zach. Red taunts Zach that his girlfriend's suicide was his doing, and that he is now torturing her soul. From there, Red engages in a brutal massacre, starting with the characters in the video game itself, then the angelic figure guarding Zach and the other figures aiding him, and ending with an attempt on Zach's life in the final battle. He paralyzes Zach and forces him to play the game and beat him or else die and have his soul trapped in the game.
  • Sonic.exe:
    • X is a monster resembling Sonic the Hedgehog. Trapped in another dimension, X created a cursed Sonic game. Once someone had played through the game, a portal would open up, allowing X to tear the players soul out of their body and take them back to his world for eternal torture. When Tom plays the game, he witnesses X torment several people whose souls have been transformed into Sonic characters, before he brings Tom into his realm. In Sonic.exe Round 2, it is revealed that X has killed 31 people, and plans to one day permanently cross over to Earth and turn it into a realm of eternal suffering. Viewing all of humanity as toys for his amusement, X is as evil as a Creepypasta monster could be.
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    • Shannon Goldman is the leader of the Cult of X. Viewing all of humanity as "stupid" and the Earth as "filthy", she formed the cult to help X with his evil plans. Shannon and her cult deliver the game to unsuspecting people, allowing X to claim more victims. After X has killed the victim, Shannon sends a member of her cult to retrieve the game and move on to the next victim. When a member of the cult named Cole realizes how evil they are and tries to stop them, they make him X's next victim. When detective Derek Green comes close to stopping them and destroying the game, Shannon and her cult tie him up, insert the game, and allow X to kill him. Shannon later sends Derek's friend Bob Richardson an audio file of Derek's death, likely as a way of taunting him about his friend's fate.

Original Creepypasta

  • 1999: The owner of Caledon Local 21, known by his stage name Mr. Bear, was a Satanist who viewed all of humanity as being garbage. He decided to take out his contempt towards the human race by sacrificing children to the Devil, doing so through the channel that he owned. He created several shows geared towards children, and he used said shows to urge his young viewers into writing letters to him that stated their interest in becoming guests for his episodes. He would then murder the children that answered his call, and he would film the murders. He cut one child's fingers off with a pair of scissors, forced another kid's hand into a fire, beat a man to death with a baseball bat for trying to rescue his child, and went on to burn 16 children alive.
  • The Alice Killings: The Alice Killer was a Serial Killer who viewed death as being greater than life. He would abduct his victims, often when they were alone, and he would then murder them. dismember the bodies beyond recognition, and he would leave a playing card behind. He was also shown on a security camera with a moving garbage bag in his hands. In one of his murders, he sewed a crown on one of his victim's heads most likely when they were still alive, and he also broke in through a window to murder two of his victims while they were still sleeping. The Alice Killer also ultimately caused one of the victims' mothers to commit suicide out of grief, and he also caused her husband to endure several therapy sessions.
  • Beware the Good Samaritan: Bobby Fields was a vicious gang leader who terrorized the neighborhood. Bobby and his gang would mug people at knife-point and beat homeless people to death for fun. When the mysterious Nazar stopped the gang from killing a homeless man, Bobby vowed to take revenge on Nazar, stating he would torture and kill him. The gang later ambushed Nazar while he was walking home. As the gang attempted to kill Nazar, a monstrous entity known as "The Judge" showed up and began "punishing" the group for their crimes. As Bobby attempted to flee, leaving his gang behind to be killed, Nazar knocked him out and took him back to his home. Nazar scolded Bobby for his crimes, but stated that he would not harm him since he was a pacifist who believed in turning the other cheek. As Nazar prepared to free Bobby, Bobby prepared to kill Nazar despite believing that Nazar had saved him from The Judge. The Judge appeared and reminded Nazar that there was one crime Nazar would not allow to go unpunished: child molestation. Bobby and his gang had raped four underage girls, aged twelve to fourteen. Once Bobby made it clear he felt no remorse, saying they were asking for it, Nazar decided to kill Bobby.
  • Beyond Redemption: Lyndon Wesley, also known as Wild West, is a Serial Killer wanted for 21 counts of murder, with victims including women and children. At the age of seven, he murdered his brother by pushing him down a mine shaft. Wesley proceeded to murder his father for beating him out of revenge for killing his brother, something the father knew but couldn't prove. Going on a killing spree for fun, Wesley is finally stopped by Bill Johnson after Wesley invades a home and kills the owner along with his wife and child.
