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When you see Red, RUN!

"This Sonic was a monster, a pure evil, sadistic, all-powerful, nightmarish, demented monster... and all of his victims, including Tails, Knuckles, Robotnik and possibly Kyle, are just his little toys, and the game is the very gateway into his chaotic, nightmarish world and the very Hell his victims are trapped in."
Tom, talking about "X", Sonic.exe

Creepypastas commonly play on people's fear of the unknown and the enigmatic, and as such we know little about the villains and their motives. However, there are a few select beings (not uncommonly humans) who are nothing short of irredeemable nightmares.

All spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

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Fanfiction Creepypasta

  • Blood and Venom: The Slender Man is the mysterious yet sadistic leader of The Collective who spent his time terrorizing two close families. At one point pretending to be the imaginary friend of the child Charlie before abducting him, he forces Kate into his cat and mouse games, only sparing her to prolong her suffering. Even after Kate "wins", Slender Man continues to stalk her, ruining her life and eventually converting her into a Proxy. When her friends Lauren and CR go to investigate, they too are tormented by Slender Man, the latter being Driven to Suicide and the former also being captured, but not before encountering Charlie, who is in an anguished but still alive state. When their old friends investigate a house filled with Slender Man cultists, who proceed to chase them to sacrifice them to their god, the cultists corner the youngest one, Ethan, with the Slenderman himself slaughtering his own men just to lure him out, killing him with his guard down and hanging him on a tree for his brother Aaron to see.
  • By the Fire's Light: The Nameless One is a formless Eldritch Abomination that bears a massive hatred for all life on Earth. Using the power of belief to take the form of The Slender Man, he violently slaughters a hapless teenager, tortures his friend Connor, and tortures Jared Holloway, a passing hiker, into claiming responsibility for the crime. Remerging ten years later, Slender Man attempts to kill Connor, who takes his own life to escape. Slender Man then murders a witness to Connor's death, Connor's psychiatrist, and a witness to the psychiatrist's death, killing all painfully in massive fires. Hunting down two elusive survivors, Slender Man breaks Jared out of prison to force him into finding and killing them, tracking them down to a middling hotel. When the pair escape and Jared commits suicide, Slender Man burns the entire hotel down in anger, killing upwards of dozens. To feed off as much fear as possible and expand his power, Slender Man kidnaps hundreds, possibly thousands, of people, the vast majority of them children, and keeps them trapped in a Pocket Dimension where they're forced to endure the pain of being burned alive without the ability to die or escape. Upon being confronted for the last time, Slender Man's power has become so vast that he ushers in the apocalypse, killing all life on Earth.
  • The Candyman vs Slenderman, by Tim Sonski: The Slenderman was a figure from the protagonist Eric's past, having attempt to claim him as a child, only to compensate with a little girl when Eric escapes him. The Slenderman begins stalking Eric again when his friend Kevin is murdered by the Candyman. With an established reputation of taking children, and getting others to kill for him, the Slenderman rips apart two officers while hunting Eric down. When the Candyman is summoned, the two entities try to kill each other to claim Eric, and superiority. Seemingly destroyed along with Candyman with Eric blowing up the house they're in, the two entities make a temporary truce; the Slenderman takes Eric into a dark world it lords over, filled with the zombie-like souls of his victims, forcing him to watch as Candyman slaughters Kevin's pregnant girlfriend, before dragging him into the darkness.
  • Five Nights at Freddy's: Hidden Lore: Peter was a member of Fazbear Management. He set about murdering children, believing that murdering them and sealing their souls into the animatronics would improve business. He murders a girl after she and her friends infiltrated the pizzeria, and he pins the blame on a janitor. He disguised himself as Golden Freddy, and he lured a young boy into the back, murdered him, and imprisoned his soul inside the Puppet. Later on, he locks a repairman in the pizzeria and he leaves him to the mercy of the animatronics as a means of covering his tracks. When he was confronted by the spirits of the children that he had murdered, he mocked them for being stupid enough to follow him, and that he would see them in hell.
  • Frankenstein meets The Ice Vampire: The titular Ice Vampire is a giant bat monster with the head of a man and powers to manipulate ice. Arriving in a town, he creates a snowstorm to block out the sun, allowing him to feed whenever he wants. He feeds on many people, including a three-month-old baby. After the Ice Vampire kidnaps protagonist Maria's sister Sophie, she and her friend Boris (the Frankenstein monster) enter his lair to rescue Sophie and destroy the Ice Vampire. He taunts Maria by telepathically making her listen to Sophie's voice before showing Maria her half-dead sister and sending his undead victims after her and Boris. During their fight, he threatens to tear Boris's head off and drink all the blood from his neck.
  • Mr. Betty Krueger's Jeff the Killer audio dramas: Zalgo is an Eldritch Abomination who wants to be freed from his prison so he can turn Earth into a nightmarish world of eternal suffering. In House of Jeff The Killer, he revived Jeff, and ordered him to kill 3,000 people for him so that their bodies could be sacrificed to him. In Blood of Jeff The Killer, he is revealed to have corrupted children and turned them into killers for his army, and to have allowed Jeff to torment Jane in her nightmares. After being revived, he drains Dr. Englund's life force and raises an army of zombies to slaughter the world. During this, he taunts Jane and Toby about their pasts and the deaths of their family members. Even in a world filled with killers, rapists, and man-eating monsters, Zalgo manages to stand out.
  • Madame Macabre:
    • "In the Cove": The Skin Taker is a mysterious creature that lures children to their doom. He lures a girl into going onto his ship and to his cove, keeping her enthralled with his magic. At the cove the girl hears a cacophony of screams and begs the Skin Taker not to "take my own". The Skin Taker then boasts about how he will "grind your skin" to "make them into clothes" and others finding "your remains scattered on the beach".
    • "Regret Game" (A Slender Man Inspired Song): This song presents a malicious take on Slenderman to deconstruct the idea of summoning monsters as a game. The narrator describes how she and their friends thought it was a good idea to summon Slenderman, ignoring the warnings not to do so. When summoned, the Slenderman chases down and kills the narrator's friends throughout the forest, during which he verbally mocks them for their stupidity and how their bodies won't be found. When the narrator hides and prays for help, the Slenderman tells her that prayers mean nothing to him. While it's implied the narrator made it out of the woods alive and learned her lesson, it's also implied in one form or another that Slenderman would haunt her for the rest of her life.
