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Series with their own pages:

  • The Electric Company (1971): A frequent source of humor in many food-based skits. Most famously:
    • "The "and" Sandwich, where the clerk (Jim Boyd) literally deconstructs a sandwich by describing each of the ingredients of the "delicious" sandwich ... but as he continues to describe the sandwich's contents and it becomes clear this sandwich is an inedible combination of randomly chosen ingredients, the pitch of his voice grows to where he's doing all he can to avoid vomiting. When the clerk finally finishes the long, puke-worthy description, the customer (Skip Hinnant), who has been playing it straight the whole time, simply decides to pass ... there's no salami on the sandwich!
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    • "Broccoli": Two kids (Stephen Gustafson and Bayn Johnson) complain about having to eat said vegetable ... and no wonder, as mounds of the flowery veggie are piled onto their plate in a totally unappealing serving.
  • Cheers. Coach's reaction to his daughter Lisa's fiance.
    Sam: Where ya goin', Coach?
    Coach: To toss my lunch.
  • A particular scene in Grey's Anatomy in which a vein on a patient's neck pulses for a few seconds before exploding cutting his neck open and squirting out torrents of blood.
  • In Survivor: Micronesia:
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  • Fringe. Not only is it often Body Horror-tastic in its dramatic scenes, but even the comedic scenes have potentially nauseating elements. These normally involve resident Mad Scientist Walter Bishop cracking open someone's head while pondering what he had for breakfast or hiding a human ear in an omelette as part of some experiment (something to do with it being rich in protein), and Peter naturally finding out in the worst possible way.
  • Jackass. "Don Vito", Bam Margera's disgusting and perverted uncle.
  • Tasks like this isually popped up Once a Season or so on the earlier seasons The Amazing Race but aren't as common nowadays. They're typically of the Foreign Queasine variety but sometimes they're just forcing people to eat large amounts in a short of time. Some examples include: having contestants eat a whole kilo of caviar by themselvesnote  in season 5, the Hungarian spicy soup task from season 6 in which multiple contestants vommited into their bowls and then had to eat the vomit because they weren't allowed a second bowl, teams of four having to split an eight feet long sausage in season 11, a task in season 17 involving finding fake food in a pile of real food and having to eat any wrong guess, and having to eat scorpions in season 30.
  • Dirty Jobs:
    • Make sure a barf bucket is handy before watching the Skull Cleaner episode.
    • What about the parchment episode?
    • Or the episode where they neutered goats, and yes, you get to see it all on camera. For some reason after the "cut" Mike has to bite the remaining bloody meat out of...
    • Possibly even worse is the episode about fishermen, where they show that cod leave around baseball sized wads of semen.
  • Doctor Who.
    • "The Stolen Earth". Davros' Shirtless Scene. Ick.
    • And then there's the man's head mutating into a Dalek creature in "Revelation of the Daleks". Hell, the Dalek creatures in general during the classic series, considering they seemed to consist entirely of goop.
    • The Weeping Angels, although more nightmarish than nauseating, have caused this in "The Time of Angels" with three or four moments in which mens' necks are snapped. There were discretion blackouts, but the audible cracking noises can make you a bit queasy.
    • In "Planet of the Ood", when Halpen's inner Ood finally emerges, he reaches up and peels his skin off to reveal the Ood face underneath. Oh, and then he coughs his forebrain into his hand.
    • In "The Beast Below," The Doctor and Amy land on a GIANT TONGUE belonging to the star whale and they get UPCHUCKED!!!
  • Bones
    • Body. Bathtub. Corrosive chemicals. Cripes.
      • To make it even worse, this happened TWICE.
    • How about the body that'd been dumped in scalding cooking oil? When Brennan arrives, she complains that she shouldn't have been called to a scene where the bones aren't visible, but then the damn corpse's flesh starts falling away, chunk by chunk...
    • The Jeffersonian staff is called on to investigate cases where the body or bodies found are too badly decomposed or otherwise degraded to be identified conventionally, so most if not all of the victims of the week will count as Nausea Fuel for someone.
    • What about the corpse in the giant chocolate bar? Ew.
  • In a Scrubs episode, an intern's Imagine Spot of an angry Turk during a surgery involves him plucking various organs in fury while screaming. Not as frightening as it sounds, slightly amusing (as was intended) and gross.
  • House:
    • Some of the patients' symptoms are just too much to take. The "viewer discretion advised" warning is there for a reason. The worst one might have been when a patient's eye swelled and popped out. His genitals swelled and then exploded. Luckily it turned out that the whole episode was all a very elaborate hallucination by House himself.