  • The Blood Keeper: The titular "blood keeper" was the leader of the Bloodlights, a cult of serial killers from the 1800s. The blood keeper held a "game" to serve as a trial for new recruits. The blood keeper kept vials filled with the blood of their murder victims, and divided the new recruits into two teams, as they tried to steal the blood from him. He told the recruits to kill any members of the opposing team they saw, as well as any innocent bystanders they came across. Any recruits who failed to steal the blood would be killed. In total, the blood keeper was responsible for more than 50 murders due to his game. The blood keeper was killed by a man who infiltrated the Bloodlights and forced a boy to lure the blood keeper out of his crypt. The blood keeper would have killed the boy if the man hadn't have stopped him.
  • Borrasca: Sheriff Graham Walker seems like a caring family man and protective town sheriff at first, but later reveals himself to be a twisted and ruthless crime boss who runs a Human Trafficking empire. Walker moves his family to Drisking to escape scrutiny for pimping out teenage girls, and to get involved, and take part in, Drisking's conspiracy of mass murder, abduction, rape and impregnation of numerous women; notably having his own young daughter Whitney kidnapped to be made his Sex Slave and brood mare, raping her dozens of times. When his son Sam learns of the operation, Walker has him framed for the battery of his friend Kyle. When Whitney herself dies, Walker murders his wife to have a new daughter in hopes of making a replacement sex slave. Walker also usurps the Prescott control of the operation, withholding the town's benefits of the operation for himself. When Sam and his friend Kimber (who Walker also raped) confront Walker, he beats Sam and intends to mold Sam into his heir and make Kimber a new sex slave, before attempting to kill them, telling Sam he could always have another son to replace him.
  • Bright Eyes: Teddy is a monstrous entity disguised as an ordinary teddy bear who preys on children. Projecting an image of a guardian who appears to children who need him, Teddy convinces the protagonist that the Bright Eyes are wicked creatures who hide their true forms with the skin of children. In truth, they are strongly implied to be the ghosts of his past victims trying to warn the protagonist away from suffering the same fate. Teddy manipulates the protagonist into following him to a small shed in the woods which is littered with the bones of children Teddy has killed. Having the protagonist where he wants him, Teddy partially sheds his disguise, revealing two long arms with knives for hands, and prepares to claim another victim.
  • Don't Turn Around: Nancy James is a Serial Killer who targets children and babysitters, amassing an enormous body count while delighting in tormenting her victims psychologically, luring them into traps and dispatching them with great relish. Nancy places no age limit on her victims, even killing a baby at one point, and even writes a book to guide would-be child killers in achieving in their goals even easier. When she forms a deep enmity with FBI agent Warren, Nancy threatens a theme park with a bomb to lure Warren to his death before realizing Warren was faking to lure her out. Kidnapping another agent, Nancy threatens to murder him if Warren doesn't reveal himself—only to dispatch the man regardless and taunting Warren over it.
  • Everyman HYBRID: HABIT is a supernatural entity capable of taking control of people's bodies, using his powers to force his still-aware host to sadistically murder people for his own entertainment. While possessing Evan, HABIT forces him to strangle Daniel to death, brutally tortures Jeff and Steph over a protracted period of time before killing them, and eating the baby that Evan had fathered with Steph. When Evan is released from HABIT's grasp, HABIT gives him a Healing Factor that leaves him unable to die. When Vincent summons HABIT to get some answers, HABIT just insults him and forces Vince to lure in victims to torture and kill. HABIT then traps Vince in a room for two years, giving him a healing factor in order to psychologically torture him and prevent him from killing himself. On the blog Can You See the Words, HABIT posts writings made by his victims where he would kill scores of people brutally and let Slender Man have the survivors, and reveals that several of the world's most notorious serial killers and war criminals—including Albert Fish, Josef Mengele, and Jack the Ripper—were his doing. In the crossover with ML Andersen 0, HABIT tortures Shaun Andersen to death in a plot to lure in his brother Michael/Patrick. Standing in sharp contrast to the mysterious Slender Man and the animalistic Rake, HABIT is a sadist who enjoys what he does.
  • From Hell I Write trilogy: Eileen Hoffmister is a Wicked Witch in direct service to Satan himself. She abducts people—-usually children—and offers them to Satan to transform into zombie slaves damned to Hell upon death. In the prequel, Eileen and her husband, Leo, capture Stella, a young girl who stumbled across their cottage in the woods. They throw her in a basement with their zombie servant, Lester, and attempt to offer her to Satan. When he rejects her, Eileen plans to burn her. In the original story, she and Leo force their adopted son, David, to participate in Satanic rituals and abuse him. Eileen stalks Patrick Williams and his family; abducted his older brothers (and is implied to have castrated one of them); allows herself to be possessed; and chases Patrick and his 5-year-old sister Nancy and eviscerates their babysitter, Betty, when she tries to protect the children. The two are then brought back to the house, where Eileen kills Leo for disobeying her (he attempted to rape Nancy despite her not being ready), and is revealed to have zombified Patrick's family, along with missing children and finally Patrick himself. Twenty years later, in the sequel, Nancy finds a still-possessed Eileen in the home of her boyfriend Jackson, with Elieen making a final attempt to kill Nancy before going to Hell for good.
