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Comics & Cartoons (/co/)

Fitness (/fit/)

Music (/mu/)

  • "Are there any medieval musicians that sound like Weezer? Like, something that sounds like Weezer but it's really from 1440 or something?"
  • The logical conclusion of memetics.
  • This fanfiction pairing Anthony Fantano with MC Ride.
  • A post referring to Ghost as "literally just goofy Scooby-Doo chase music".
  • One anon posted his idea of a box where you stick your head in and listen to music with it. Somebody else not only recreated the device, but actually got a random stranger to pose with it for him.
  • "Math sucks. Math rock is gay. Nyeheuheuhghh nyeh hey damien check this out im gonna do an equation on my guitar."
  • "Post-avant jazzcore is better than progressive dreamfunk".
  • One anon reveals his dream about a Kanye West song.
  • "1900s = 19th century. Not that hard to understand".
  • Next I will play an egg
  • "And now for the greatest review of all time! Me, Piero Scaruffi, The Musical Genius, shall review the sound of 10000 penises ejaculating at once!"
    • "Oh no! It's too much jizz! I can't handle it!"
  • "Sufjan Stevens invites you to: Come Feel Me Nose."

Robot9000 (/r9k/)

  • A poster was ridiculed for taking his date to a McDonald's when she wanted something Italian and wondered why she didn't call him back. Moot being the smartass made an offer to everyone to take him out to McDonald's.

Sports (/sp/)

  • Threads on /sp/, particularly during notable tournaments and leagues such as the Super Bowl and World Cup, typically bring in high traffic and brilliant moments:
    • After Rob Green's major blunder during the USA v. ENG match in the 2010 World Cup, the board was renamed /sp/ - English Goalkeeping
    • During the JAP v. CIV match, after Japan conceded two goals in a row:
    • After Brazil's historic 7-1 loss against Germany in 2014, an American user pondered whether this would be the Brazilian equivalent of 9/11:
  • From June 2014 onward, a user with a Lesotho proxy would proceed to take shots against Canadian posters, and now the great Lesotho-Canada War goes down in /sp/ history as the most one-sided conflicts ever.
    • Most of these jokes were Your Mom jokes, something /sp/ have pretty much turned into an artform:
    OP: What player would you compare to David Beckham in the NBA?
    • First Reply: Your mom because they both suck hard.
    OP: How long until they start playing on the pink fields?
    • First Reply: I'll be playing on your mom's pink field in about an hour
  • This short exchange:
    American anon: >Supporting a team on the other side of the world
    German anon: Jokes on you, earth is a sphere and a sphere has no sides
  • Whenever the fan of a losing team makes a victory thread, often causing it to be flooded with replies of ">The city of OP" or variants thereof.
  • When somebody asked what state Boston was in, the reply was "Denial"
  • When the New England Patriots won Super Bowl XLIX, all Anons had their name changed to "Honorary Deflatriot."
  • Possibly anything posted by Orson Welles Guy in relation to the city of Philadelphia.
  • The legendary saga that revealed to the world the Archiver, one man and his obsession with UTV, a trip user on /trb/:
    • It started off rather simple: in June 2013, the Archiver made sure to reply to every single one of UTV's posts. UTV, flattered, often reciprocated:
    255 threads.
    I have been with UTV for 255 threads. This is my last one. My parents have discovered my UTV works, and they have insisted that I remove everything of the type from my computer and be done with it. They will be monitoring my activities now to sure I cannot do it anymore. They have given me a day to remove everything and this is my last message.
    I am sorry to UTV and hope he sees this and understands.
    I have one more gift to share with him.
    This 97 page document contains every personal work I have created that involves UTV in any way. It is for him, I do not want anyone else to read it. However I cannot stop you from doing so. These 255 threads have each been amazing, and I will never forget them.
    • This document, titled "the Philmarilion", proved to be something else. Of all the content, parts that really stood out were:
      • Foreword by the Archiver, which states that he chose UTV because he "has a certain magnetism, if he encountered the X-Man Magneto he would be in a great deal of danger". He also quickly clarifies that he has no intention of doxxing UTV (but does describe him throughout the document as "Phil of Kent"), and that he wants UTV to continue to post "so that we can continue our fruitful and boundless relationship". On top of that, there's a request that the document not be sent to a publisher.
      • A plan of a 7 room apartment meant to be shared between the two, with rooms such as a study (for the Archiver only), an archive/library for all of UTV's posts ("I will also have him build me a library with his big strong arms"), and a Kentchen. He also plans to adopt a child with UTV.
      • An idea where the Archiver would go around the UK and seek out the homeless. Instead of handing them money, he'd hand out printed UTV posts. The best part? There's a note just below that says he actually attempted this.
      • An edited screenshot of UTV on a dating website.
      • The plans for a UTV mini-golf course; not only would the posts be printed onto the surface, the layouts themselves would be metaphorical for the posts' subject matters.
      • A belt with UTV posts attached, to be read whenever away from /trb/.
      • A list of chores for UTV to do, which the Archiver would intentionally not do so it would feel like UTV was actually skipping them.
      • UTV city.
      • A ransom note made from screenshots of UTV's posts should the Archiver ever kidnap him.

