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Post-Treatment Lollipop

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You were a brave, good patient, have a lollipop for your way out!

A great majority of people, especially children, are not the biggest fan of hearing they have to go to their doctor appointment or to those pesky dentists. Maybe it's that powerful Pine-Sol smell, or that toddler that won't shut up in a waiting room full of strange people with unusual clothes, and possibly an unpleasant thing like a flu shot at the end. But, if they be a brave, good little patient, why not reward the little champ with a lollipop (or Oreos) as a reward.

Of course some parents are up in arms about this, seeing the unhealthy treat as anathema to the point of a doctor. Supporters and some doctors argue that it's not a common occurrence and the kid deserves to be rewarded with the fruity candy on a stick. The argument is slowly pushing this into a Dead Horse Trope as more and more doctors switch to stickers instead of sweets as a reward.


Barbers are also known to hand out lollipops and other types of candy to children after they get their fresh hair cut.

Dentists usually give small toys or stickers to children after a check-up rather than candy for obvious reasons.

If an adult gets some candy it's often a sign that either the doctor is really old-fashioned or the adult has an immature side.

The Trope Codifier is most local blood banks, as they will give the blood donors sugary rewards (Candy, Cookies, and Juice) not only as a reward for potentially saving a person's life, but also raise the donor's blood sugar, to prevent shock, fatigue, mild confusion, and fainting.



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    Anime and Manga 
  • In My Hero Academia, resident school nurse Recovery Girl likes giving multivitamin gummies to her patients.

    Fan Works 
  • Evershade: The clear implication when a doctor has one, but since she's Older Than She Looks, and she looks like a child, she's having it for herself:
    The little doctor looked up to him, sighed, ran her hand through the top of her head as a twitching hand fished out a lollipop from her pocket. [...] With the candy in her mouth, she seemed to relax, and returned to her more casual self.

    Film — Animated 
  • Big Hero 6: During Baymax's introduction scene, after he treats Hiro, he offers the boy a lollipop.

    Film — Live-Action 
  • Discussed by Arthur Denton in Little Shop of Horrors when he mentions how he was offered chocolate bars as a child after successful visits to the dentist which seemed pretty ironic to him.
  • In Meteor it's mentioned that after a child had an appendectomy he was given ice cream.

  • The Berenstain Bears: After her first trip to the dentist (to deal with a loose tooth), Sister Bear asks if she gets a lollipop for being good.
    Dentist: You get a balloon. Lollipops are bad for your teeth.
  • Whateley Universe: From I Looked Into The Abyss, and it Winked (Parts 7 and 8), referenced by a doctor having a lollipop, or sucker, on hand:
    Thoughtfully, the doctor took a lolipop from his pocket and started to snack on it. Then frowned, and tilted it towards the worried parents. "Sucker?"
    "Uh, no thanks," grumbled Josh's dad, and frowned.

    Live-Action TV 
  • On The Brady Bunch episode "Is There a Doctor in the House?", all 6 kids get the measles and seek their pediatricians. But with the newly-blended family, conflict ensues as the boys want their male doctor and the girls want the woman they had beforehand. One argument had it as:
    Bobby: Dr. Cameron gives lollipops!
    Cindy: Dr. Porter gives all-day suckers!
    Mike: These doctors must have an arrangement with dentists.
  • Broad City: Ilana's doctor gives her a lollipop after giving her a shot.
  • Friends: In "The One With The Pediatrician" it's revealed that Ross still visits his old pediatrician Dr. Gettleman:
    Doctor Gettleman: [holding out jar] Would you like a lollipop?
    Ross: [cracked childish voice] Do you even have to ask?
  • In the iCarly episode "iCarly Saves TV", Mrs. Benson uses her first aid kit to treat an injury on Spencer's hand. Afterwards Spencer asks if he'll get "A visit from Dr. Lollipop?", Mrs. Benson responds with "A visit from Dr. Sugar-free Lollipop." and then demands that Spencer lick the candy slower.

  • In Mad Magazine's "The Lighter Side of The Dentist", a displeased dentist tells a little girl's parents that the reason she has so many cavities is because they bribe her with candy as a substitute for discipline. As the dentist proceeds to fill one of the cavities, and the little girl proves difficult to work with, he promises her a lollipop afterwards if she behaves.

    Video Games 
  • In FTL: Faster Than Light, you may come across a group of scientists studying FTL travel's and stasis sleep's effects on health; if you choose to volunteer and things go without a hitch, you will be rewarded with "small cakes made from stiff dough as well as some scrap".
  • Part of a Chain of Deals side quest in Shantae: Half Genie Hero requires you to trade "sick" for "lollipop" by visiting a doctor.
  • BioShock 2: A possible line of Dr. Grossman-type splicer Enemy Chatter when attacking an adopted Little Sister:
    "Yes yes, a lolly after the procedure! You wretched urchin..."