  • NES Godzilla Creepypasta: Red, or the "hell beast", is a shapeshifting, sadistic demon who takes the form of a character in Godzilla: Monster of Monsters!. After Zach, the player of the game, begins to get suspicious about the content in the game, Red reveals himself as a sapient monster within the game itself who directly threatens Zach. Red taunts Zach that his girlfriend's suicide was his doing, and that he is now torturing her soul. From there, Red engages in a brutal massacre, starting with the characters in the video game itself, then the angelic figure guarding Zach and the other figures aiding him, and ending with an attempt on Zach's life in the final battle. He paralyzes Zach and forces him to play the game and beat him or else die and have his soul trapped in the game.
  • Obscurity: Slenderman is portrayed here as a predatory entity that travels across time and space to prey upon traumatized children. It would take these children to its dimension called the Obscure. During The American Civil War, it abducted a boy and had said boy's family slaughtered before luring his brother into a trap and personally torturing him to death. In the present day, it attaches itself to and abducts a girl named Rachel from her mother Suzanne, making her act out and telling her she has no home when she tries to escape him. When Suzanne's friend Rob looks into the Slenderman myth, and tries to reach out to Suzanne, the Slenderman strangles him to death with a phone cord, sending Suzanne a taunting message. When Suzanne ventures into the Obscure, faces Slenderman and seemingly helps Rachel escape, the Slenderman kidnaps Rachel from the hospital, seemingly planning to have Rachel sacrifice Suzanne.
  • Slender Man/Supernatural crossover Slender Man: Albert Fish, also known as The Boogey Man, was behind the murders of 15 children in Oukridge, whom he tortured and cannibalized while working as a priest in the local church. After he was discovered, he escaped into Virginia and then New York, where he killed a dozen more children, before he was caught and sentenced to death. Being so evil that even Hell refused to take him, he was able to return to the mortal realm as a supernatural entity called Slender Man. Creating his own Pocket Dimension inside of a lake in the park, Albert starts kidnapping and feasting on children once again to satisfy his hunger for human meat. Later on, he starts driving some adults insane and has them commit murders, after which he would feast on them as well. Causing chaos all around the town, Albert Fish desires to become free, so that he could repeat his murders all around the world.
  • Sonic.exe:
    • X is a monster resembling Sonic the Hedgehog. Trapped in another dimension, X created a cursed Sonic game. Once someone had played through the game, a portal would open up, allowing X to tear the players soul out of their body and take them back to his world for eternal torture. When Tom plays the game, he witnesses X torment several people whose souls have been transformed into Sonic characters, before he brings Tom into his realm. In Sonic.exe Round 2, it is revealed that X has killed 31 people, and plans to one day permanently cross over to Earth and turn it into a realm of eternal suffering. Viewing all of humanity as toys for his amusement, X is as evil as a Creepypasta monster could be.
    • Shannon Goldman is the leader of the Cult of X. Viewing all of humanity as "stupid" and the Earth as "filthy", she formed the cult to help X with his evil plans. Shannon and her cult deliver the game to unsuspecting people, allowing X to claim more victims. After X has killed the victim, Shannon sends a member of her cult to retrieve the game and move on to the next victim. When a member of the cult named Cole realizes how evil they are and tries to stop them, they make him X's next victim. When detective Derek Green comes close to stopping them and destroying the game, Shannon and her cult tie him up, insert the game, and allow X to kill him. Shannon later sends Derek's friend Bob Richardson an audio file of Derek's death, likely as a way of taunting him about his friend's fate.

Original Creepypasta

  • 1999: Mr. Bear, the owner of Caledon Local 21, was a Serial Killer who targeted children. He created several shows geared towards children, and he would frequently invite his viewers to become guest stars on the show. He would then hold the children who came to his house hostage, and filmed himself interacting with them, occasionally abusing them if they acted against his rules. After acquiring enough victims, Mr. Bear eventually drugged sixteen children before burning all of them alive and fleeing from the police, never to be seen again.
  • The Blood Keeper: The titular "blood keeper" was the leader of the Bloodlights, a cult of serial killers from the 1800s. The blood keeper held a "game" to serve as a trial for new recruits. The blood keeper kept vials filled with the blood of their murder victims, and divided the new recruits into two teams, as they tried to steal the blood from him. He told the recruits to kill any members of the opposing team they saw, as well as any innocent bystanders they came across. Any recruits who failed to steal the blood would be killed. In total, the blood keeper was responsible for more than 50 murders due to his game. The blood keeper was killed by a man who infiltrated the Bloodlights and forced a boy to lure the blood keeper out of his crypt. The blood keeper would have killed the boy if the man hadn't have stopped him.
  • Borrasca: Sheriff Graham Walker seems like a caring family man and protective town sheriff at first, but later reveals himself to be a twisted and ruthless crime boss who runs a Human Trafficking empire. Walker moves his family to Drisking to escape scrutiny for pimping out teenage girls, and to get involved, and take part in, Drisking's conspiracy of mass murder, abduction, rape and impregnation of numerous women; notably having his own young daughter Whitney kidnapped to be made his Sex Slave, impregnating her dozens of times. When his son Sam learns of the operation, Walker has him framed for the battery of his friend Kyle. When Whitney herself dies, Walker murders his wife to remarry and have a new daughter in hopes of making a replacement sex slave. Walker also usurps the Prescott control of the operation, withholding the town's benefits of the operation for himself. When Sam and his friend Kimber (who Walker also raped) confront Walker, he beats Sam and intends to mold Sam into his heir and make Kimber a new sex slave, before attempting to kill them, telling Sam he could always have another son to replace him.
  • The Defiler: Y'golonac the Defiler is presented in as depraved a fashion as ever. A Great Old One who understands the worst perversions of human nature far too well, he possesses the body of a nobleman seeking out pornographic literature and casts his soul into limbo. Using this body to rape and murder children before devouring them and allowing his worshipers to indulge in their most profane lusts imaginable, the Defiler leads another man to his house in the hopes of forcing him to release him from his earthly prison, attempting to eat him when he refuses before promising to "go defile some other poor sap" when his avatar is mortally wounded, and lets his followers die when his house collapses.
