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Baby Don't Got Back

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"My anaconda don't want none unless you got buns, hun!"

Some people like big butts. And they cannot lie. Which makes someone's lack of derriere all the more noticeable. This trope comes up when a character is made fun of or insecure about their small butt. This is most often Played for Laughs, though on some occasions it came be Played for Drama for characters very sensitive about it, to the point of Appearance Angst. For black and Latina women, this is a sore spot as they are stereotyped as having the Impossible Hourglass Figure. Despite this, this trope isn't Always Female, as men can have angst about their butts being small.


See A-Cup Angst and Teeny Weenie for worries about how other parts don't measure up.



  • Aisha Tyler incorporates jokes relating to this trope into her stand-up routines, including a song with the refrain "itty-bitty booty, no ass at all," and warning the audience as she prepares to turn around not to freak out: yes, she is a black woman; yes, she has no ass; yes, she is aware of this.


  • In the movie Alleen Maar Nette Mensen, the main character develops a Race Fetish for black women after he finds himself no longer attracted to his skinnier white girlfriend. In a subversion of a Does This Make Me Look Fat? scene, he just sadly replies that no, her butt does not look bigger in those pants.
  • The Master of Disguise: The main female lead, Jennifer Baker, is mocked by the main protagonist and his father for having a small butt.

Fan Fiction

  • Played for laughs in Promstuck. Terezi is described as having a butt so bony and sharp that it has injured other people, and it's drawn as a triangle. Dave is nevertheless very attracted to her ass-lack, and Karkat calls him out for being too busy scoping out something non-existent (her butt) to help him.


Live-Action TV

  • 1000 Ways to Die: One story has a woman hiring a doctor to make her butt bigger to attract more men using silicone injections. Said doctor however, is a complete fraud, and instead of using actual silicone, injects bathroom caulk into her. She eventually dies because some of the caulk was injected directly into her bloodstream, causing massive blood clots to form, almost completely cutting off blood flow to her whole body.
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  • Angel: In Season 4, Wesley and Lilah are an item when she discovers he secretly has feelings for Fred. She deals with this by seducing him while dressed as Fred, impersonating her accent while saying things like, "And if I'm a good girl and eat all my vegetables, I might get hips."
  • The first episode of Degrassi: Next Class (a Soft Reboot of Degrassi: The Next Generation), sees Shay insecure about her rear end (described by her friend as "the butt of a four-year-old"), especially since her crush Tiny, likes women with voluptuous figures. Predictably, this leads to Shay using padding to make her hips bigger and there was a chemical spill accident in chemistry on her pants can predict the rest.
  • In the iCarly episode "iDo", while rattling off a list of Spencer's flaws, Sam mentions that he has a flat butt. Spencer immediately thinks she went too far.
    "C'mon it's like two fresh apples back here!"
  • Mystery Science Theater 3000 S 08 E 14 Riding With Death: Tom Servo builds a new trucker body for himself, but Mike doesn't approve of the bow-legged, assless redneck look.
    Tom: Ah, you're just jealous, Nelson! I have a fine butt! You wish you had my butt! I like my butt! [swivels head around] Yeah, I like you, butt.
  • She's Gotta Have It: Shemekka, one of Nola's friends, is an exotic dancer who's insecure about her flat butt. She starts getting illegal silicone injections in her butt over a couple episodes to make it bigger. Naturally, at her debut at a club, everything goes wrong when she slips and falls on the stage right on her butt — and her butt bursts, drenching the audience in silicone. This later turns toward drama as the injections have caused her to get an infection in her bloodstream, and she gets hospitalized. She recovers, and helps in a sting to bring down the suppliers with the police after finally accepting her body.
  • One episode of MTV's True Life is focused on this, titled "I Hate My Butt."


  • Your Favorite Martians has a song that is presented as a jingle for an ass implant store, promising patrons that they'll "Have double-D's in the front and the back!"


  • In A Chorus Line, in the number "Dance 10, Looks 3", Val sings about how she repeatedly loses dance parts due to her flat chest and small butt. Once she got plastic surgery and increased the size of her assets, she started gettting plenty of parts.
    "Tits and ass have changed my liiiiiiiiife!"

Video Games

  • In Final Fantasy XIV, Serendipity is self-conscious about her looks, especially when her robotic assistant Gigi is constantly insulting her small breasts and especially her rear. She angrily tells him to stop talking about her... body parts before remembering that she's in the middle of evaluating your work.

Western Animation

  • American Dad!: One episode has Steve distressed over having a flat ass, desperately looking for a way to make it bigger by eating donuts. In the end however, Steve decides he doesn't need to have a large ass to be attractive and abandons his plans and leaves the donut shop (although he left half a dozen people in there to die in a fire while making a call to 911 before getting distracted by his epiphany).
  • Death in Family Guy remarks on how he has no ass (because he has no flesh) when Peter takes him shopping for new clothes.
  • In a Sniz and Fondue segment on Kablam, Sniz complains that as a result of his "gluteus minimus", he can't find any jeans that fit him, which prompts Fondue to start a new career as a fashion designer, beginning with him designing a pair of jeans that fit Sniz.
  • Famously, Hank Hill from King of the Hill. There's been jokes thrown his way all through the series about his lack of ass, and at least one entire episode about it where he's diagnosed with "diminished gluteal syndrome" (which seems inspired by an actual condition). Outside the show, his small butt has been the subject of Memetic Mutation for years.
  • South Park: According to Wendy's rant in "The Hobbit" about all the girls' flaws and imperfections, Heidi Turner apparently has a flat butt.


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