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Basic Trope: Something gets shoved into someone's rectal cavity.

  • Straight:
    • A bar bet or drunken contest or similar where the loser sticks an object up their butt.
    • Concealment for spies, drug traffickers, and others who want to keep an item out of view of most reasonable searches.
    • Medical treatment (whether quack or legitimate, whether played for drama or laughs) that involves this region of the body.
    • Sexual harassment or rape, and the assault involves anal penetration.
  • Exaggerated:
    • As in this infamous story, the butt is large enough to hold an entire party's weapons and armor in a Dungeons & Dragons game.
    • The object shoved in is the Eiffel Tower or Tokyo Tower or Burj Khalifa or the Jeddah Tower or all four and somehow the recipient lives.
  • Downplayed:
    • The bet or drunken contest or similar requires someone to stick their finger up their butt.
    • Not having any major hate or love of anal sexuality, or not even mentioning it.
    • The concealed item is... a flared base plug.
    • The medical treatment is a small suppository or small-volume enema and barely noticeable until effective.
  • Justified:
    • Drunk or high people doing stupid things, where it is Truth in Television.
    • As a part of some kinds of sexual activity and BDSM/fetish play, where it is Truth in Television.
    • Concealment, which is also Truth in Television.
    • Medical treatment, again Truth in Television because many legitimate (and several quack) medical procedures and treatments require this.
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    • Victims of rape or sexual harassment - which is a sad Truth in Television.
  • Inverted:
    • Normal defecation or passing gas.
    • Golytely/Colate/Miralax/etcetera, where the indigestible solution is drank or pumped in to the stomach in such volume as to force uncontrollable and rapid defecation.
    • With or without the violent intent normally found in the straight version of the trope, something gets pulled out of someone's ass that you wouldn't normally expect to be in there.
  • Subverted:
    • The drunken bet/contest/etcetera involves mooning but nothing actually going inside the butt.
    • The BDSM/fetish scene is only a spanking, despite being set up/implied to be an Ass Shove.
    • The person concealing contraband acts like he's concealing in his ass - to get a cavity search as a distraction, while his partner who has the contraband strapped to his body and in the luggage can walk on through. He later sues, making the plan even more of a success.
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    • There are other options for the medical treatment or test. For example, an oral laxative instead of an enema/suppository.
  • Double Subverted:
    • The mooners are then all subjected to "kancho" or "oil check."
    • The submissive is spanked... but just when he thinks the scene is over, the person in the Naughty Nurse Outfit pulls on the gloves...
    • The person carrying the banned item(s) has some of it/them in his or her rectum too, in an attempt to use every bit of body space possible.
    • The medical treatment involves both forms of Orifice Invasion: for example, it's a colonoscopy, where one has to undergo the experience of consuming laxative solution orally to force it through the bowels from the mouth and when that is complete, having the scope shoved up your ass to examine your intestines.
  • Parodied:
    • Someone's ass is hammerspace and the Bag of Holding all in one - it's not just drugs or money or the like they have in there, but an armory worth of military-grade weaponry, a library's worth of any needed books, all of the Mac Guffins and other items including Vendor Trash. If the characters/the party needs anything, it will be in the Rectal Vault.
    • The shovee receives a Smack on the Back. Immediately, something falls out.
    • The shovee smuggles illegal immigrants across the border by hiding them in their ass, similar to this.
  • Zig Zagged:
    • The couple is considering fetish play but then settles for something a bit more vanilla for whatever reason - only to, later on, be interested again in the fetish play.
    • The person is receiving medical treatment for severe constipation, which generally involves the trope being played straight, possibly repeatedly and in different ways, and (hopefully for the patient) ends in an inversion of the trope with relief.
  • Averted: No one has anything shoved up their ass for any reason at all.
  • Enforced:
    • Playing To The Fetishes and possibly Ho Yay (at the very least) if done in an erotic sense.
    • Rule of Funny and Vulgar Humor when someone doesn't care about the Black Comedy Rape implications and sees a place it would work as a joke, or, with a more enlightened writer, does care about the implications and uses one of the non-rape versions (consensual fetish/sex, character doing it to himself/herself).
    • Rule of Drama any of the (rare) times it's a non-comedic and non-erotic example.
  • Lampshaded: "That must be uncomfortable."
    • The Greys realize some people seek Anal Probing and set up a business providing exactly that.
    • A yaoi manga anthology is called "Coincidence" and every story in it consists of every incredibly unbelievable and clichéd way to set up an allegedly coincidental Ass Shove possible.
    • A gastroenterologist/proctologist office is introduced as the setting and someone comments "if you've seen enough (genre that includes a lot of this) we all know where this is going..."
  • Invoked:
    • Appearances of the Battleaxe Nurse or Hospital Hottie
    • Glove Snap
    • Any of the Contrived Coincidence s leading to it (e.g. someone needs to get a medical treatment involving this region, someone chooses to conceal the dope or other object they're smuggling there, someone mentions it as part of the drunken craziness.)
    • "They'll be WAY too squeamish to hunt for it there."
  • Exploited:
  • Defied:
    • "What the hell? Are you seriously suggesting people bet on what they can put up their bum? Get out of my pub now and never come back."
    • An LGBTQ (or straight but into fetish) couple is "exit only" for both partners and doesn't explore in this direction.
    • The concealer knows about cavity searches and advanced scanners, and knows whatever he's trying to smuggle won't go undetected (at least in that place) even if it is in his rectum. Instead, he finds a less guarded route and uses his clothes or body wraps to conceal the contraband, sneaks it into a legitimate shipment on his truck or aircraft, or finds some other way of concealment that is far more likely to be successful and far less painful.
    • The doctor realizes the patient is a malingering fetishist and refuses to provide any treatment involving this form of entry, unless there is absolutely no alternative.
    • The Greys engage in some nasty, horrible, nonconsensual procedures and tortures, but they refuse to do Anal Probing because "We know everything about Uranus already: nothing but gas there. "
    • The macguffin is immensely sharp and pointy specifically because it'll prevent it being hidden like this.
  • Discussed: Some doctor characters mention unusual objects they've had to remove from patients' asses.
  • Conversed: "I don't think the author realizes how... non-consensual this trope is."
  • Implied: We hear that a character went in for a doctor's appointment yesterday, and then see the person in question limping about...
    • A thief is asked where they hid the diamonds. They reply "somewhere private" and then shift around uncomfortably.
    • Someone is threatened with this trope; "I'll wear you like a handpuppet if that keeps up!"
  • Deconstructed: Reckless Ass Shove has medical consequences (rectal bleeding, intestinal damage...) which can be fatal in worst case scenarios.
  • Reconstructed: One simply needs to proceed carefully when performing this trope, be it by using lubricant in the bedroom, Police being properly trained for cavity searches, Doctors dexterously using proper equipment, and most importantly knowing the limits of one's anus.

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