  • Don't Turn Around: Nancy James is a Serial Killer who targets children and babysitters, amassing an enormous body count while delighting in tormenting her victims psychologically, luring them into traps and dispatching them with great relish. Nancy places no age limit on her victims, even killing a baby at one point, and even writes a book to guide would-be child killers in achieving in their goals even easier. When she forms a deep enmity with FBI agent Warren, Nancy threatens a theme park with a bomb to lure Warren to his death before realizing Warren was faking to lure her out. Kidnapping another agent, Nancy threatens to murder him if Warren doesn't reveal himself—only to dispatch the man regardless and taunting Warren over it.
  • Fenter Woods: The unnamed, seemingly enigmatic Creature is a humanoid entity responsible for numerous missing persons across the country. Revealing a human-like intelligence, the Creature kidnaps the kid protagonist's friend Jess, with the apparent intent of devouring her, flashing the protagonist a smile when it spots him. Venturing into the cave to rescue Jess, the protagonist notices it has made a "museum" of many trophies it took from its previous victims, as well as a spot where it bruised the bodies. The protagonist likens the Creature to playing a sick and twisted scavenger hunt. After the protagonist saves an imprisoned Jess and wounds the Creature, when the townspeople investigate the caves, the Creature has disappeared after fleeing with its trophies, later watching the protagonist from the forest. While the Creature isn't seen in Fenter Woods again, the protagonist speculates that it's still out there taking more victims.
  • From Hell I Write trilogy: Eileen Hoffmister is a Wicked Witch in direct service to Satan himself. She abducts people—-usually children—and offers them to Satan to transform into zombie slaves damned to Hell upon death. In the prequel, Eileen and her husband, Leo, capture Stella, a young girl who stumbled across their cottage in the woods. They throw her in a basement with their zombie servant, Lester, and attempt to offer her to Satan. When he rejects her, Eileen plans to burn her. In the original story, she and Leo force their adopted son, David, to participate in Satanic rituals and abuse him. Eileen stalks Patrick Williams and his family; abducted his older brothers (and is implied to have castrated one of them); allows herself to be possessed; and chases Patrick and his 5-year-old sister Nancy and eviscerates their babysitter, Betty, when she tries to protect the children. The two are then brought back to the house, where Eileen kills Leo for disobeying her (he attempted to rape Nancy despite her not being ready), and is revealed to have zombified Patrick's family, along with missing children and finally Patrick himself. Twenty years later, in the sequel, Nancy finds a still-possessed Eileen in the home of her boyfriend Jackson, with Elieen making a final attempt to kill Nancy before going to Hell for good.
  • Hospitality (archive): Hansel & Gretel are a far cry from the heroic kids in the original tale. A pair of adult siblings and serial killers, Hansel & Gretel had already shown sociopathic tendencies before starting their killing spree, pelting animals with rocks or trapping them inside holes and leaving them for dead. Trying to escape their poor upbringing, the siblings decided to kill wealthy old women for their money. Having killed and cut to pieces already 11 women and their own grandmother by the time the story starts, they wander around a forest, with Gretel wondering whether or not she should kill her own brother. Upon reaching an old woman's house, Hansel & Gretel attempt to kill her for her golden necklace. When their riches are stolen, the villainous siblings blame and attempt to kill each other. When the old woman trapped them and turns out to be a witch, Hansel attempts to sell out Gretel so that he could escape with his life. Despite their poor background, these siblings prove to be irredeemable, greedy beings.
  • Hyraaq Tobit series, by K. Banning Kellum: Mr. Thaddeus Pinkerton is the cruel master of the Hyraaq Tobit cult and ultimate ruler of the city of Delphia. In addition to setting up centuries of religious practices that includes ritual suicide and mass cannibalism, Pinkerton also traps souls in the Red Star for eternal torment for crossing or failing him. Pinkerton makes a deal with Blain Kellerman to save his comatose wife at the risk of losing his soul through a series of rigged tests, only reluctantly making good out of obligation when beaten, and sends his henchmen to the Red Star. Pinkerton also threatens to send Father Lance Madison, whom he corrupted centuries ago, to the Red Star for letting Derrick Reynolds escape, before sending the Sisters of Tobit to hunt down the protagonists and run Delphia. Pinkerton also hosts a show to preach to the children of Delphia, having the children eat two actors alive; he also helped facilitate the corruption of Tabitha Shaw into one of the Sisters of Tobit, and places Gregory Leary in Madison's place when the latter is killed. Pinkerton finally reveals Tobit to the world in order to start the apocalypse, and when the resistance topples his empire, Pinkerton summons Tobit to kill the survivors; it's then revealed that Tobit himself is the child of two godlike beings that Pinkerton befriended and manipulated to gain power, something that gets him sent to the Red Star as punishment.
  • Joe Montana Saves The Princess, by K. Banning Kellum: Father Haller is the leader of the Foundation, a cult that worships and seeks to release the demon lord Un and bring about Hell on Earth in exchange for world domination. The subject of Urban Legend, the Foundation is rumored to conduct Human Sacrifice, and when Joe Lawrence investigates these rumors, Haller has him murdered. Seeking the last living female descendant of a king that stopped the Foundation's plans thousands of years ago, they track her down to Cynthia Tierney, and take advantage of her mother's cancer and families financial issues to lure her into a trap, seeking to use her blood to summon Un. When Joe's brother Brian investigates the cult, and befriends Cynthia, Haller eventually captures them both, and begins to slowly cut up Cynthia and force Brian to watch. When Brian and Cynthia fight back Haller defiantly tries to kill them while facing defeat, promising to make Joe's death seem more "merciful" in comparison to what he has in store for Brian.
  • JTK (Slimebeast's Darker and Edgier reimagining of Jeff the Killer): Jeffrey "Jeff" Jones is a violent, antisocial loner who idolized school shooters and fictional villains long before he snapped. Jeff routinely harassed and intimidated his fellow students, all while planning a massacre by hiding knives all around the school months in advance. He eventually beat his own parents to death with a baseball bat and murdered dozens of his schoolmates and teacher, including his own brother Louis, who had only protected him up to that point.