    • Then there's the case with the autistic kid who kept seeing wobbly things all over the place. OH GODS, NOT THE WORMS! NOT THE WORMS! AAAAAAUGH! THEY'RE IN MY EYES!
    • Topped by the young woman whose bowel movements work in reverse.
    • One of the earliest episodes showed a lumbar puncture in loving detail. Lumbar punctures involve jamming a GINORMOUS needle into the patient's spine. Then there was another patient who had some sort of gawdawful fungus in their lungs (or blood vessels; not quite clear on the details... thank God) complete with Necro Cam super-duper closeup. I'm only saying this once: THE INSIDE OF YOUR LUNGS SHOULD NOT LOOK LIKE AN ARBORETUM FROM THE PITS OF HELL.
    • How about that time Kutner accidently caused the corpse they were doing an autopsy on to explode and splatter excrement all over Foreman? Whose mouth was open!
    • The self-surgery-in-a-bathtub scene.
  • Many of the injuries exhibited by emergency patients in ER were this. The mangled, peeling, brain-splattered condition of Gant's head was probably the worst of all: his injuries were so severe that no one even recognized him until they paged him to assist, and were subjected to slowly dawning horror when their own patient's beeper went off.
  • Two of The Daily Show's favorite props are the jar of Baconnaise and the Jimmy Dean breakfast product consisting of a sausage-on-a-stick wrapped in a chocolate-chip pancake. Both of which really exist. (John Oliver also refers to them in his stand-up, citing them as weapons in our arsenal in the War on Terror, along with an inflatable barbecue for use in swimming pools. According to him, they are the equivalent of telling the terrorists, "There is nothing you can do to us that we are not already doing to ourselves.") There was also the episode where Steve Carell ate Crisco out of a can.
  • Fridays: It had a very Nausea Fuelled (and possibly Nightmare Fuelled) sketch where a married couple (played by John Roarke and Maryedith Burrell) on a road trip stop by a diner filled with zombies eating dismembered body parts. The sketch was said to be so disgusting that six ABC affiliates stopped airing Fridays after only three episodes (the "Diner of the Living Dead" sketch aired on the third episode in April of 1980). The other affiliates continued to air Fridays until its cancellation in 1982, but when the episode that had that sketch re-aired, the sketch was cut. Here's the video.
  • Saturday Night Live:
    • It did have this recent example. On the season 34 episode hosted by Tim McGraw (with musical guests Ludacris and T-Pain), there's a sketch where a mental patient in a jogging suit named Jeff Montgomery (played by Will Forte) finds himself at the dinner table of this family's house. He tries to convince the patriarch (played by host Tim McGraw) to stay by going into this speech about "Thanksgiving spirit" and this game he devised called "trick or turkey," then asks the family if he can crash in their doghouse for a few months. The mom/wife (played by Kristen Wiig) asks, "Where's our dog supposed to live?" The answer: Jeff's stomach, same place as he's been living for the past eight hours.
    • Another good Thanksgiving-themed example from SNL: a woman (Jennifer Aniston) invites the office misfit (Cheri Oteri) to Thanksgiving dinner, knowing that she would otherwise be alone. After much inappropriate dinner-table conversation, she mentions her recent trip to Scranton, where the hotel staff obviously didn't change the sheets. The last person to sleep there had apparently shot himself in the head.
    • Let us not forget "Massive Headwound Harry."
    • And for some, Dan Aykroyd's "Julia Child" sketch fits the bill as well.
  • Merlin (2008):
    • Beauty and the Beast: Lady Catrina eating.
    • ...Annnnd then Uther has sex with her. While she is a troll. Brain bleach, anyone?
  • On the reality show Fear Factor, the second stunt of a given episode occasionally involved the contestants having to eat something really nasty.
  • Supernatural:
    • The maggot-infested dinner in season 3's "Malleus Maleficarum" ("It's downright unsanitary!"), which leads to a guy eating a cheeseburger that he discovers is filled with maggots...after he took a bite. Also in that episode, a cursed woman whose teeth came loose and simply fell out of her mouth.
    • In season 4's "Metamorphosis," a man, who is turning into a flesh-eating monster called a "Rougarou", goes into his refrigerator and starts eating everything he can get his hands on. He ends up shoveling raw meat into his mouth as fast as he can.