  • Hyraaq Tobit series, by K. Banning Kellum: Mr. Thaddeus Pinkerton is the cruel master of the Hyraaq Tobit cult and ultimate ruler of the city of Delphia. In addition to setting up centuries of religious practices that includes ritual suicide and mass cannibalism, Pinkerton also traps souls in the Red Star for eternal torment for crossing or failing him. Pinkerton makes a deal with Blain Kellerman to save his comatose wife at the risk of losing his soul through a series of rigged tests, only reluctantly making good out of obligation when beaten, and sends his henchmen to the Red Star. Pinkerton also threatens to send Father Lance Madison, whom he corrupted centuries ago, to the Red Star for letting Derrick Reynolds escape, before sending the Sisters of Tobit to hunt down the protagonists and run Delphia. Pinkerton also hosts a show to preach to the children of Delphia, having the children eat two actors alive; he also helped facilitate the corruption of Tabitha Shaw into one of the Sisters of Tobit, and places Gregory Leary in Madison's place when the latter is killed. Pinkerton finally reveals Tobit to the world in order to start the apocalypse, and when the resistance topples his empire, Pinkerton summons Tobit to kill the survivors; it's then revealed that Tobit himself is the child of two godlike beings that Pinkerton befriended and manipulated to gain power, something that gets him sent to the Red Star as punishment.
  • Joe Montana Saves The Princess, by K. Banning Kellum: Father Haller is the leader of the Foundation, a cult that worships and seeks to release the demon lord Un and bring about Hell on Earth in exchange for world domination. The subject of Urban Legend, the Foundation is rumored to conduct Human Sacrifice, and when Joe Lawrence investigates these rumors, Haller has him murdered. Seeking the last living female descendant of a king that stopped the Foundation's plans thousands of years ago, they track her down to Cynthia Tierney, and take advantage of her mother's cancer and families financial issues to lure her into a trap, seeking to use her blood to summon Un. When Joe's brother Brian investigates the cult, and befriends Cynthia, Haller eventually captures them both, and begins to slowly cut up Cynthia and force Brian to watch. When Brian and Cynthia fight back Haller defiantly tries to kill them while facing defeat, promising to make Joe's death seem more "merciful" in comparison to what he has in store for Brian.
  • Nyarlathotep Visited My Town: Nyarlathotep himself continues his streak of being a malicious Outer God walking among humanity, and picks out a small quiet town to play his usual games. Starting out small by taking away livestock and starting disputes, Nyarlathotep fully reveals himself by attacking a woman tending to her sick son with horrific visions, driving her to madness; the woman begs that Nyarlathotep be killed, even knowing it can't possibly work but to try to give him a hard time. After he mauls a farmer to death, a posse goes out to confront him, during which Nyarlathotep toys with and picks off the posse, telling the survivor to spread his name and message.
  • Patient 88: The psychopathic Mr. Richards is a depraved Serial Killer who kidnaps women, locks them in his shed, and slowly starves them to death to see how long a human could last without food. He's repeated this process to at least eight women, and kickstarts the story when he ambushes and kidnaps the young Tavy Mord, the titular Patient 88, intending to do the same to her. Knocking her unconscious and dragging her to his basement due to the fact she couldn't talk to him, Richards begins starving her. When Tavy finds the corpses of his previous victims, Richards beats her unconscious again and cuts out her eyes. Though the ultimate effect is unintentional on his part, when Tavy is finally found and Richards is arrested, Tavy has a fatal heart attack from the shock of the incident and the fact that Richards got off easy for his crimes, and she turns into the murderous, undead Patient 88. Motivated by little more than sick curiosity, Mr. Richards stood out even in the face of literal monsters, including the one he created.
  • Pen Pal: In the original Creepypasta, the protagonist's (nicknamed "Dathan") nondescript, unnamed stalker manages to establish himself as an irredeemable monster despite never even appearing in the story proper. A pedophile who happens to receive a letter from the protagonist as a kindergartner as part of a school project, this man spends the next ten years obsessively following him; jealously murders anyone whom the protagonist is close to, even his cat; tricks the protagonist's senile old neighbor into letting him into her house, then cuts her apart because she was kind to the protagonist; runs over and steals the phone from a girl the protagonist had a crush on, pretending to be her while texting him, as she dies in the hospital; and finally kidnaps the protagonist's best friend Josh and holds him captive for two years, forcing him to change his appearance to look like the protagonist and doing other things to him that are not elaborated upon. Finally, he tricks Josh's father into burying him and Josh alive. When his crimes are discovered after his death, they scar the protagonist and those around him for life.