  • Mist Man: The titular mist man is a malicious spirit on a several-century-long killing spree with a grudge against the Mallory bloodline. Living off the knowledge of his existence, he started out by killing farmers and visitors in a small town, driving Arthur Mallory to kill everyone in the town to prevent anyone from learning about him, and preventing his repeated suicide attempts. He continued to haunt the Mallory family for generations, smearing their name by killing people wherever they went. In the present day, he murdered Daniel Mallory's friends, leaving people to believe him to be the killings, eventually viciously massacring a hospital, including babies. At the end, it's strongly implied that he soon plans to continue his savage butcheries until there's nobody left to kill, driving Daniel to shoot himself out of guilt for perpetuating his massacre.
  • Patient 88: The psychopathic Mr. Richards is a depraved Serial Killer who kidnaps women, locks them in his shed, and slowly starves them to death to see how long a human could last without food. He's repeated this process to at least eight women, and kickstarts the story when he ambushes and kidnaps the young Tavy Mord, the titular Patient 88, intending to do the same to her. Knocking her unconscious and dragging her to his basement due to the fact she couldn't talk to him, Richards begins starving her. When Tavy finds the corpses of his previous victims, Richards beats her unconscious again and cuts out her eyes. Though the ultimate effect is unintentional on his part, when Tavy is finally found and Richards is arrested, Tavy has a fatal heart attack from the shock of the incident and the fact that Richards got off easy for his crimes, and she turns into the murderous, undead Patient 88. Motivated by little more than sick curiosity, Mr. Richards stood out even in the face of literal monsters, including the one he created.
  • Pen Pal: In the original Creepypasta, the protagonist's (nicknamed "Dathan") nondescript, unnamed stalker manages to establish himself as an irredeemable monster despite never even appearing in the story proper. A pedophile who happens to receive a letter from the protagonist as a kindergartner as part of a school project, this man spends the next ten years obsessively following him; jealously murders anyone whom the protagonist is close to, even his cat; tricks the protagonist's senile old neighbor into letting him into her house, then cuts her apart because she was kind to the protagonist; runs over and steals the phone from a girl the protagonist had a crush on, pretending to be her while texting him, as she dies in the hospital; and finally kidnaps the protagonist's best friend Josh and holds him captive for two years, forcing him to change his appearance to look like the protagonist and doing other things to him that are not elaborated upon. Finally, he tricks Josh's father into burying him and Josh alive. When his crimes are discovered after his death, they scar the protagonist and those around him for life.
  • The Rake vs Dogman, by Tom Sonski: Officer Nathaniel Dixon is a Dirty Cop of the highest order and the main human antagonist of the story. Quickly established to be a deranged and entitled psychopath, Dixon has a history of assault and killings that were swept under the rug, and is introduced as he is encouraging a kid to torture and mutilate a kitten; he briefly considers putting the kitten out of its misery, but quickly decides not to. Dixon holds a grudge against Murray Keeplin for battering and blinding him in the past when he attempted to kidnap her, and plans something "special" for her to get his revenge. When he and the others first encounter the pack of werewolf-like dogmen, Dixon callously shoots his fellow officer Barclay and throws him to the pack. He makes his "arrest" of Murray his top priority, even in the face of all the danger they're in. When his crimes are exposed, he steals Rookie Henry Keller's gun as he's killed, and immediately shoots Janine. It's also discovered he tortured his former partner to death when she refused to help him kidnap Murray. Eventually, he tortures Jason with a pair of bolt cutters when he helps Murray and Holly escape, before stalking them through the woods in a desperate bid to kill them both.
  • The Slender Man Mythos:
    • Caught Not Sleeping: The Showtime Killer is a merciless Serial Killer who views the Butterflies as his perfect victims. Having murdered at least 17 people in different cities from the West Coast prior to his involvement with Caught, Showtime makes his presence known by invading chat rooms and demonstrating his knowledge of his targets' private lives. Following a Butterfly, Showtime sends him a disk containing a video titled "The Show Must Go On", which shows the bloodied corpse of one of his victims. In one of his "murder trips", Showtime goes to Seattle and abducts two Butterflies, taking them to a secluded location and torturing them with scissors and other tools while filming their agony. Showtime stands in contrast to other antagonists as an entirely human threat who takes pleasure in hurting defenseless people.
    • Everyman HYBRID: HABIT is a supernatural entity capable of taking control of people's bodies, using his powers to force his still-aware host to sadistically murder people for his own entertainment. While possessing Evan, HABIT forces him to strangle Daniel to death, brutally tortures Jeff and Steph over a protracted period of time before killing them, and eating the baby that Evan had fathered with Steph. When Evan is released from HABIT's grasp, HABIT gives him a Healing Factor that leaves him unable to die. When Vincent summons HABIT to get some answers, HABIT just insults him and forces Vince to lure in victims to torture and kill. HABIT then traps Vince in a room for two years, giving him a healing factor in order to psychologically torture him and prevent him from killing himself. On the blog Can You See the Words, HABIT posts writings made by his victims where he would kill scores of people brutally and let Slender Man have the survivors, and reveals that several of the world's most notorious serial killers and war criminals—including Albert Fish, Josef Mengele, and Jack the Ripper—were his doing. In the crossover with ML Andersen 0, HABIT tortures Shaun Andersen to death in a plot to lure in his brother Michael/Patrick. Standing in sharp contrast to the mysterious Slender Man and the animalistic Rake, HABIT is a sadist who enjoys what he does.
    • Stan Frederick: Connor, or Lines, is Stan's brother-in-law and his most personal foe. The founding member of WeMustCollect, Connor harvests children for the Slender Man and despises Stan for feeling remorse for his actions as a member of WeMustCollect. Wanting to recruit new members, Connor hunts those who refuse to join him; Connor murdered a YouTuber and tortured a boy for declining his offer. Kidnapping his own sister Susan, Connor threatens to murder her if Stan doesn't harvest a child for him. Four years after his death, Connor returns as Lines and murders Stan's therapist, drives his friend into committing suicide and causes the death of a little girl that was affiliated with him.
