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Nausea Fuel / Comic Books

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  • Some of the MAD comics, such as one about a super-pimple, and one about a gross-out luncheon at a fancy restaurant.
  • An awful lot of Darker and Edgier bloodsplatter comics from the Iron Age. This trend hasn't really ended (it hasn't been that long since a demonic version of Wonder Dog ate Marvin in Teen Titans).
  • Death of the Family: So Damian decides to take on The Joker all by himself. Joker's face is beginning to rot, and maggots are crawling all over his face! Here's hoping that you are not squeamish.
    • Joker's alleged daughter picking up his discarded face in a sewer and wearing it as a mask.
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  • Some of the old EC Comics horror titles could be grisly. Stories drawn by Graham "Ghastly" Ingels were real standouts in this category.
  • The meat wife in Preacher. Not so much the meat sculpture itself, but what it was made for. note 

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