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"Bubble Butt" is an electronic dance/hip hop song by Major Lazer and their fourth single from their album Free the Universe. It features Bruno Mars, Tyga and Mystic on vocals. It was Major Lazer's first commercial single to enter the Billboard Hot 100, topping out at number 56 and reached number eight on the Dance Club Songs chart. It was also a number one hit in Lebanon and South Korea.

But(t) just as, if not more famous than the song itself is its accompanying music video. A Fanservice-heavy, NSFW Mind Screw of a music video. But then again, what do you expect from Eric Wareheim of Tim & Eric fame?

It features three women with sea blue hair and makeup are listening to dolphin noises on their phones. That's when flying giantess named "Buttzilla" lands in front of their apartment building. Buttzilla then produces hoses from her mouth that inflate the women's butts, before she turns their appartment into a nightclub and throws a dance party. And that's just the start of the strangeness.

The video can be viewed here, but keep in mind, it's probably NSFW.

"Bubble Butt" contains examples of:

  • Alternate Music Video: The song has a Mind Screw of a music video featuring, among other things, a Giant Woman inflating women's butts, turning an apartment into a dance club full of female dancers, weird discoballs, and one of the female dancers getting eaten at the end. However, there's a more generic alternate video comprised of close up, black and white shots of video hoes and money.
  • Anal Probing: Buttzilla uses cables that come out of her mouth to inflate the buttocks of three girls.
  • Attack of the 50-Foot Whatever: Buttzilla is a giant woman who flies, inflates women's butts, and can blow bubbles that create/summon backup dancers when they pop.
  • Chromosome Casting: Only female characters appear in the video.
  • Comically Oversized Butt: A lot of these are featured throughout the video. Many of the women in the video have disproportionately huge asses, especially relative to their own bodies to the point of zig-zagging between Fanservice and Fan Disservice depending on which woman is being focused on. Of note are the three sea core girls, who start with normal-sized hindquarters, only have them inflated so huge that they are each about as big as a beach ball, and a female acrobat whose butt swells up so fast it, and her, fatally explode into confetti that rains down on the dancers.
  • Giant Woman: Buttzilla is a woman the size of a building, which is the cause of the following fanservice sequence.
  • Floating in a Bubble: The dancers that Buttzilla summon come floating in on a bubble that pops as it reaches the dance floor.
  • Incredibly Lame Fun: The three cyan-haired women in the apartment spend their time listening to dolphin noises and standing around half out of it. That is, until Buttzilla shows up, inflates their asses, and turns their appartment into a dance party.
  • The Invisible Band: Bruno Mars, Tyga and Mystic do not physically appear in the music video at all. Instead, the video is entirely populated with beautiful, scantily clad, women writhing around on a dancefloor.
  • Pain to the Ass: One woman, an acrobat is shown hanging from the ceiling by aerial silks. Towards the end of the video her but explodes, along with the rest of her and rains down on the other dancers.
  • Stuffy Old Songs About the Buttocks: With a name like "Bubble Butt", the song was obviously going to be singing the praises of an attractive backside. Though the music video has an interesting twist on the concept with the fact that the dancers in the video consist of women with various butt sizes and shapes. This was because the director wanted to show butt types that he felt were underrepresented in music videos.


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