    • Tribe Twelve: Mary Asher is Milo's mother who was haunted by the Slender Man as a child and lived in fear of her future death. Once a member of the Slender Man-worshipping cult called the Order, she killed her two ex-husbands. The whole reason she had Milo in the first place was to sacrifice him to the Slender Man in her place; she also tried to conceive more children as extra sacrifices. Milo's journal elaborates more on this; she groomed and indoctrinated Milo into the Order, having them drink his blood; would use drugs and gaslighting to try to keep him in line, using physically aggressive methods at the slightest resistance; she also self-harms to get Milo institutionalized and implies she will have his beloved cat put down to punish him for standing up to her. Her methods to kill her family include setting her sister's house on fire while her young nephew Noah was asleep, burning his babysitter alive; helped bomb and capsize a boat dozens of people were on, killing her mother and another young nephew of hers in the process. Mary claims to be a victim trying to protect her family, but both Noah and Milo see right through her as a selfish coward willing to sacrifice her family to ensure her own survival.
    • Whispered Faith: The Speaker differs from other incarnations of The Rake in the sense that he is not a mindless beast, but a cunning and malevolent mastermind. A Humanoid Abomination whose voice is capable of tempting and tormenting humans, The Speaker corrupts one of Lee's closest friends Sean, enslaving the boy by making him get addicted to his voice and resulting in him founding The Family, a cult created to worship him. Capturing Lee, The Speaker allows Sean to physically torture him for months while he could Mind Rape him with his voice to break his spirit. When Sean's right-hand Lexx usurps the position of Family leader in his absence, The Speaker disposes of both him and Lee's best friend Mo, trapping all of his deceased disciples in a Purgatory for him to feed upon for all of eternity.
  • The Tale of Robert Elm: Valentine Ambrose Lombard is the leader of the Black Circle. While in its early days the cult was founded to prevent the spread of a plague, he seems to have taken up the mantle of leader for no other reason than as an exercise of his sadism and depravity. Lombard tampered with the mind of Robert Elm's lover, causing him to develop abusive tendencies, with the intention of luring him directly into the cult's arms to murder him and neutralize the threat he poses to his order. When Elm is assaulted by a zealous follower, Lombard nurses him back to health, all while slipping doses of human flesh into his meals—acquired from various captives held in a shack—to nullify Elm's power over him. Just as Elm is almost back on his feet, Lombard and his followers rehearse a ritual wherein he plans to sacrifice Elm, using the follower who assaulted Elm as practice, eating his liver after slaying him.
  • The Toadman Saga:
    • Keith "Toadman" Lesler was a Serial Killer who was executed for murdering dozens of children. On the brink of death, the Shadowbeast offers him the opportunity to return every 30 years. In the first part, he targets Abram Linfeld, beheading his two friends Donny and Angie and tying their heads to his waist. He then attacks Abram, chopping off his leg, the former only surviving thanks to a crate of fireworks. In the second part, a policeman, Tyler Smith, comes to investigate the murders. When he and local beat cop Doyle Wheeler head down to the mine shaft, Doyle, under the influence of the Shadowbeast, attacks Tyler. When this fails, The Toadman beheads Doyle, and then forces Tyler to free the Shadowbeast.
    • The Shadowbeast himself is an ancient alien who came to earth and brought upon chaos and havoc, viewing himself as a god. Having been sealed away after murdering and mutilating children, the Shadowbeast made a deal with Keith "Toadman" Lesler to be resurrected every 30 years to act as his servant. Responsible for Keith's murders and possessions, the Shadowbeast manipulates those into releasing him from his prison, and when one person, Doyle, refused, he summons Keith to kill him, forcing his friend Tyler to free him and doom the world.

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  • Beast's duology:
    • The Red Maiden: Grace's Story: The Chieftain is a 60-year old noble and the short story's main antagonist. Having a history of abusing his sixteen previous wives by mutilating them before leaving them to die when he was bored of them, the Chieftain married Grace and abused her just as much for seven months, fascinated by her innocence and wanting to destroy it. When protagonist Mac Luaithre tried to kill him and save her, the Chieftain ripped out his heart. A year prior, when a farmer couldn't pay his taxes, the Chieftain decapitated him and took his head and daughter as compensation, marrying and abusing the latter before pimping her out. After Grace's death and resurrection, the Chieftain only showed pride upon seeing the undead, vengeful Grace, proud of having turned her into a monster. Upon his death, the Chieftain returned as an undead, and when his followers captured the undead Mac and Grace, he tried to have them either Buried Alive next to each other but separated by stone, or one of them forced to kill the other. Beneath his superficial, sarcastic politeness, the Chieftain was depraved to the core.
    • Awesiaki: Greeshawn Chase is the greedy and egotistical son of Minister Benjamin Chase, who believes that it is his right to take from others. After acquiring control of the Devourer's army, Greeshawn raids surrounding villages and either slaughters or enslaves its population to work in his mines, while forcing his prisoners to become cannibals. When Benjamin discovers his crimes, Greeshawn strangles him and, after his romantic proposal is rejected by Mahalia, tries to claim that Mahalia is a witch who caused Benjamin's death. When the other colonists refuse to support his claim, Greeshawn uses several forest children as bait for his monsters and incites them to attack Awesiaki, uncaring of the casualties he causes. He then forces Jaralath to become the leader of his monster army, subtly threatening to kill Mahalia if he didn't. When Greeshawn discovers that Edith Müller has been leading a resistance movement, he executes many of its members and, when Erik betrays him, sentences him and the others to be tortured in the Pit. During the trial of Jaralath, Greeshawn blames him for all the crimes he committed as "Bloodletter" and, when Erik and Angelica resist him again, he sentences Erik to the Pit again and has Jaralath and Angelica tortured via cutting and leaving them to freeze in winter.
  • Case File No.56: Stitch is a murderous, undead entity responsible for a string of brutal murders in Seattle. In life, he was said to be a wicked man, punished for his crimes by drawing and quartering. He has killed many victims across the globe, and kicks off his spree in Seattle by stalking and ultimately ripping a woman to shreds in her own home; kills her cousin in the mental hospital shortly after; then murders a paranormal investigator. When the heroes of the story catch onto him, Stitch infiltrates their personal lives, stalking their homes and haunting their dreams, and killing a helpful Redditor in front of the lead hero and his intern. One of the detectives goes into hiding, and he murders her along with her family. After the hero has the case taken out of his hands, Stitch reveals to him that he's kept him alive to provide him with victims by instilling fear in their hearts, driving him to kill his intern and then himself out of shame.
