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Dethroning Moment / Death Battle

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Note: This page was cut for reason: Looking at the history page, it seems as though as one troper alone added in a new "Dethroning" page along with copying/pasting opinions "signed" by many other tropers or internet users from other websites, most likely without their approval, breaking the general rules of Dethroning Moment pages. Shouldn't THEY be the ones to add in their own entries? Even then, many of these "opinions" are ignoring the rules that the Death Battle staff have stated time and again, all of which are listed on the Main Page of this TV Tropes article: The fight animations are NOT what determine the victor of a fight; they are nothing more than a fun little fight sequence for entertainment purposes only that demonstrates Wiz & Boomstick's conclusions visually. A Death Battle can happen a million different kind of ways, but in every outcome to them, there will always be one victor, all determined by the research and logic. Also in the case of the "Death Battle vs Silvermania" complaint, stop taking an early April Fools joke so damn seriously. Besides, it's not like Silvermania treated Death Battle any better in their 30+ minute tripfest of "Vegeta vs Mewtwo". This page, as a whole, is just not needed at all and is just a festival of butthurt. There are other places on the internet to complain incoherently about something, and without using other people's names. This isn't one of those places. [m3Atl0afman]

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