/v/ - Video Games

/vp/ - Pokémon

/mlp/ - My Little Pony

  • Anon complains about a cop harassing him in the metro for having a Twilight Sparkle plush toy. Said cop just happens to be in the thread at the same time...


  • The April Fools 2017 prank was to merge boards due to "budget cuts" (and a Spring Break trip to "Mootxico"), including giving them hybridized names:
    • /c/ (Anime/Cute) + /an/ (Animals & Nature) = /can/ (Animals/Cute)
    • /co/ (Comics & Cartoons) + /ck/ (Cooking) = /cock/ (Comics & Cartoons & Cooking)
    • /fa/ (Fashion) + /p/ (Photography) = /fap/ (Fashion and Photography)
    • /fit/ (Fitness) + /lit/ (Literature) = /fitlit/ (Well-Rounded Citizens)
    • /m/ (Mecha) + /o/ (Auto) = /mo/ (Mecha & Auto)
    • /mlp/ (My Little Pony) + /pol/ (Politically Incorrect) = /mlpol/ (My Little Politics)
    • /sp/ (Sports) + /a/ (Anime & Manga) = /spa/ (Tanoshii Sports note )
    • /v/ (Video Games) + /int/ (International) = /vint/ (International Vidya)
    • Oddly enough, the hybrid boards turned out to be successful. Most of the boards ended up working well, with the parties getting along well despite the clashes and creating a lot of goodwill between the merged forums. The biggest exception was /mlpol/, which became an enormous war almost immediately, with each side trying to kick the other out... well, at least for first few hours. Random anons started posting Nazi ponies, advocating that the pony content would "push the normies and shills out." When the merger ended, they actually started asking mods to bring it back.
  • April Fools Day/Easter 2018 had all of the boards participate in a self-sustaining faction war. All users were given a random Team to be on (Cream, Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Peeps, and Mini), with every post increasing a points graph on the header of the site. Boards were in chaos trying to win it, despite knowing there would be no prize or anything awaiting them at the end of the day, for the simple fact that they could. It got to the point where no board could have good discussion for that entire day. Some boards took it more seriously than others— /v/ even played "It Has to Be This Way" during the final hour, and we got Moe Personifications out of the whole ordeal. But the end of the day brought the last big prank: when the poll finally closed and the site checked the final scores, what were users met with? Glory? A satisfying conclusion? Nay, it was a Rickrolling.
  • The infamous Ogre Hand post is possibly the funniest 4chan moment ever, which is saying a lot. On September 1, 2015, a 4chan user posted a thread of him showing off his copy of Mad Max: Fury Road, which he claimed to have gotten from Costco. However, something seemed a little off about his hand, which the users in the thread were quick to point out. His living space was also rather messy note . However, despite multiple users telling the poster about his hand, he claimed that there was nothing wrong with it. This is just the beginning of the chaos, and some highlights include...
    • The poster decides to show another part of his basement, which is a clutter of random objects... including, for some reason, an onion in a cage. The users practically went wild.
    Is... is that an onion in a cage?
    • The user shows another part of his living space, which includes his computer note , a shelf full of what are presumably movies, and a little red toy car.
    Are you trying to comsume your laptops or something?
    • One of the users decides to ask the poster his opinion on onions and swamps. What opinion does the poster have on them?
    The first two Shrek movies were okay but after that the series wasnt entertaining anymore.
    • During this same section, the poster states that he isn't very comfortable talking about himself. He also asks if the thread can get back to the original topic at hand!
    • The poster shows the shelf where he's "allowed to keep things". One of the users decides to ask him if he shits there. The posters response?
    I'm not an animal you asshole, I use a bucket.
    • Related to the shelves, if you look closely enough at them, you can see hand grenades.
    • One of the users decides to post a picture parodying the thread's first post, asking the poster what his favorite Mad Max movie is. The poster responds by calling the user an asshole.
    • The poster shows where he plans to expand his living space. The picture he uses? A cave, causing several of the users to freak out once again.
    Are you using a fucking spoon as a shovel?

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