  • The day I was forced to become a hitman: "Ralph" is a Serial Rapist who uses his connections to get away with his crimes. He harasses at least one of his female employees and on one occasion rapes her. After this, he kidnaps her young daughter and another girl, keeps them caged in his mansion, and regularly rapes them for a long period of time. When the protagonist breaks into his mansion, he finds evidence which heavily implies that "Ralph" has done the same thing to many other girls over the years and has later disposed of them.
  • The Deepwood Series: Jameson Scott, the trilogy's human antagonist, appears to be a young and charismatic tech mogul, the head of a technology empire. In actuality, Jameson's true age is in his eighties and he has been maintaining his life and youth by committing human sacrifices to the demon Metaraxes—a deed that subsequently erases the victim from history and memory to all but a few people. Scott initially claims to be doing what is necessary to satiate the demon, but when his cover is blown, he is revealed to be a power-hungry egotist out to expand his own empire. When Metaraxes asks for the protagonist Katie Ross to be sacrificed, Scott reveals to her that he brought the demon other girls with her name before they eventually found her. It is also revealed that he sacrificed his own daughter to Metaraxes for his selfish ends. When Katie and Jamie manage to lure Metaraxes into a trap, Scott and his men try to stop and kill them.
  • Does anyone remember Channel 42?: The One Who Walks In The Void is a horrific otherworldly being that attaches itself to an earnest TV station producer, Jonathan Torrence. Convincing Torrence that it is God, and making him his servant, it has Torrence kill numerous people, especially children, as human sacrifices. After Torrence commits ritual suicide, the being takes the form and personality of Stitches the Clown, creating a twisted broadcast of shows where he tortures, mutilates numerous people and creatures on his shows. As Stitches, he uses his show to try to teach kids how to kill, commit cannibalism, and even prepare to surgically remove the brain of a captive child. It is implied that the people appearing on his shows are souls it collected from sacrifices. Seeking a greater audience, Stitches and his slaves would stalk and terrorize people who view the show to get them to spread the word, before cowardly begging Agent Helsing to spare his life when the latter realizes his weakness.
  • Dr. Margin's Guide to New Monsters: The Man in the Mask sends an email to Doctor Michael Margin, a researcher into new monsters, taking him to a website of his own design filled with numerous videos of his victims—among them a six-year-old child—which first show them begging to be released before cutting to them calmly admitting that they wish to die, at which point the Man in the Mask, without any resistance, slits their throats. When asked what this was, the Man in the Mask replied that is was the "Theory of Preposterous Evil," the idea that some men are so evil that they are monsters in disguise. After the Man in the Mask kidnaps Michael, the Man gives his reason for killing people as being that they asked for it—when he had convinced them of this. After he kills himself and wipes all evidence of his crimes, save the video of his suicide, Michael realizes that the Man in the Mask had one good point: Some men can turn into monsters.
  • Emergency Broadcast: Crimson Alert: Haman is the ruthless figure of legends. Having attempted to exterminate the Jews in the past, Haman has continued atrocity after atrocity through the ages, killing countless people in the process, including assisting the Nazis with The Holocaust. Initiating the Crimson Alert to hand earth over to demons and give it to the devil, Haman is also revealed to have traded his sons for centuries of life, uncaring who is damned or killed as long as he continues his genocidal aims.
  • I Dared My Best Friend series: David King is the Overarching Villain of this series and was a manipulative, murderous sociopath even as a child. In the first installment, he obsessively tries to destroy the life of protagonist Zander Jones, threatening his girlfriend, killing one of his roommates, and then murdering his own mother to frame Zander for it, sending him to prison. After realizing that he'd get bored without his favorite target, David frees Zander from police custody to continue tormenting him, killing two cops in the process. He later kills his own accomplice and tries to kill Zander's girlfriend out of spite. Despite his death at the end of the first series, David's evil continues to drive the conflict of the sequel series, with it being revealed that he had formed a group of similarly-sociopathic individuals that would systematically destroy the lives of complete strangers, including selling some people as sex slaves. Holding no loyalty to said group, David is all too willing to abuse or dispose of them once he grows tired of them.
  • I Was a Professional Internet Troll: The story's narrator, known by his online alias "Resisilobus", is an overzealous internet troll who manages to be particularly vile even by those standards. Not content with simply being an unpleasant individual online, Resisilobus intentionally drives two people to kill themselves by relentlessly harassing them. He then befriends a teenage outcast and manipulates the boy into killing seven of his classmates and then committing suicide. To indicate how little he values the lives of others, Resisilobus considers the "achievements" to be inferior to his comparatively minor hacking of a popular Bible app and the confusion it causes among Christians. A remorseless sadist who openly revels in the power his crimes make him feel, Resisilobus is an example of how internet anonymity can bring out the worst in people.
  • I had to psychologically evaluate a serial killer; I don't know what to report: Howard is a vicious sadist who enjoys ruthlessly torturing people. Starting first with his son, Adam, Howard regularly beats him, puts out cigarettes on his skin, and wraps his arms and legs in barbed wire. When Adam's mother tries to stop Howard's abuse, he strangles her to death. Fearing that Adam's Split Personality will go to the police with this information, Howard fulfils his sadistic desires by killing women he picks up at bars, torturing them in the same manner he tortured Adam, killing a total of twenty two people. When Adam kills Howard in revenge, Howard simply comes back as a ghost, and demands that his son bring him more women to torture and kill. Adam and his split personality lures three women to their deaths in this manner, and once caught by the police, begs for the death penalty to escape his father's grasp.
  • I was born on a child farm: Headmaster Ranon Xinon, real name Clark P. Ganes, is a mysterious man with the power to steal people's life force and experiences. Ganes targets people with good lives, stealing their precious memories and reverting them back to children with no sense of happiness. Ganes, as Xinon, abducts hundreds of children and treats them like livestock on his farm, poisoning and abusing them for fun, and devouring one child daily. When the authorities finally track down the farm, Ganes poisons half of the children's meals and hunts down the rest who escape to axe them off, even gloating how proud he is of everything he's taken from the children when he's killed.