    • Season 5's "My Bloody Valentine" features a couple who hunger for each other so much that they devour each other and are shown with bits of each other's skin in their mouths, complete with teeth-tearing-into-flesh noises, a formerly obese man who eats so many Twinkies that his gastric bypass ruptures (it is told that he had to shove them down his throat with a cleaning brush), a cook whose craving for fries leads him to stick his hands in a vat of boiling oil (and continue to eat the fries, getting some of the hot oil on his face), and yet more scenes of someone eating raw hamburger meat: Castiel, the angel, whose vessel, Jimmy, really loves cheeseburgers.
    • In season 1, the Shapeshifter ripping off its skin like a shirt, his nails and teeth falling off, all with sound effects. The stripped flesh melts into a lovely pile of goo afterwards.
  • Hoarders:
    • In one episode a 21-year-old's room's stench was so powerful the series' psychiatrist couldn't stand it while in another segment a Crazy Cat Lady had to have ~80 animals removed from her run-down house. Only half of those were alive and of the ones that were, 10 were dying of a respiratory disease and had to be put down. The guys cleaning out her house were A) thankful that she didn't care about her actual possessions, only the animals and B) had some (presumably) very powerful anti-anxiety medication. (shudders) So many tiny kitten skeletons...
    • Season 3 has been taking the nausea fuel to the extreme. One episode had a house that was completely filled with garbage by a woman and her elderly father. As the cleaners dug through the trash, they found three-foot high piles of cat feces, cat skeletons and corpses, and, to top it all off, the bathroom was completely blocked off by plastic bags filled with ten years' worth of human excrement.
    • One woman collected in her refrigerator dead animals—mainly the cats from her own home, but also roadkill—with the stated intention of cremating them at a later point. At the bottom of the fridge was a festering pool of liquid.
  • The Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode "Same Time, Same Place" with Gnarl the skin-eating demon. The initial skinned corpse isn't that terrifying, but watching it strip Willow's skin off and eat it... EW EW EW. And then Buffy gouges the demon's eyes out with her thumbs. It was just a gross episode overall.
  • Over on Angel, we have Jasmine. She's a very attractive woman if you're under her spell, but she bears a horrific, maggot-infested face if you're not.
  • From Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!, there are "Candy Tails", which are locks of horse hair that are coated in a syrup of your choice, covered with sprinkles, and sucked on. Sucking on hair is bad enough, but sucking on hair covered with syrup and sprinkles?
  • The way the 456 in Torchwood: Children of Earth communicate. Extra points for being in-show Nausea Fuel as well.
  • The failed body disposal in the Breaking Bad episode "The Cat's in the Bag", or "why you should listen to the resident chemist when trying to dissolve a dead man with acid". Gruesome and hilarious.
  • iCarly:
    • Lewbert's sore on the sole of his foot in the blackout episode.
    • Sam blowing her nose in a plate of spaghetti in the Penny Tee episode.
  • During the autopsy scenes, Millennium generally used discretionary shots to avoid grossing out the audience too much...however, the cast apparently were grossed out by the too-realistic "corpses" on occasion, according to the DVD extras.
  • Jacob's naked buttsweat imprint in the "Britney/Brittany" episode of Glee.
  • The tongue eating louse (see below) made an appearance as the answer to a question on QI, complete with a giant picture of one in-situ in the mouth of a fish, much to the studio audience's audible disgust.
  • Untold Stories of the E.R. can be bad about this.
    • One episode involved a young single father who brought his baby daughter in to the ER; she had maggots living in the skin on her hands. Apparently the father worked as a stable hand; he would lay her on a blanket on the hay while he cared for the animals, and she was completely unable to effectively swat the flies away. They ended up flushing the bugs out with mineral oil, treating the residual wounds, and sending the guilt-stricken dad away with a recommendation to find a babysitter.
    • Then there was that homeless guy with his foot, ankle & calf covered in maggots...a thick "boot" of maggots! His blase attitude about the whole thing was kind of funny, though.
  • CSI:
    • An episode where the murder weapon was a drink laced with anticoagulants causing the victims to bleed to death from minor wounds. The very end of the episode had someone who'd partaken of the drink cutting himself shaving. He bleeds. And bleeds. And bleeds...
    • The episode involving "Liquid Man", the guy who was found inside a bag and had, as his nickname implies, turned mostly to liquid. Smelly liquid.
  • In the third episode of the obscure '90s show Weird TV, there was a recurring skit titled "Mr. Withers' Apartment" about a crazy guy locked in his apartment, fishing endlessly through a box of garbage (and possibly sex toys) next to a caged cat. The entire skit is just that guy mumbling incoherently while his landlord and neighbor desperately yell and plead at him to come out because of the horrible urine smell in his room. It's also shot in an extremely claustrophobic way, with an unmoving camera, blurry visuals, and a constant buzzing of flies.
