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Generally, most of Mortal Kombat's scrappies emerged from the post-2D games. Considering that many fans could probably count the few popular characters introduced from MK4 all the way to Armageddon on their fingers and still have a few to spare, this isn't surprising. There does seem to be some hope the developers are starting to learn as Mortal Kombat X introduces a slew of new characters with relatively little hate coming their way.


  • Mortal Kombat 4: Meat is unpopular because he's essentially a Flat Joke Character. He wasn't even a character as such to begin with - his texture mapping was, as a joke, unlockable for any character you chose to play after doing something specific in MK4. He had none of his own moves - his name wasn't even in the game, he was always identified as the character onto whom his texture mapping was placed. Technically, his only real appearance was in Armageddon, but he wouldn't have shown up there at all were it not for this gag in MK4.
  • Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance
    • Perhaps the most unanimous Scrappy in the series is Hsu Hao. His goofy design, his sloppy animations and gameplay have made him very hated at worst, and forgettable at best. Even the creators dislike him; to this day, Netherrealm Studios have alluded to their dislike of his character.
      Fan: (upon seeing Kano's design) Would Hsu Hao be jealous of that chest piece?
      Ed Boon: Yes, and we don't care.
      • He makes an appearance in the MKX comics as well... for about one or two pages, in which he is instantly and brutally killed by Scorpion, who tells him to buzz off.
        Scorpion: GET OUT OF HERE!
      • Memetic Mutation in the lead-up to MK11 saw people ironically calling for his return. And he did... as a mutilated corpse stuffed into a burlap sack Erron Black carries with him in one of his fight intros.
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    • Mokap. His concept was ridiculous and scrutinized for being lazy, and even made Screw Attack's "Top Ten Worst Mortal Kombat Characters" list.
    • Drahmin for being difficult to control (he's one of the only playable characters that had no dial-a-combos), not to mention the irritating flies that follow him around.
    • Moloch is also hated for being an incredibly cheap midboss. Both he and Drahmin were killed in the MKX comic. The trophy room in 11's krypt slightly alters this to say that Drahmin managed to escape the Netherrealm and tried to swear loyalty to Shao Kahn as an enforcer. Shao just murdered him on the spot without hesitation.
  • Mortal Kombat 9: The story mode has gotten Sindel a lot of hatred. She appears out of nowhere and effortlessly kills many very powerful and well liked characters in rapid succession. Not to mention the reason Sindel's so powerful is Shao Kahn instantly kills longtime series villain Shang Tsung with a wave of his hand and gives her the sorcerer's strength.


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