  • I Was Claimed By a Skinwalker: The titular Skinwalker develops a fixation on the protagonist Jake, stalking him and his friends on a camping trip. After picking off two of his friends, the Skinwalker possesses, or takes the skin, of Jake's beloved girlfriend Blair, before presenting the mutilated bodies of his friends. The Skinwalker did something to his friend Cori that Jake refuses to describe. Still wearing Blair's face, the Skinwalker proceeds to savagely torture and disfigure Jake, declaring him it's property, before being driven off. In the sequel, the Skinwalker has been tormenting Jake for a year after he returns home, making him wish for death as he becomes a recluse, frequently appearing to him as Blair and mockingly mimicking her affectionate personality. As Jake gradually rebuilds his life and befriends a hotline worker named Lana, the Skinwalker tells Jake it will leave him alone from now on. As Jake gets his life back on track, the Skinwalker appears one more time to trick Jake into strangling Lana in his sleep before disappearing for good. This leaves Jake utterly broken, causing him to finally commit suicide.
  • It Only Takes The Good Kids: The creature dubbed the Dark Man is a mysterious but sadistic entity responsible for decades worth of child murders, having a sweet tooth for good children. In addition to being stated to eat its victims, the Dark Man has a habit of framing mentally handicapped people for his crimes. When he learns that the protagonist and his friends are on to him, the Dark Man abducts the latter's younger brother—taking a break from his usual streak—to lure them. When confronted, it reveals he impaled said brother to slowly die, kills two of his friends before battering the protagonist to an inch of his life. The Dark Man mocks the protagonist for trying to be a hero before leaving him and his brother to their fates. While the protagonist survives to adulthood, the Dark Man is implied to still be on the loose.
  • Little Witch and Jack O'Lantern: Timothy Clay is the lead actor and showrunner of the titular show, and is implied to be an actual dark wizard. Running the show as a seemingly wholesome and educational program, the protagonist Logan would later learn the real horrors going on behind the scenes. Using his character Jack O'Lantern as an outlet, Clay ran a story time hotline for viewers to call, where Logan becomes a regular caller. Through these, it's gradually discovered that Clay is keeping his young co-star captive, being an abusive Control Freak—it's even hinted he may have killed a previous co-star before taking her. If one of his story times is any indication, he may be a cannibal as well, having made soup out of one of his victims. Years after his mysterious death, the full truth of Clay's depravity is revealed after his mysterious death, as the bodies of his victims are discovered buried under his studio, including two families he murdered.
  • My Brother Died Three Weeks Ago: The Man Upstairs is a menacing boogeyman figure and the reason for the titular brother's suicide. When Josh tries to investigate the true circumstances behind his brother Ade's death, it is ultimately discovered that the enigmatic "Man Upstairs" is none other than their unnamed father. With Ade's hidden journal discovered, it's revealed that Ade found his father digging through a secret bunker, and discovers his father is a serial child murderer using the bunker to dispose of the bodies, with at least nine murders to his name. His father forces Ade to keep quiet by threatening not only to murder him but the rest of his family as well. Ade spends months in silent torment with the Man Upstairs—who he no longer sees as his father—constantly watching him, and holding the threat over his head, until the fear and shame drives Ade to suicide. Afterwards, his father seems willing to use Ade as a scapegoat, and even when exposed and arrested, tries to deny responsibility.
  • My Father Stood Outside My Bedroom Window. He's Been Dead For 5 Years: The titular father, later known as the Nightmaker, is a twisted sadist defined by a desire to drive people to despair. In life, he rapes and impregnates a teenage girl, and then intimidates her into marrying him. Holding the girl captive for years, his horrific treatment of her leaves her maimed and near death when she escapes him, and the resulting trauma later causes her to hang herself. When the police raid his "church," they find many dead, emaciated children, seemingly sacrificed as part of a dark ritual. Though he is executed, he returns as the demonic Nightmaker. Appearing to protagonist Jack, his son from the rape, the Nightmaker attempts to lead him to the church. When his efforts to Mind Rape Jack into opening his window and letting him in fail, the Nightmaker tries to push him into committing suicide.
  • The New Fish: In this story set in a prison, an inmate known as "the kid", an inhuman and dreadful monster behind his beautiful appearance, habitually kills and cannibalizes prisoners and guards. Notable instances include causing a guard to commit suicide out of fear of him, and killing another who discovered his past. It's revealed that the kid lived back in the 1800's and was originally arrested for murders, cannibalism and Satanic rites before eventually being sentenced to death after additional killings inside. After a bungled attempt to execute him, revealing his supernatural side, the kid is eventually sealed away in an unused room. Living onto the present day, the kid at one point goes on a murderous rampage during a blackout, butchering an entire wing of prisoners, mutilating and eating a terrified cop alive in front of the other prisoners. Years after hearing its story and being released, the narrator learns the kid killed some of his friends in prison, leaving one of their heads on a bed, and drove his surviving friend into having a nervous breakdown.
  • We Lost My Mother During the South LA Riots of 92...: The story's antagonist is an unnamed and malevolent Loa spirit who attempts to feed off of the chaos and anger drawn out by the LA Riots. Summoned by the Johnson family, the Loa possesses their mother, Terri, and secretly attaches itself to the younger brother Keldon. Physically tormenting a still-conscious Terri, it tries to have her murder her children upon revealing itself. The loa begins relentlessly stalking the children throughout the streets of LA, slaughtering anyone that gets in its way, including a squad of several cops and Terri's sister Naomi. Reaching a church, the Loa continues its rampage against gangsters trying to protect the Johnson children. Upon revealing Keldon as its host, it murders a pastor trying to exorcise Terri, and threatens to kill Keldon if his sister Ashley tries to help him. Looking for a new host, the loa ends up possessing their friend Jamal and his gangsters. The loa then declares its plans to destroy the city, and attempts to bring the church down on everyone, before the gangsters show enough willpower to kill themselves to destroy the spirit.

Creepypasta-related media

  • Always Watching: A Marble Hornets Story: This take of the Operator is a more malevolent supernatural Serial Killer, rather than a mysterious living virus. The Operator is portrayed as possessing people to kill their loved ones, leaving behind a Calling Card to taunt and mark future victims. The Operator opens the film possessing a man into killing his girlfriend and later begins stalking a family. After driving the father paranoid, and revealing itself to the family, they flee across a couple of states to avoid it, only for the Operator to possess the father into smothering his daughter before trying to kill his wife. When she kills him in self-defense, she tries to suicidally burn the house down, but survives and is left broken by the experience. The Operator begins stalking a news crew investigating the family’s disappearance. When it reveals itself and they try to avoid it, the Operator kills Milo's beloved dog out of spite. Thinking it'll stop the Operator, Milo commits suicide, only for the Operator to possess his corpse and use him to kill his friends before discarding its puppet.
