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  • If you request Rule 34 of Yotsuba&!... the results ain't pretty. That's right, 4chan defending the innocence of a character. This is Anonymous we're talking about. Yotsuba is just so pure that no one dares to corrupt her. Not one member, not a few, pretty much all of them share a Morality Pet. Humans aren't perfect, but we're not complete bastards.
    • They work on a Blue-and-Orange Morality. Note Project Chanology, the Save Brandon campaign, and the other things they've done with good intentions. Anonymous is self-defined as Chaotic Neutral and it shows.
    • They also hate it if you dare say horrible things about Carl Sagan or Fred Rogers. Especially with Fred Rogers, they ban you.
  • The Birthday of William J. Lashua. Also triples as a Moment of Awesome and a Tear Jerker (in a good way).
    • To give more context, an anon saw a poster by the 89-year old World War II veteran William J. Lashua, inviting people to his 90th birthday. /b/ had a moment of collective sympathy and took it up on itself to make sure the old man a memorable birthday by sending him birthday cards. The end result was hundreds of birthday greeting cards, few parcels of gifts and about a dozen anons who actually showed up to the event. And from what we can tell, not a single case of trolling/spoiling occurred. Chaotic Good in its finest form.
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    • "Just paid your rent for you, /b/ro. Have a nice life."
  • On June 14, 2015, a young man named Julius celebrated his birthday alone, on Facebook. /b/ stumbled upon Julius' Facebook page and bombarded him with birthday cards and messages of support.
    • There's more to this, too: Julius thanked all those who sent him birthday cards, while those who didn't go to his party ended up apologizing to him. Julius forgave them, and invited them over for a proper party. They all obliged.
  • Let's be perfectly honest... People in /adv/ try to help you someway or another... Because it's the right thing to do, either doing it harshly or out of sympathy towards you, but in the end, they do it because they want you to know that You Are Not Alone. And you can always get better, anon.
    • On a similar note, This thread on /c/ that was intended for posting pictures of depressed anime girls has Anons trying to cheer each other up and being there for each other. You Are Never Alone!
    • Just in general, most boards will have an aspect of community advice where people ask for help or information and receive legitimate advice, on an anonymous board where there isn't even the slightest piece of recognition beyond maybe getting a post from the person who asked for advice saying "thank you anon".
  • The April Fools 2017 merger of the boards, as noted on the Funny page. Despite the initial confusion and some tension between certain boards (or outright Flame Wars in the case of /mlp/ and /pol/), the combined boards proved to be surprisingly synergistic and friendly overall. (For example, /m/ and /o/ bonded over Initial D, the works of Masamune Shirow, and officially-licensed Gundam-themed automobiles, while /c/ and /an/ found harmony through series like Kemono Friends and Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid.) Boards that normally wouldn't interact or had low opinions of the other realized they had more in common than they thought, and when it came time to say goodbye, numerous anons stepped up to say they enjoyed the time spent together and would miss their new companions. Because of this, what was meant to be a fun little social experiment was extended to cover the entire weekend. As of this edit (4/3/17), the merged boards still exist, including the uneasy alliance that is /mlpol/. And get this: There were even threads of /pol/ frequenters genuinely thanking the members of /mlp/ for purging their board of more unsavory content that had flooded the board since the previous election season. Some even want it back, and started asking mods to bring it back, to no avail.
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  • Early 2017 had controversy surround a channel known as DaddyOFive, who used their children in rather uncomfortable prank videos and implied hints of abuse, including to the youngest kid Cody and his sister Emily (who one of the other children slapped). What did 4chan do? Go out of their way to shut down the channel and destroy them over the fact the channel was using their kids as a means of YT popularity, and especially when they got in contact with the real parents of Cody and Emily and returned them back to them, all while causing the DaddyOFive channel to cease after the events. Comes to show 4chan will go out of their way to protect kids too.
  • 4chan anon finds kittens and asks the other people on 4chan to tell him what to do with them. The other people tell him to love the kittens forever and give them paper hats. The anon promises to love the cats forever, and he even makes them the paper hats!
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  • In 2014, one anon told a story about his sister's 16th birthday: none of the classmates she invited even bothered to show up, so the anon called their friends and told them to bring as many people as they could to their house. Come 9pm, 200 people are there and turn the night into a genuinely fun one. Later, they all sing happy birthday to her at 1 in the morning, as anon and their sister share a hug.
  • The existence of Katawa Shoujo, which was made by a company founded on 4chan.
  • Sometime in 2019 /jp/ discovered a small, relatively unpopular (comparatively speaking to her contemporaries) and obscure vtuber playing Grand Theft Auto V on youtube. The novelty and juxtaposition of a clearly non-western anime girl playing a very western game plus her childish glee and voice while doing horrible things endear her to them so they proceed to subscribe to her and share her highlights en-mass, boosting her numbers practically overnight. Said highlights would eventually become so viral thanks to the youtube algorithm and would lead to more casual fans discovering not only said vtuber but other members of her company as well, starting a domino effect that not only would spike said vtuber's subscriber count but also set her up for long term success. It would end with said company opening an English branch and becoming one of the most successful vtuber enterprises in the world, which is still growing and becoming more popular with each passing day. Said vtuber? Sakura Miko. Said company? hololive
  • In 2020, Netflix announced that they were bringing the film Cuties to their service. 4chan took issue with how the film depicts an 11 year old girl twerking for adults' pleasure and decided to ban all images and videos pertaining to this movie from their site.

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