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YouTube Rewind has its own page.

  • For YouTube's 10th birthday, they made an A to Z compilation of the most popular YouTubers and videos, using 18 different styles of video, ranging from flipbooks to papercraft to Minecraft. View it here.
  • YouTube is infamous for being the lackey dog of copyright companies who don't want any of their material online. However when Super Bunnyhop called out Konami's controversial practices regarding the treatment of Hideo Kojima and the cancellation of Silent Hills, Konami pretty much filed a false copyright claim and took the video down, seemingly to silence any negativity that could threaten their bottom line. YouTube proceeded to reupload the video on their own terms. Especially rare is a moment like this that shows that maybe, just maybe, YouTube does still care about quality content after all.
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  • The amount of video uploaded every minute on YouTube has been measured in hours for a long time. As of September 2017, the conservative estimate is at 12 and a half... days. 300 hours. Per minute. That says something about ease of uploading. Even if Sturgeon's Law were to apply to 99.99% of it for a given person, good videos would remain overabundant, even before touching the site's massive archive.

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