  • Channel Zero (both from the first season):
    • Frances Booth at first seems to be a kind school teacher, but reveals herself to be, as she put it, "as sharp as a razor blade". Desperately Looking for a Purpose in Life, she found one when the creator of Candle Cove cured her epilepsy with psychic powers. Developing a fanatic devotion for said Creator, she's willing to do anything to assist. She covered the serial murders of four children and gave them permission to kill her own son Jacob. After the Creator's death, she makes a new body by collecting human teeth. Twenty-eight years after the Iron Hill murders, she brainwashes her students into killing people through Candle Cove. She personnaly kills her former student Daphne Bells and sheriff's deputy Simon Grove by slashing their throats with a pirate hook and sends the children to stab to death Tim Hazel and Jessica Yolen. Upon being caught, she sends the children after Sheriff Amy Welsh and Gary Yolen and later attempts to murder Marla Painter for no reason.
    • The Creator of Candle Cove, Eddie Painter, as a child, made the puppet show to brainwash children and killed them to grow stronger. In 1988, the Creator compelled four kids into killing themselves after forcing them to remove their teeth, then trapped their souls in the realm of Candle Cove. Growing jealous of Jessica spending time with his brother Mike, the Creator ordered him to "take her to Candle Cove". When he refused, he threatened to kill him with his pirate hook. Thinking Eddie was acting under mind control, Mike had to kill his twin brother in order to stop the murders. Twenty-eight years later, the Creator forces child psychologist Mike Painter to return by compelling him to carve a message on his arm. They broadcast Candle Cove again to brainwash children, abduct a girl to take her teeth, compel the same girl to stab her brother and with the assistance of Mrs. Booth mind-control children to commit murders. It is then revealed that Eddie plans to take over Mike's body and trap his soul forever in Candle Cove with the company of the Skin-Taker. In order to gain his compliance, the Creator abducts Mike's daughter Lily and torments her in in his realm of Candle Cove. Even after Mike succeeds in ruining his plan of return, Eddie still tries to brainwash Lily.
  • The Midnight Man (2016/2018): The Midnight Man is a vicious bogeyman and Pagan entity who relishes torture. Bound by the Midnight Game, the Midnight Man opens the film sadistically murdering a group of children before taking the only survivor and making her a mind-ravaged shell of herself, using her to lure victims to him, including her own daughter years later. In a new Midnight Game, the Midnight Man targets the players with their worst fears, even cheating at his own game to get his way, boasting it only matters they can't stop him. The Midnight Man uses his former victim as a proxy to kill those not playing the game, even changing time on the clocks to lure his victims into a false sense of security while gloatingly telling one their tears "mean nothing to me!"
  • The Rake (2018): This depiction of The Rake portrays it as a tormenting demon-like entity that takes as much joy in emotionally destroying its victims as much as it does slaughtering them. The Rake possesses its victims, causing them to commit murder and self-mutilation; it does this to murderer Jacob Murphy, before having him kill his psychiatrist and said psychiatrist's wife, then killing himself in front of their children Ben and Ashley. The Rake haunted them for years, even tormenting Ashley into having a traumatizing abortion by threatening her unborn child, leaving her broken ever since. When Ashley's cousin Nicole announces her pregnancy, the Rake taunts Ashley with visions and nightmares, before stating its intent on targeting Nicole's unborn baby. The Rake proceeds to slaughter the guests as Nicole's pregnancy celebration and tricks Ben into shooting Ashley. The Rake then possesses Ben, having him kill himself before manifesting from his corpse. The film ends with the Rake menacingly reaching towards a crying Nicole as they are surrounded by police.
  • Slender: The Arrival: This rendition of the Slender Man communicates a more deliberately malicious personality in its rare messages. A being responsible for centuries of disappearances, the Slender Man has stalked the Matheson family for generations. In one notable instance it terrorized and abducted young Charlie Matheson from his parents, mutilating him into an emaciated corpse-like creature in constant pain, later causing Charlie's father to commit suicide. When Carl Ross and Kate investigate the disappearances and find out knowledge of the Slender Man keeps it around, Carl tries to kill himself and Kate to stop the Slender Man, only for Kate to be taken and turned into the ravenous Chaser as part of its plans. Following Kate's friend Lauren as she uncovers the truth, she eventually jumps off a tower, only for it to try to keep her alive to continue its influence. In its messages, the Slender Man indicates it sees death and torment as a game to play on humans, and in a secret level displays this by burning a helpless victim alive before killing her.
  • Welcome to the Game duology: The Doll Maker is a surgeon hosting a website on the Deep Web to sell his products. Buying poor women from halfway houses, Doll Maker takes them to his clinic and transforms them into "easily manageable toys", amputating their arms and legs in the process. After the transformation, Doll Maker psychologically tortures them until they accept their new lives, keeping two "living dolls" for himself. The women who suffered this fate are completely aware of what is happening to them, but are unable to move or speak. In the sequel, Doll Maker "improved" his methods so his victims would last longer and be more obedient. Tracking Clint Edwards after he visits his website, Doll Maker leaves a living doll with signs of abuse in front of his door and shuts off his energy, then puts a knife against this throat and politely tells him that he hopes Clint enjoyed what he had seen, before threatening to kill him he doesn't give him a woman from his own apartment complex to be his next victim.
  • Windigo: This incarnation of the Slender Man, combined with the legend of the Wendigo, is portrayed as a malicious entity, driving its victims not only to insanity but cannibalism as well, turning them into zombie-like slaves. Stalking a group of students, it spreads madness, rage, and paranoia across the town of Bonville and slowly possesses Brandon as it turns the residents into its zombified slaves. It soon leads its small army of zombies to attack the students, tricking them into shooting Dean. When seemingly destroyed, with Kwekon sacrificing himself, it fully possesses Brandon, thanking the crew for "brightening the week", before spitefully trying to kill Reece and his girlfriend for fighting back. When beaten, and captured by the government, it grows annoyed at their interrogations before transforming into its true form and killing the interrogator. According to the epilogue, there are no survivors in the town of Bonville.


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