  • Plenty of moments from The X-Files. There were lots of things like horribly mutilated bodies, disturbing and disturbed mutants or squicky medical conditions.
  • The Discovery Channel series Tyrannosaurus Sex is about dinosaurs doing it. Contains animations of dinos doing it and pictures of their private parts.
  • In an episode of The Hard Times of RJ Berger, R.J. imagines what his life will be like in the future if he married Lily. We see an animated imagination sequence done in the style of King of the Hill in which R.J. and Lily (who are both overweight) are living in a trailer home, and one of Lily's children is a "toilet baby". Yuck.
  • Red Dwarf has plenty of sickening moments, most of them to do with Lister. After laughter, the second most popular noise from the studio audience is "Uuuuurrrrgghhhhhh".
    • Lister's normal diet is enough to disturb stomachs, but against his will he has also consumed a tin of dogfood, a live tarantula and half a strawberry full of maggots. It's only slightly worse than the usual Blue Midget cuisine (dog's milk, urine recyc, space weevil and Pot Noodles).
    • After recovering from space mumps, his hugely swollen forehead burst and covered him, the Cat and presumably every surface on the flight deck in gloopy pus.
    • Lister's no luckier in love. In Series VI he kisses a Psiren, a gigantic insecty thing disguised as a beautiful woman; far too much saliva is involved. In Series VII a zombie french-kisses him and her tongue falls off in his mouth.
  • This is rather common in Silent Witness. Being a forensic crime series, it certainly doesn't pull any punches when showing autopsies, wounds and mutilated corpses.
  • Game of Thrones:
    • The third season gives us a close, loving look of what a rotting, gangrenous stump of a cut-off hand looks like. And the start of the operation where the gangrene is being cut off without anesthetic.
    • Oberyn having his eyes gouged and his head crushed to pieces in Season 4 left some viewers with vomit creeping up their gullets.
    • In "Stormborn", we get a look at Jorah Mormont's torso, deformed by gresyscale. As if that wasn't enough, how about Samwell Tarly cutting off the dead tissue, as in basically skinning him alive? Putrefying included.
  • Intentionally done on Man vs. Wild, where some of Bear Grylls' survival strategies include peeing on his shirt and then wearing said shirt to hydrate himself, drinking his own pee, eating bugs on-screen, and other nasty stuff.
  • Some of the restaurants in Kitchen Nightmares have walk-in fridges filled with rotten food and some kitchens are filled with things like insects and even mice. Similar issues have been seen on another Gordon Ramsay series, Hotel Hell.
  • A promo for Discovery Life's series Save My Life shows a doctor holding a patient's bloodied, severed arm (as the on-screen graphic reads "Save my arm").
  • Played with in a The Kids in the Hall sketch where seemingly tame occurrences (someone licking a stamp, a high school teacher being named Mel) causes the characters to "darn near puke." But the thought of licking the belly of a dead bloated rat doesn't bother them at all.
  • Bar Rescue saw host Jon Taffer visiting plenty of nausea-inducing bars, including some with rat infestations, insects being found in customers' drinks, moldy kitchens, and employees handling food improperly. But perhaps one of the most disgusting discoveries he ever made was at Fairways Golf & Grill, where there were mushrooms growing out of the freezer.
  • The Grand Tour: Each of the presenters is challenged to design a car made of ecologically sustainable materials. Jeremy Clarkson chooses to make his out of dead animals; the vehicle's bone framework is filled in with skins and raw meat. By the time he reaches the challenge destination two days later, the unrefrigerated car has drastically gone off. He has to wear "nose tampons" just to drive it, and when he finds out the engine compartment is full of maggots, he drops out of the race so he can run off and be ill.
  • Mr. Robot has a season two episode where the protagonist Elliot intentionally overdoses on Adderall, which causes him to violently vomit all over his bedroom floor. Since he's still trying to silence Mr. Robot, he digs the half-digested Adderall pills out of the puddle in order to swallow them again. The whole ordeal leaves vomit all over his hands, clothes, and face. And most likely creeping up viewers' throats.
  • Blessedly, very few from the Eurovision Song Contest (unless you count some of the worse songs), but probably the most notable example, depending on whether you take it as Nausea Fuel or classic Eurovision Narm Charm, is Alekseev's "Forever," the Belarusian entry from 2018. The milder example would be the archer firing a rose (like an arrow) through Alekseev's hand, but the big one would be Alekseev turning around to reveal a cavity in his back full of roses.


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