  • The Rake vs Dogman, by Tom Sonski: Officer Nathaniel Dixon is a Dirty Cop of the highest order and the main human antagonist of the story. Quickly established to be a deranged and entitled psychopath, Dixon has a history of assault and killings that were swept under the rug, and is introduced as he is encouraging a kid to torture and mutilate a kitten; he briefly considers putting the kitten out of its misery, but quickly decides not to. Dixon holds a grudge against Murray Keeplin for battering and blinding him in the past when he attempted to kidnap her, and plans something "special" for her to get his revenge. When he and the others first encounter the pack of werewolf-like dogmen, Dixon callously shoots his fellow officer Barclay and throws him to the pack. He makes his "arrest" of Murray his top priority, even in the face of all the danger they're in. When his crimes are exposed, he steals Rookie Henry Keller's gun as he's killed, and immediately shoots Janine. It's also discovered he tortured his former partner to death when she refused to help him kidnap Murray. Eventually, he tortures Jason with a pair of bolt cutters when he helps Murray and Holly escape, before stalking them through the woods in a desperate bid to kill them both.
  • Stan Frederick: Connor, or Lines, is Stan's brother-in-law and his most personal foe. The founding member of WeMustCollect, Connor harvests children for the Slender Man and despises Stan for feeling remorse for his actions as a member of WeMustCollect. Wanting to recruit new members, Connor hunts those who refuse to join him; Connor murdered a YouTuber and tortured a boy for declining his offer. Kidnapping his own sister Susan, Connor threatens to murder her if Stan doesn't harvest a child for him. Four years after his death, Connor returns as Lines and murders Stan's therapist, drives his friend into committing suicide and causes the death of a little girl that was affiliated with him.
  • The Tale of Robert Elm: Valentine Ambrose Lombard is the leader of the Black Circle. While in its early days the cult was founded to prevent the spread of a plague, he seems to have taken up the mantle of leader for no other reason than as an exercise of his sadism and depravity. Lombard tampered with the mind of Robert Elm's lover, causing him to develop abusive tendencies, with the intention of luring him directly into the cult's arms to murder him and neutralize the threat he poses to his order. When Elm is assaulted by a zealous follower, Lombard nurses him back to health, all while slipping doses of human flesh into his meals—acquired from various captives held in a shack—to nullify Elm's power over him. Just as Elm is almost back on his feet, Lombard and his followers rehearse a ritual wherein he plans to sacrifice Elm, using the follower who assaulted Elm as practice, eating his liver after slaying him.
  • The Toadman Saga: Keith "Toadman" Lesler was a Serial Killer who was executed for murdering dozens of children. On the brink of death, the Shadowbeast offers him the opportunity to return every 30 years. In the first part, he targets Abram Linfeld, beheading his two friends Donny and Angie and tying there heads to his waist. He then attacks Abram, chopping off his leg, the former only surviving thanks to a crate of fireworks. In the second part, a policeman, Tyler Smith, comes to investigate the murders. When he and local beat cop Doyle Wheeler head down to the mine shaft, Doyle, under the influence of the Shadowbeast, attacks Tyler. When this fails, The Toadman beheads Doyle, and then forces Tyler to free the Shadowbeast.
  • Whispered Faith: The Speaker differs from other incarnations of The Rake in the sense that he is not a mindless beast, but a cunning and malevolent mastermind. A Humanoid Abomination whose voice is capable of tempting and tormenting humans, The Speaker corrupts one of Lee's closest friends Sean, enslaving the boy by making him get addicted to his voice and resulting in him founding The Family, a cult created to worship him. Capturing Lee, The Speaker allows Sean to physically torture him for months while he could Mind Rape him with his voice to break his spirit. When Sean's right-hand Lexx usurps the position of Family leader in his absence, The Speaker disposes of both him and Lee's best friend Mo, trapping all of his deceased disciples in a Purgatory for him to feed upon for all of eternity.
  • Mr. Betty Krueger's Jeff the Killer audio dramas: Zalgo is an Eldritch Abomination who wants to be freed from his prison so he can turn Earth into a nightmarish world of eternal suffering. In House of Jeff The Killer, he revived Jeff, and ordered him to kill 3,000 people for him so that their bodies could be sacrificed to him. In Blood of Jeff The Killer, he is revealed to have corrupted children and turned them into killers for his army, and to have allowed Jeff to torment Jane in her nightmares. After being revived, he drains Dr. Englund's life force and raises an army of zombies to slaughter the world. During this, he taunts Jane and Toby about their pasts and the deaths of their family members. Even in a world filled with killers, rapists, and man-eating monsters, Zalgo manages to stand out.


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