    Web Video 
  • JonTron: In "Space Ace!" Jon talks about how the game at least gives you a little animation each time you die, and then uses this trope as an allegory:
    Jon (in a slurred voice): "Here's a lollipop after your doctor's visit. You may have herpes, but it tastes like cinnamon."

    Western Animation 
  • Batman: The Animated Series, "Mad Love": Comissioner Gordon goes to the dentist as part of a required health checkup. Then it's revealed that The Joker and Harley Quinn have taken the place of his dentist and the assistant in order to kill him. Harley Quinn mentions this trope in passing.
    Harley Quinn: Naughty, naughty! Jump around like that and doctor won't give you a lollipop.
  • Camp Lazlo: In "The Big Weigh-In", Lazlo has a check-up with the camp nurse and is handed a lollipop, only for Scoutmaster Lumpus to steal it from him. Nurse Leslie, thinking Lazlo's still there, rattles off his test results, which Lumpus thinks is his, thus kicking off the episode's plot.
  • In Chowder, there's a variant with Chowder going to a bank. He's offered a lollipop, but responds in such a way that he could either be saying yes, or asking the employee to repeat herself. She interprets it as 'repeat herself' and they go back and forth using the same phrasing.
  • Dexter's Laboratory: The Justice Friends segment "Pain in the Mouth" sees Krunk visit the dentist, who offers him candy afterward.
  • In the Muppet Babies (1984) episode "Dental Hyjinks," when an accident loosens one of Fozzie's teeth, he's afraid to go to the dentist to have it looked at. But when he finally goes to see the dentist, the dentist gives him a lollipop and a smiley-faced balloon for being a good patient. When the other kids see the lollipop and balloon, they pretend to have toothaches so that they can go to the dentist and get lollipops and balloons of their own, but Nanny isn't fooled.
  • In the Muppet Babies (2018) episode "Animal Gets the Sneezies", when Animal starts sneezing uncontrollably, he's afraid to go to the doctor to find out why he's sneezing.note  But when he finally goes to see the doctor, the doctor gives him a lollipop for being a good patient. When Gonzo sees the lollipop, he pretends to sneeze so that he can go to the doctor and get a lollipop of his own, but Miss Nanny isn't fooled.
  • In the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic episode "Secret of My Excess", Twilight takes Spike to the doctor after he begins growing very fast and becoming greedier. Spike takes the entire bowl of candy the doctor keeps on hand for patients.
  • In The Penguins of Madagascar, Roger the Sewer Gator is about to have his brain switched with Rico. After Kowalski explains how painful the procedure will be, Roger asks "Do I get a lollipop?" Kowalski shows him the lollipop.
  • The Powerpuff Girls: In "Moral Decay," a dentist gives Mojo Jojo a lollipop following treatment from Buttercup knocking out all his teeth (as well as all the other Townsville villains).
  • Played with in The Proud Family, when the family takes the babies to get their shots, Doctor Payne receives them with lollipops. When Oscar asks about the shots, the doctor explains that the lollipops ARE the shots. He then take notice that Oscar himself is missing a shot, but as an adult he doesn't get a lollipop substitute.
  • In the Rugrats episode, "The Shot", Tommy is afraid of getting his booster shot due to both Chuckie and Angelica telling him it's the scariest thing in the world. He and his new friend, Hector, both try to escape from the hospital, but to no avail. When it's time for Tommy to get his booster shot, Dr. Schacter gives Tommy a lollipop, and he isn't afraid of getting his shot anymore. He even gets a bandage to match the color of his lollipop, as do Hector and Angelica, the former who made it without a fuss, but the latter who is crying for her mother.
  • Doctor Hibbert in The Simpsons gives out lollipops to his child patients, often pronouncing it "wowwipop".
  • In the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "Suds", after Spongegob gets the sponge treatment for his suds, he gets rewarded with a lollipop. Patrick, wanting a lollipop too, fakes his suds, and gets the same treatment, in a harsh manner.
  • Steven Universe: Future: In "Volleyball", after healing a Ruby's cracked gem, Steven gives her a lollipop. The Ruby, who is one of the mayor's tough-acting bodyguards, is positively ecstatic.
  • In the short, "Concord the Kindly Condor" from the Tiny Toon Adventures episode, "Toons From the Crypt", Concord becomes a veterinarian, much to the chagrin of his three older brothers, who hunt and eat defenseless animals. After Concord treats his patients, he gives them a lollipop. Near the end of the short when Concord nurses his brothers back to health after they get mauled by a bear, Concord tells them he's going to give them something he gives all of his patients. Concord's brothers expect to get lollipops, but instead, he gives them their medical bill, then says, "Who says I don't prey on the weak and sickly?".
  • Time Squad: Larry often acts as the team doctor for the unit, at one point giving Tuddrussel a big pink lollypop as a reward after taking a thorn out of his foot.

    Real Life 
  • Justified for blood donations: Many clinics will give blood donors sugary treats like candy, cookies or juice after they've finished taking blood. This helps raise the donor's blood sugar to prevent shock and fainting.


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